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  1. Ok, Thank You. I'll just run those two controllers on a separate network to be safe.
  2. Ok, I knew they wouldn't communicate at the higher speeds but wasn't sure if they would slow down the entire network
  3. Related question, The red RS485 high speed to USB adapters...will they work with the older professional controllers, metal enclosures?
  4. Hey James, I'm not sure which song it is. I'm wanting to continue on my Polar Express, "Believe". I have my own sequencing but not singing faces or pixel tree animations. Do you have these? If so, thanks! dgrant3830@aol.com David
  5. I'm the one who paid a lot to have holidaysequences.com do the parade sequence and it turned out really good! So you can indeed get it from them.
  6. SPT1 wire and vampire plugs/sockets are a very good investment if running AC Controllers. I wish to comment on the Mr Christmas vs LOR... Mr Christmas will make a simple display go but you are extremely limited to their programming. LOR however gives you the ability to control everything at the professional level. With LOR, you become an "Artist in Lights" as its all in your imagination, how its going to run and appear to those who watch. Truly, it gives you personal pride when hearing kids sing along with your music/lights. As for ELL's, I have a lot of them but had to remove them and run direct cables, due to interference. It caused some elements/props to do their own thing! I'd love to use them again but not sure I will ever be able to do so.
  7. Everything I can think of to possibly protect the CCR connector, would involve problems cleaning it for use when the season comes again. I think you would be wiser to remove the CCR's and controller to reduce the possibility of heat damage to them during the summer. Must always remember, "heat" is electronics worst enemy.
  8. dgrant

    12 volt vs 5 volt

    As Jim said, 12volts works better. I do have a 5volt controller in-use but its for one of my two pixel trees but its right there up close to the back of the tree. I do use a couple of ports to run to two pixel arches, however I've found that beyond about 30 feet, the signal is just too week and it glitches. I've not yet investigated the newer 24volt systems.
  9. dgrant


