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  1. 5.0.4 Import of Ver 4 files

    Yeah, it was my fault, not the software. I had shifted things within a track, then messed up and exported the configuration and finally, adding singing Christmas trees.... so things were messed up. My fault.
  2. I just loaded in 5.0.4 into my show computer and imported my first sequence from last year's show. This sequence has multiple tracks. What I quickly saw is that things didn't import correctly. Some areas imported correctly but others did not. Today, I'll do a comparison from the previous version to this one, to break it down and see what's not correct and if possible, identify what I found. Sorry this is a bit vague but expected to find other reports of this already but reading through the messages, didn't see anything related.
  3. RJ45 Ports - Outside?

    I use two waterproof connections to a waterproof box on the outside. https://www.vpi.us/c/waterproof-cat5e6-rj45-connectors-cables-313 The only thing I don't care for is that the chains holding the covers, are not stainless steel therefore the chain rusts.
  4. Pixcon16 Dual Power Supplies

    I run a pixcon16 with two power supplies for a 24x50 matrix, for Halloween. I elected not to connect the grounds into a common ground due to power supplies and my not having a schematic too them. They are each rated for IP67 I think for outdoors as long as hanging downward and each is 12V/400Watts. They worked perfectly last year.
  5. Sealing Ends of Strips

    I use exactly this same type and it works very well. Also suggest that everyone seal the ends where the 3-4 wires exit. If looking closely, many are not sealed properly. I found that out the hard way. Our idea of weatherproof and China's are different.
  6. Oklahoma OKC Mini (Meet and Greet)

    Sorry gentlemen but I'm not going to be able to make it. At this instant still laid up in a Tulsa hospital and no date to when they'll let me go. I was looking forward to meeting you all David
  7. Oklahoma OKC Mini (Meet and Greet)

    Sure hope I'll be there. Had a minor snafu and busted me lower left leg, Tibia and Fibular and both compounded. Two surgeries so far and at least one more to go possibly early next week. Anyway, wheelchair and my girlfriend are both coming. David
  8. Oklahoma OKC Mini (Meet and Greet)

    I'm going to try to be there as well. I've been wanting to meet everyone there. Anything I need to bring, please tell me! Its on my calendar now and will arrange time off for this. David might be just me or might have a plus 1 too
  9. Dazed and Confused

    Many of us buy from either LOR CCR"S, HolidayCoro here in the US or from Ray Wu in China. If you buy from Ray Wu, it will save you money and he is a reliable seller but, order extra strips just in case. Both LOR and HolidayCoro are excellent sellers/vendors. Ray will honor his products but shipping takes time. For a pixel tree, one decision first, dumb or intelligent pixels? This will dictate the pixel and controller types. The strips/nodes are somewhat similar in price although the intelligent are usually a hair more expensive. Dumb strips are where the entire strip is all one color but any color and changeable on the fly via the software. Normally we use an LOR DC controller and 12 volt power supply plus an enclosure. Intelligent pixels/strips/nodes are where you can control every led therefore animation is possible. These instead use a Pixel controller such as LOR's Pixcon16, HolidayCoro's AlphaPix16, San Devices E682 and JoshuaSystems P12S. Each have different capabilities and limitations so do your homework. Each are capable of either 5Volt or 12Volt and in several cases, both....again, depends on the types of pixels that you buy. Yes, you'll need a power supply(s) and enclosure.
  10. Newbie needs help

    DO NOT confuse the TCPIP communication with the RS485 communication types. The pixcon16 has both and both use the RJ45 connectors for Cat5/6 cables. Read the manual carefully before connecting to them. Yes, you can daisy chain to the pixcon16 BUT ONLY via the RJ45 connector on it, which is why you need to read the manual and locate it/them. There is also a TCPIP connection, also RJ45 for ethernet communication which is much faster than the RS485 BUT, its not the same. Normally to talk to that type, you would connect the pixcon16 to a GB Switch or router. Your computer would cable to that same switch or router and you would configure the computer's IP address of that port to be similar to that of the pixcon16 or change the IP address of the pixcon16 to something close to that of the computer. Read the manual! Again, do not cross connect the RS485 and the TCPIP ports or you'll let out the magic smoke from either or both the controller/computer
  11. Check your power settings to insure its not trying to go to sleep. Also check advanced power settings and examine the USB power to insure the OS is not turning off the USB power either. Copy all LOR sequences and directories to a backup directory. Remove and reiinstall the LOR suite. Disable the internet either via Cat5 or WWiFi from accessing the computer. Turn off the security/AV software. Be sure to have fully scanned the system with the AV software prior to turning it off.
  12. My Cart

    Hi Lisa, So to make this happen, you've got plenty of time between now and next year's season. For an RGB setup for a pumpkin, you'll need an RGB controller, appropriate power supply and some form of enclosure. I'm going to assume you only need dumb RGB, therefore you'll need the strips to light them up but you'll need a DC controller from LOR and a 12 Volt power supply that's capable of the load you'll place upon it. LOR's DC controller will typically handle 8 RGB channels, 3-each for RGB, times 8 sets for a total of 24 channels which their card supports easily. This card will connect via LOR's RS485 buss but do not mistake it for Ethernet or TCPIP since the connector looks identical to those and uses Cat5/6. It is NOT the same. Depending on which pre-loaded card you are purchasing will determine how the channels are programmed and I'm not sure about the license level needed to make this run. Now using RGB in a pumpkin is fine, its only benefit is the ability to make the face lines or whatever, change color. If you don't need that capability, then just get an AC controller which will handle 16 channels of lights, therefore you could control two pumpkins instead of one. I think most faces need like 7 channels. I don't have any faces here yet so truly I'm not sure. Most likely, you'll need a computer to alter the channel configurations and so on, before sending to the SD card that the director will function from.
  13. ELL Update to Hardware?

    In this case, only the LOR RS485 buss for ELL's although not high mounted but not low either. Not quite line of sight either but close. No, didn't try any strange configurations either. First year, they worked beautifully but the next year, nothing but trouble. Yep, changed channels and so on plus insured each was updated to the current firmware and so on. I'm thinking that LOR might need to alter the overall transmit/receive frequencies with the FCC approvals of course or use a side-band if possible, anything that would be less susceptible to interference from other 900mhz sources. Like last year, I'm cabled direct therefore no ELL's in-use. BTW, I have done the DMX via TCPIP using a bridge and router which works very nice for intelligent controllers but that isn't the issue here.
  14. Setup Begins

    Its the little things that get us!
  15. ELL Update to Hardware?

    166 AC channels, 1 CCR and 18 DC channels. Its not the ELL's, rather interference from some unknown source that's causing the issues.