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  1. I'd love a copy of this as well James... pevely@seascape.ns.ca
  2. 100% agree! Couldn't have said it better myself. I am always amazed at the quality and time both guys put into their sequencing and their generosity in sharing is simply unprecedented. At times I feel guilty asking for as many sequences as I have but they are all so good it is very difficult to choose! I'll admit, I have only used about 25% of the sequences I received from both but that is simply because I can't sequence the rest to the same high quality they both have set. I just hate to miss out and find myself collecting the sequences just to have them. Cheers to both of you!
  3. I'd love to check it out! Thanks James! Pevely@seascape.ns.ca
  4. Would love a copy of this as well James! Can't do a halloween show without an Ozzy song....LOL Thanks!
  5. Can I get a copy of this as well James? Does it have faces? Thanks in advance! Pevely@seascape.ns.ca
  6. The wife has been badgering me to do this song for Christmas and I could really use the faces if anyone has it done.
  7. Yes it was exactly what she wanted and loved it when i mapped it out. Thanks JR!
  8. Wife just asked for this.... Can I get a copy please. Thanks. Pevely@seascape.ns.ca
  9. Love this classic! I would love a copy. Pevely@seascape.ns.ca Thanks JR!
  10. Don't know how I missed this..... My wife would kill me if I didn't ask for this...LOL pevely@seascape.ns.ca Thanks!
  11. Gotta have this to go with the faces JR did Please! pevely@seascape.ns.ca Thanks.
  12. I'd love a copy of this to go with JR's faces for it. Pevely@seascape.ns.ca Thanks.
  13. This looks really cool! May I get a copy? Pevely@seascape.ns.ca Thanks in advance!
  14. Thanks JR! My daughter is going to love these, now I just have to finish my house outline with pixels (1000)....
  15. Anyone have this? My daughter is singing this everyday now all of a sudden! LOL
  16. I'd love to get this one James. pevely@seascape.ns.ca
  17. This would make a great Halloween song to get the kids dancing... Pevely@seascape.ns.ca Thanks JR!
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