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  1. Follow-up question: So assuming I had a projector, VDO Mapped video file and of course its audio...can I import it into S5 as a video file and create a sequence using their(digital pressworks) videos, sending that video to the projector? I'm thinking of transmitting it via wireless HDMI and figuring out some way to command the projector to fade to black after each use. So basically, thinking of interjecting VDO projections sequences, between my LOR sequences.
  2. What type of covering on the outside of your home...color? Mine is brick therefore I'm looking at very bright, short throw projectors, certainly 1080P or higher and minimum of 3000 LM. I don't wish to waste money on one though that's not bright enough.
  3. Did you set your speaker preferences to your speakers from the computer? Do you hear audio when you play any song via some other player? Was the sequence created as an animation or a musical sequence? If musical, hopefully you linked to the proper file?
  4. So the show ran last night normally with the slight exception of all lights still shutting off between sequences even though they should not have. Thank You to LOR for fixing the main issue. I'm going to run the show tonight(Sunday) then terminate for the season.
  5. I did run the compress show and I selected to force compression on all sequences in my show. File sizes were dramatically smaller. I started the formal show using show on demand then went outside to watch. The lag between sequences was nearly gone. I did note that all lights still blink off even though some are programmed to remain on. Now I didn’t run the entire show as I would have been standing out there for nearly two hours but there’s a very obvious improvement in the S5 software, 3.5.14.
  6. Hi Steve, Sorry for the delay. I have 40 songs and all of them have pixel trees(2) in them therefore the file sizes are large. This morning, I'll run that compression routine and see what happens. Yes, I use lots of Superstar sequences embedded into the main files. I'm using a seriously fast computer that had no problems in the older versions that worked just fine. This problem happened up through 5.3.12. Now with 5.3.14, it did change. I'm sure LOR is still looking at this but the more things "we" request to get added into the software, the slower its going to run. Also, LOR is having to do the trade-offs in the coding for machines going back to WindowsXP so they have limitations. Anyway, I'll run the compression as suggested then run a test show and will report back what I see. David
  7. But the pex allows the lights to show through! I probably should find a way to bend EMT to the correct shape needed then add the pex to it. I use pex only with pvc cross supports for pex circles and they work just fine but only about 5 foot diameter.
  8. I have one driveway arch only but lots of trouble putting it up. