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  1. We converted from an older version and are on 5.08. If you look at a dumb pixel fixture, the channel start and end are the same (below, it shows as 10 and 10) which is incorrect. Then, if you change it to Traditional, and back to RGB, it finally shows the correct channel numbers (10 / 12). But, you have to take these steps to get it to show correct.
  2. We keep getting the following error A problem occurred while calculating intensity data. Please save your sequence and exit the program. Index was outside the bounds of the array. On one computer we get that when trying to add an effect to a prop. On our other computer, we get it when we import the visualizer.
  3. Select row to end option.

    Yeah, it used to be Control right arrow, but it doesn't work any longer. Needed it the other night when I accidentally pasted over a row.
  4. Matt, 1) I click on the motion effect line of the prop. Then select the motion effect, double clicking to open the config screen. I change the color to the one I want, click OK, and then add it to the prop. Then when I play it back, I see the second color in the visualizer. Opening the effect, I see the second color bar in there.
  5. When selecting motion effects, such as Ripple, the first time I'm in it, the color choices show up with a single color bar next to the checkbox. After selecting the colors, hitting ok, and putting it in the sequence, a different color will show up in the visualizer. Going back into the generator, now there are two color bars next to the check box. This seems to happen when you change the color of one of the bars to another color, not primary. Randy T.
  6. As I've been sequencing with the new version, I'm truly blown away with the stuff I can do now. The software has allowed me to do some very fun stuff with smart pixels. So, I just wanted to send out a thank you to everyone who has worked hard on this new version. It's a winner, for sure. --Randy T. www.lakenonalights.com
  7. I have several sections of light with unique patterns. For example, I have a section where the base color is blue, but a pattern of white lights is built in. I would love for there to be a way to select a color to be changed, and the color to change it to, so that you could highlight a section and hit one button, similar to the color change functionality of photoshop. In the example here, I have my pattern set with blue. However, because I used the chase function, the whites are not necessarily lined up with the timing marks. This means that even manually changing the color, I miss small sections, as you can see in the purple section. If I could choose the blue, and then choose the purple, highlight the section, and have the software change anything that is blue to purple, it would be such a time saver.
  8. Thanks, Steve, but I didn't change that at all. Actually, didn't know there was a switch there. The two images are before going back to visualizer, and after.
  9. I knew there had to be an easy way to do this. Thanks so much, Alan!
  10. I have a question I'm hoping someone can help with. We have two Boscoyo 3 Ring Arches. Each ring has 42 pixels. (Here is a demo video from Boscoyo so you can see how it's supposed to look When we built them, the pixels are run in a continuous string back and forth amongst the rows, like this: Top Row Pixel 1 -> 42 Middle Row Pixel 84 <-43 Bottom Row Pixel 85 -> 126 So, whenever I add an effect that should make a leaping type arch, the top and bottom row go left to right, and the middle row goes right to left. Does anyone know of an easy way to set this up so that I can get all three rows doing the same thing? Thanks! --Randy
  11. When I have a pixel prop, and use the channels to light up any portion of the prop, or the whole thing, when I minimize the channels, the row is blank. There is no indication on the screen that anything is programmed on that prop. In the attached photo, both Left Arch and Right Arch have the same red lights turned on, but Left Arch is completely blank when minimized. Is there a way to indicate that there are lights lit when minimized?
  12. Your show has inspired me this year. I've put together a movie montage of some of my favorites, rather than trying to find a new Christmas song to sequence. Of course, it's way too long and taking forever to sequence. Awesome show, sir.
  13. 5.0.6. Windows 10 If I let the computer go to sleep, when it wakes up, the program is still running. However, when I hit play, the audio and video are out of sync. Additionally, the stop button stops the movement of the timeline, but the audio keeps playing. I end up having to close the sequence, close the program and restart it. Has happened each time since upgrade.
  14. Yesterday, I spent a lot of time setting up my channels, getting everything labeled correctly, put in order, in one of my sequences. I exported the channel config. Today, the sequence won't load, and the channel config has none of the changes I made. Any ideas how to recover? This is the second time I've rebuilt the channels.
  15. 5.0.4 sequence won't load

    Holy carp. It just did it again. I went to an older version of the sequence, got everything reconfigured again. Saved it. When I went to open it again, it now won't open, with the same message as above.
  16. Error - Calculating Intensity Data

    Yes. We ended up deleting some props, and so far, it seems to have removed the issue.
  17. DMX and LOR

