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  1. My Puxcon16 doesn’t appear in the network config program unless I manually disconnect from from the internet with an A/B switch. But, it still runs regardless
  2. Are your CCR's original V1's? If so, I had to update the firmware in mine to get them to appear.
  3. So I fixed a couple of issues this afternoon after work and got some things to work. Re-starting the show at 4:30 for a 5:30 hopeful start time, instead it took 1.6 hours to actually begin and still have delays between sequences.
  4. So last night, Thanksgiving evening, I had to start my show an hour early just so that it would process, yet again, all of the sequences, in order for the show to start at approximately 5:30Pm. What a joke...no way to actually schedule the show. I was loading all sequences "before" playing, so that the show wouldn't go dark between songs for several minutes. I'm really wanting to go back to the 5.2.4 but I've already saved sequences in later versions. Something else I have to figure out today is why my single CCR, on its own "enhanced" network, didn't function last night. It tested ok in the hardware program but failed to run in the show. Yes, it was setup in the network preferences. Unfortunately, I have to work this morning, Black Friday, so its going to be a long and rough day :(
  5. The playback files are there, just with new "almost" extensions to each. Some have extension 211, some with 215, 216, 217 and now its creating 218
  6. Yeah, might have to do just that. I see that 5.3.10 is recreating each set of playback files, each time you try to run the show. So for mine, two hours of processing prior to it actually doing something outside. Not happy here.
  7. lol, now trying a second time, its insisting the playback files don't exist even though just a couple of hours ago, they were created by the same show player. Come on LOR, please fix this!
  8. My show goes live tonight. But, I discovered this morning when verifying things, here it is yet again, waiting on the show player to re-do everything as in "Checking" each sequence, recreating playback files...again...,exporting compressed sequences again.... and so on. I started this with a show on demand two hours ago and its almost ready to play the first song.
  9. I've written a lot of code using NI LabVIEW. Within, I've converted lots of code to 64 bit from older versions and the software's response was outstanding. Looking forward, its not going to be long before we see the arrival of 128 Bit home computers and actually Intel and AMD could start working on them now if they aren't already. Having the hardware capability means nothing if the programmers don't take advantage of it. For LOR, all they would need to do is allow for their installer code to identify the machine type and then install the correct version. Yes, before that, there would be two software packages, 32 and 64 bit types and that second package there would be lots of internal changes to the array structures and so on. The result would be LOR's software running at 2X-4X the speed it is now at a minimum and possibly a lot faster than that.
  10. Here in western Arkansas, its been cold and even a little sleet. Down in the teens a couple of nights, rain before that and at this instant, 29 outside. I'm about %50 done so far. Still have to do the roof somehow and with a messed up leg, that's going to be difficult. The neighbors have asked their adult son to come over and do my roof lights which I will gratefully accept. Just yesterday, got most of the controllers connected to power and communication cables as well as the first pixel tree connected.
  11. dgrant

    Where do I start?

    I suggest that you start by taking a picture of the front of your home. Print it out then start drawing lights on it or strings of lights and etc...this will dictate your hardware requirements. As already stated, its way late to be starting now but you could do paid sequences from LOR and use 1-2 controllers instead of going all out, this late. Its a good rule of thumb as such to start planning in January. Cabling, communications, FM transmitter if desired and radio "Tune To" sign(s) and so much more. Acquisition of the controllers and infrastructure of your cabling. There's RS485 and TCPIP type communications and in this case, both use CAT5/6 cables. You must be super careful to insure they don't get mixed up so consideration needed to mark or identify cables...
  12. I just now messaged Matt. Will see if he can update us
  13. I had people coming over last night to view my show even though I'm not totally set up. Really hard to explain why it took 5 minutes or so for the first sequence to play when it was complaining about it being out of date by 13.3 hours. The second sequence took 20 minutes!!!!! They left long before, with me apologizing too them. My show computer is a former server with dual Xeon 6-core 64 bit CPU's (24-logical CPU's), 72Gb of ram and high end video card. There's no way this machine has to process files this slow. Yes, the day before, I followed Phil's suggestion to let it run the show during the day so that these files would be created. I also did the Christmas show yesterday which took 7 hours. CPU usage showed %6 and memory usage showed %4. Seriously, we need a separate program that will allow us to manually process these files and stop this "Checking S5 sequence:" Just play it!!!!
  14. Hey Phil, Per your suggestion, I'm allowing it to sit right now. It is slowly progressing. Its creating playback files as needed so my assumption that they did this during the editing process was incorrect. I'll have to wait and see if it'll work faster, once it gets through the list of sequences in the show. My Christmas show has 40 sequences so now I expect that process will take a long time as what happened to you. I'll start that set on my next day off.
  15. Have you verified communication to/from the Pixcon16? Using it as E1.31 or RS485? Are you connected to the proper port for that communication? Did you launch the control panel first if using E1.31?
  16. Same here, Windows 10. This is supposedly a production release and in this case, it will not play a show! I have no desire to sit inside on Halloween and run each sequence manually. I'll run it this morning and let it sit and hope it can figure things out but this was unexpected for sure and we're two weeks from Halloween.
  17. All the playback files were supposedly created when each sequence was saved after editing. The show editor listed the newest sequence to play. First sequence plays fine but then at the start of the second, it just stops before it plays anything. I allowed it to sit there about 5 minutes
  18. S5, latest version as of today, 10/18. I'm having an serious problem with the control panel/show player. It plays the first sequence without issue then stops with a message "Checking" and showing the next sequence in the show. It never goes further. Ideas?
  19. Buy yourself a computer. It does not need to be robust. You will need it to sequence your lights via whatever software you choose such as LOR or Xlights and others. I've never tried to use a Raspberry Pi for this purpose but I suspect sequencing would be difficult.
  20. My longest run is 75 feet and I’m using 16awg. Works fine for me too
  21. I’m thinking I was doing both sequences and the controller as opposed to just one of them. I’ll keep digging. It works as is other than not being able to assign a motion effect to the group
  22. So it appears, S5 can't take into account when there's a different setup than usual. One of my two pixel trees uses 6 universes. The first 5 each have 150 nodes via 3 strings of 50 nodes each, therefore 2 zig-zags within. The last of the 16 strips, uses a single universe by itself therefore only 50 nodes total. This setup, can't be created from the available prop design tool in S5. My second pixel tree uses a different controller as well as being packed pixel channels. S5 doesn't appear to allow for this configuration either that's caused by the controller itself. The issue with both trees is that I cannot establish motion effects on either tree unless I use SS or some other method. Yes, it would be easy if these two controllers were Pixcon16's but in this case, they are not.
  23. Nah, as weird as it sounds, I'd love to have a real steam engine that runs. Cost prohibitive of course and some place to make it go but hey, just a dream. I'd also like to have a cannon in the front yard but I think the POA here would have objections...lol but heaven help the zombie hoard if it ever happens
  24. I have two pixel trees in my display. Both are 16x50 but they are different wiring on different controllers. One uses a P12S and the other a San Devices 8602. The P12S runs WS2811 nodes whereas the 8602 runs LPD6803's. My original S4 Visualizer trees were individually drawn and channel assignments completed. I cannot use motion effects on either of these trees in S5 because there's no motion effect row possible. So if I change to the built in S5 pixel tree, how can I try it without losing the original pixel trees...basically have both operating on the preview screen at the same time in order to compare and insure its correct? I suppose I can just copy the preview and sequence to different names and go forwards anyway but from what I saw, it doesn't look like the S5 prop is going to be very forgiving when it comes to channel assignments. Especially with the 8602 as they are really strange. If I had the money, I'd just buy another Pixcon16 and be done with it.
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