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  1. Hey Jim, I've not seen anything in S5, so far, that allows moving a prop or group of props, in a 3-D environment. I "think" it only supports a 2-D display. You can do it manually, one at a time, by changing each one's size, angle and location to simulate the 3-D effect.
  2. I agree with Jim. I too have run both Windows 7 previously then upgraded to Windows 10 on all machines here. It will run on a laptop with a reasonable amount of memory and of course insuring the power is available to it for your parade. Please note that some things get turned off when on "battery", like USB ports. Its important to look for all possibilities and insure they stay on. Most laptops available today will run the software. At home, I use a dedicated desktop to design and run the show. Its an older Dell T5500, former server with now Windows 10 Professional installed. Dual Xeon CPUs and 74Gb of Ram and a higher end video card supporting four monitors. This way, I can move things around as needed during the design process. https://www.dropbox.com/s/mflz0xflpl4u3xq/Computer Room medium.JPG?dl=0
  3. I was only trying to insure the OP understood there are two different kinds of networks and just because they both use Cat5/6 cables, does not mean they are the same. Different controllers have either one or both, depending on the manufacturer. Such as the LOR Pixcon16, it has both E1.31 and RS485. So should he ever venture into the other realm, he should become aware of things.
  4. I don't think I saw anyone mentioning this very important fact, so just in case, I will. LOR uses two different types of communication protocols and both use Cat5/6 cables. They are NOT compatible!!! LOT's standard protocol is RS485 BUT, to save us money, they are using CAT5/6 connectors instead of a formal RS485 connector. LOR also uses TCPIP or ethernet for pixel controllers both made by LOR and other manufacturers. It is CRITICAL that you do not mix them up. For this year, you mentioned that you are just going to use some AC controllers with a standard network, therefore RS485. Each device has its own network ID# and you can daisy-chain in any order. But, if in the years to come, if you plan on adding pixel based controllers, most of us have a TCPIP network or E1.31 which use Cat5/6 cables too. I strongly suggest you mark your cables so that in the future, you'll know which is for what. If you elect to add a E1.31/TCPIP network in the future, DO NOT plug a LOR/RS485 Cat5/6 cable into a TCPIP/E1.31 port. To clarify or make things more complicated, its critical that you never connect any devices, computer, controllers, routers and etc, to the wrong network type. You will cause a failure of either or both devices on either end of that cable. Commonly referred to as letting out the magic blue smoke! It can cost you dearly if you mix them up....label, label, label
  5. Phil's advice is spot-on. There's another possibility too. If you can force it into thinking the OS has a problem, it might be able to bring up the Windows 10 utilities, therefore a "repair" function. Try turning it on a couple of times and each time, wait for it to get as far as it goes, then hold the power button down till it shuts off. Do this again, possibly 3 times. If it works, it should being up a special menu that will allow you to repair it. If you can ever get to a command prompt on the screen, you can try this command: "sfc /scannow" without the quotes. That command will force it to look at the OS for corrupted system files and fix them. Also, if you get to the repair options, you might be able to restore from the backup/restore partition on the factory hard drive. Basically, it'll put the laptop back into the OEN condition you received it in. Also jfuller's advice is the same as mine!
  6. Hey Orville, I do know how to run mine. I've used them for two seasons now. Yes, I could alter things and make various facial movements if desired but I personally think its going overboard, but still doable.
  7. I'm glad you both knew better than I! I've only got holidaycoro trees therefore mine are just regular led strings.
  8. I don't know about LOR's singing trees but "if" they are just normal LEDs, each tree would normally consume 8 channels on an AC Controller. Simply put, you plug each individual section on the tree into a single channel on the controller. Example, the tree outline, you could assign to channel 1 then eyes to channel 2 and so on. However the sequence store's sequences are setup, that'll help you to assign the channels. You assign the controller ID as you wish. Example again, if they are on your first controller, most likely it'll be ID 01, 2nd controller, ID 02 and so on. View the tutorials from LOR as they will go a long ways to getting you started.
  9. Follow-up question: So assuming I had a projector, VDO Mapped video file and of course its audio...can I import it into S5 as a video file and create a sequence using their(digital pressworks) videos, sending that video to the projector? I'm thinking of transmitting it via wireless HDMI and figuring out some way to command the projector to fade to black after each use. So basically, thinking of interjecting VDO projections sequences, between my LOR sequences.
  10. What type of covering on the outside of your home...color? Mine is brick therefore I'm looking at very bright, short throw projectors, certainly 1080P or higher and minimum of 3000 LM. I don't wish to waste money on one though that's not bright enough.
  11. Did you set your speaker preferences to your speakers from the computer? Do you hear audio when you play any song via some other player? Was the sequence created as an animation or a musical sequence? If musical, hopefully you linked to the proper file?
  12. So the show ran last night normally with the slight exception of all lights still shutting off between sequences even though they should not have. Thank You to LOR for fixing the main issue. I'm going to run the show tonight(Sunday) then terminate for the season.
  13. I did run the compress show and I selected to force compression on all sequences in my show. File sizes were dramatically smaller. I started the formal show using show on demand then went outside to watch. The lag between sequences was nearly gone. I did note that all lights still blink off even though some are programmed to remain on. Now I didn’t run the entire show as I would have been standing out there for nearly two hours but there’s a very obvious improvement in the S5 software, 3.5.14.
  14. Hi Steve, Sorry for the delay. I have 40 songs and all of them have pixel trees(2) in them therefore the file sizes are large. This morning, I'll run that compression routine and see what happens. Yes, I use lots of Superstar sequences embedded into the main files. I'm using a seriously fast computer that had no problems in the older versions that worked just fine. This problem happened up through 5.3.12. Now with 5.3.14, it did change. I'm sure LOR is still looking at this but the more things "we" request to get added into the software, the slower its going to run. Also, LOR is having to do the trade-offs in the coding for machines going back to WindowsXP so they have limitations. Anyway, I'll run the compression as suggested then run a test show and will report back what I see. David
  15. But the pex allows the lights to show through! I probably should find a way to bend EMT to the correct shape needed then add the pex to it. I use pex only with pvc cross supports for pex circles and they work just fine but only about 5 foot diameter.
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