    We played with a moving head light at the end of this year. We wanted to see if it would stand up to the other lights we had. We discovered that the small moving head lights (less than$100) just weren't bright enough to stand out from the other leds. The light got lost in the display. Sequencing was also tough. The light had quite a lag in response. It just didn't start moving fast enough. It took me several nights to get the basics down. Then a lot of trial and error. We ended up abandoning the concept. Now we're looking for something else to add for next year. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. DMX RGB Dumb Lights Flicker/Flash

    We've been using RGB Dumb strips and pixels for 5 years. Just this year, we started experiencing a noticeable amount of flashing/flickering. Here is what I'm seeing. During the show, we see the flashing very badly. So, to test, I turned all 21 channels of RGB Dumb strips on red. They all, at the same time, flashed the blue channel for an instant. They all do it at the same time, despite being on separate controllers and separate power supplies. They are split between two LOR boxes. If I turn them all on to Blue, I see a green flash, and if I turn them on to green, I see a red flash. White, and of course, no flashing/flicker. It is possible they flashed all the channels at once, but that is what I could see in that instant. We've switched dongles/ports on the computer. We've switched computers. We've unplugged one side, unplugged the other. We've used brand new lights, and old lights. Tonight, we built a new LOR configuration file, with just two strips, and they still flashed, but at a slower rate, to start. So, in my mind, I'm not sure what else we can eliminate. Anyone have anything else we can look at? Thanks Randy www.lakenonalights.com
  19. DMX RGB Dumb Lights Flicker/Flash

    Issue resolved. (Hopefully!) We took it back to basics, and built a workbench system. Computer, dongle, controller, power supply, strips. No flashing. When we added a 2nd controller with power supply and strips, they started flashing. So, we ruled out anything on the house. We knew it wasn't the strips, because they worked by themselves just fine. Each had it's own power supply, so no issue there. So, that left the computer, software and dongle. We luckily had several computers, with several versions of LOR. Hooked them up, and each flashed. That left the dongle. We had two, and they both flashed, but they were similar style, so we called a friend who has a very large display, and he had a couple different type dongles he wasn't using. A quick drive over to grab them, we hooked one up, and voila. No flashing. So, something happened between last year and this year with that style of dongle and Windows, or LOR, or something. Thanks everyone for the comments and advice. Keep your fingers crossed that this holds up all season! --Randy www.lakenonalights.com
  20. DMX RGB Dumb Lights Flicker/Flash

    One thought... The dongle forced the first dmx channel to be channel 2, instead of 1. It's been this way for five years, but just wondering if something might have creeped up there. So, the first controller is channels 2,3,4 . The second is 5,6,7. Etc. The fact that we seem to be getting a flash from one channel up interests me, but it might be nothing.
  21. DMX RGB Dumb Lights Flicker/Flash

    The house is divided in two, so we use the splitter to send the signal to the halves. From there, the controllers are daisy chained in their halves. Yes, when we unplugged one side from the splitter, the issue remained. Also when we set up the new test configuration, we only used two single controllers on one side, and the flashing occurred.
  22. DMX RGB Dumb Lights Flicker/Flash

    We come from the dongle to a splitter, and out to the controllers. We've tried unplugging one side, and it persists. We've tried a terminating resistor, but It didn't work either.
  23. DMX RGB Dumb Lights Flicker/Flash

    Hi George, It's sequence agnostic. Happens on all of them. Even happened last night when we built a new sequence of just turning all the lights on red for 10 seconds. Then, just to make sure there wasn't something wrong with our configuration file, we built a new one from scratch with just two of the channels, and it happened again. It does not happen at the same time in a sequence. It's almost as though the software is sending random signal to all of the controllers at the same time. In my mind, we've eliminated everything from the lights, all the way back to the dongle as the source, based on the fact that we have two LOR boxes sending signal to the DMX controllers, and we are seeing the flashing uniformly across all of the channels. We've tested multiple dongles, multiples ports on the computers, and multiple computers. It's a real head scratcher. --Randy www.lakenonalights.com
  24. My 2015 Xmas display

    Wow, pretty vicious attacks on someone who simply loves Christmas lights, and enjoys making other people happy. I enjoyed your display, Aputernut. Classic and classy.
  25. Here' s a link to a rough cut of Snow, from Lake Nona Lights 2015. http://youtu.be/E7JG65Ev3iE