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  1. Randytenn

    My Small Holiday Display. Enjoy!!

    Chris, where are you located in Orlando? Would love to get out and see your home. Great job for first year.
  2. If I have a section of music where DMX lights are flashing quickly, sometimes, they do not flash correctly, or at all. For example, in this photo, there are very quick white segments on the top four channels. . These have played perfectly for the past 5 years on the older version of the software. But now, they occasionally fail to light up. I originally thought it might be a visualizer issue, but now that we have everything set up on the house, we are seeing the issue is not only with the visualizer. When I saw this, I would stop and go back, and the next time, they would play correctly. It doesn't happen each time, either. So, this appears to be a sporadic issue. But last night, we saw it several times during rapid flashing. Additionally, we hooked up an older computer still running v4, and played it, and the lights flashed as expected. When we upgraded that computer to v5, the issue returned. If needed, I can try to put together a sequence of flashing lights, and see if I can get video of the issue. This is occurring when we play the sequences through sequence editor. We have not tried playing through show editor yet. Please let me know. --Randy T.
  3. Randytenn

    RT 007 - Paste flowing onto other channels

    Matt, As a clarification, I'm pasting onto the Member Props section, not the Motion Effects section. I'm not doing anything to the Motion Effects row. The only other thing I'm doing is using Paste Special, and "all the way to the end of" the prop, so that the color is on all the pixels of the prop. This may be a misunderstanding on my part of the software, but I believed you used the Motion Effects row when inserting a motion effect from the software, and that you used the Member Props row when either individually controlling pixels, or turning all of the pixels to a certain color (choosing the color, and hitting "N"). Is this the correct thought process? -Randy
  4. I only use the select tool. I don't think I've ever used the other tools while sequencing (which probably costs me time). But, thanks for the attempt at a solution.
  5. In the attached image, you can see that there is a large block of blue covering part of the wreath channel, all of the left and right archs (motion effect and member props), and it's all showing as blue. This is actually a paste of the color red above, using "paste special all the way to the end" on the left arch member props, and a green paste special on the right member props. However, it shows up the wrong color, and creates a large block covering the motion effects, as well as bleeding over onto other channels. Is there a way to keep these isolate to the correct channel (member props in this case), and also show it as the correct color? Even before the blue block, you see white and blue colors on hemotion effects. These are actually red channel effects, and the white section is just red color wash. --Randy T.
  6. While sequencing smart props, I've found that the automatic switching to "motion effect" is causing a bunch of extra clicks, when I simply want to turn on a solid color for the entire prop. I click and highlight the timeframe of the prop I want in the "member elements" section. This automatically changes the mode to "motion effect", even though I didn't click on the motion effect row. I then have to go to the menu bar, change the dropdown to "on", and then hit "N". Even if I used the motion effect colorwash, that would be a bunch more steps to select that effect each time. Is it possible to have the "member elements" not trigger "motion effect", as they don't work in that column anyway? Randy T.
  7. Randytenn

    Problem Playing Sequence

    Ooo, that's worse than what I've seen. I've seen where the visualizer randomly skips lights, or plays back a little "stutter stepped", but nothing like that. I also have an SSD, and ended up putting everything on the SSD drive, because I was seeing delays between it and the normal drives. My suggestion, take a break, get some Kansas City Joe's burnt ends, and the world will at least seem better. Then, hopefully, they'll have a fix for this. Randy T.
  8. I've had this happen a few times now. I've placed a motion effect onto a smart prop, in the "Motion Effects" line. For some reason, when I play it back in visualizer, it doesn't play. I've double checked, and the channel even shows the effect is there. If I click on the effect, it shows on the full screen effect. But, it doesn't play in Visualizer.
  9. Randytenn

    LOR please be honest.

    Is there going to be a final release of 5 in October? We've got our whole show being built on it..
  10. Yes, they are traditional fixtures. Some are icicles, some are white mini trees.
  11. It's S5. I thought that was assumed. Sorry.
  12. I have several props that are white lights, so I set them up in Visualizer as White. Unfortunately, that makes them white in the sequencer window, as well. White on the grey background makes it almost impossible to see, especially when trying to hunt down the little mystery flashes that creep into sequences now and again (little slivers that you don't see on screen, but flash lights, usually from not noticing that the timing of a light creeped slightly into the next column). It would be great if I could set their color separately for the sequencer window. I like seeing them correctly in Visualizer, but the white on grey is difficult.
  13. While working on a sequence, I tried to copy from one prop into another prop. I used the "paste to the end of" the new prop, as the first one didn't have the same number of pixels. This caused the system to crash repeatedly with this warning. Unfortunately, I can't attach that file here, but can send it if you want.
  14. Yes, it was an earlier version. I can't tell you which version we started with, but it wasn't 5.0.8.
  15. Thanks, Matt! The work around I found was to go to the mode dropdown, and change it to start/finish color. That displays the two bars right then, and I change the two colors to be the same. This keeps me from having to open the editor a second time.