    Had a tornado spin up right here on Friday Night, 11/30. Spent all the time since then, fixing all the damage to the display and its two homes again. Both pixel trees were ripped from the both homes, lots of broken wires and props tossed around. I still have a couple of things to attend too but the show was running 12/1 ! Actually, I got very lucky. Just down the street, numerous trees snapped off, limbs down and just half a mile away, several homes were destroyed. Anyway, the show runs and kids hanging out of the car windows and singing along, is still happening!
  10. I've had a lot of issues with water getting into my strips. China's idea of waterproofing and mine are apparently two different things. In my case, they are used on a pixel tree and a few others on other props. The pixel tree is the only prop with problems. First, water gets in, between the wires coming out of the top end. Its important to use silicone up there and carefully seal between the wires. Also, during storage, depending on how you store them, just about anything can make small cracks in the silicone covering. You have to look closely to find any hairline cracks. Mine are mounted to long aluminum rails and even the weight of them, caused small cracks. If yours are mounted vertically such as a pixel tree, you could create a small drain hole at the very bottom so the water can escape but the better idea is to dry them out with air as suggested then carefully seal them.
  11. No changes. Really strange that I could command it with the hardware app and in the In the visualizer, it would show as working but in actuality, it was not running. Firmware fixed it
  12. Just FYI for anyone, I have a single CCR from LOR that I bought years ago. Its worked perfectly all along till this year and updating software to last version of S4. The CCR would work via the hardware application but would not take commands from the SE. Network preferences were correct and of course the channelization has been correct all along and yes, re-verified it several times looking for the issue. The problem was solved when I updated the CCR firmware that had never been touched. Started working normally. So even if your CCR's show up on the visualizer and working there, they may not be working outside.
  13. Also did you turn on the control panel so the listener is running? It wouldn't impact the visualizer for regular channels but for pixels, they won't appear unless its running.
  14. Someone up there please try to help this young boy who is terminal. Stop worrying about the teenagers who trashed things instead worry about doing something special for the young boy
  15. I just read a news story that a young boy, terminally ill and with about 2 months to live, loves Christmas. His family and neighbors got together and put up Christmas decorations but two vandals slashed and ruined them. Yes, they were caught but the young boy's early Christmas was spoiled. If anyone here, has extra time and possibly a controller or two and quick way to make it possible to enhance this boy's early Christmas, please check for the news story. I saw it on MSN. I don't think this forum allows us to post links here. I know we're all busy getting ready for our own shows but in this case, this is something needed.
  16. Due to the major rain events where I live, I finally gave up on the GFCI circuits but due to the code requirements noted above, I still had to maintain them. So, even though its not wise to do, I wired in switches that bypass the GFCI. So only "after" they trip on their own, I can flip the switch and bypass the GFCI therefore the show continues to run normally. As soon as possible, I switch back to GFCI normal mode. As previously stated, this is not the most optimal way of handling things but I take the risks and watch carefully for anyone deciding to get out of their cars. To accomplish this, I use double-pole, double-throw switches and unless you know precisely what you are doing, don't attempt it.
  17. I informed the association its going back up on Tuesday and no one said a thing. They did not ask me to take it down, just the one lady was less than happy. She mentioned in her message that she's glad she doesn't live next door too me. As I see it, good thing she doesn't live next too me because I'd turn up the sound and its up on Halloween night anyway. Here the past few nights, the show runs anyway, lights to Halloween music along with animation on a 24x50 matrix. I keep the volume down so as not to blast the neighborhood. But, Halloween day, I'll put out the animatronics, and get ready for the night...at which time the volume goes up! I'll have to extract her email to the association and post it in here.
  18. Same here for me. Windy the other night in the storm. I had shut down the inflatables so they were fine. Today its blowing again so I don't know if I'll turn them on again or not. 25-40Mph so its doubtful unless it slows down. Out there in S. Calif. sure hope those SantaAna winds don't help burn down everything. Seems to happen every year and I know, I grew up out there!
  19. What can I say...never intended to frighten a child. I did take it down but its going back up on Halloween! This neighborhood easily sees a thousand people trick-or-treating between the parents, hay-rides and kids of course.
  20. Halloween setup. A lady in the neighborhood complained to the association that her 6-year old was scared by my BigLots Skeletal Dragon I had sitting on top of the brick mailbox. She went on to mention the traffic at Christmas but said she wasn't complaining. I wrote her back and gracefully offered to take down the dragon till Halloween Day itself then it'll go back up along with the animatronics. I offered her to stop by any time and talk about her concerns but of course, she didn't write back. Its sitting in the garage now. My Halloween display is a lot but not near as much as Christmas. I Can't seem to please everyone as I've also gotten lots of compliments.
  21. Yes, Tried lots of different channels and still had the same issue. Finally gave up and ran RS485 cables. Yes, updated firmware as needed for each considering I own 6 of the ELL's
  22. I've got Ray's strips as well as nodes. I've had failures of both types. Usually just a single node or set of three led's on a strip where the three are actually one. I greatly try to avoid having to cut open a strip although I just did on one as once again, water got in from the end. I had to drain the water and dry it out, then seal it again. China's idea of waterproofing is not our idea. The water gets in from the wires at the end, between the individual wires. I've had better luck by adding extra silicone II on each end but I missed one and sure enough, it had issues. Also, strain-reliefs are very important on these as the solder connections are very delicate and break easily.
  23. I did two homes last year and again will be doing the same this year. However, my house is only 30 feet distance to the next one. I have ELL's but for some unknown reason, the last couple of years that I tried to use them, I got lots of interference so I ended up having to run a cable. In my case, I use a single picture of both homes, used the visualizer to create all channels for each home and so on. It works nicely. Now this is all on the S4 software. I have the S5 software but haven't had the time to get into it yet so this season, I might end up running the S4 again. Will see! As "ericm" mentioned, 250 feet apart is a ways but hey, go for it! If possible, fill in the space between with props that you can light up.
  24. Yeah, it was my fault, not the software. I had shifted things within a track, then messed up and exported the configuration and finally, adding singing Christmas trees.... so things were messed up. My fault.
  25. I just loaded in 5.0.4 into my show computer and imported my first sequence from last year's show. This sequence has multiple tracks. What I quickly saw is that things didn't import correctly. Some areas imported correctly but others did not. Today, I'll do a comparison from the previous version to this one, to break it down and see what's not correct and if possible, identify what I found. Sorry this is a bit vague but expected to find other reports of this already but reading through the messages, didn't see anything related.
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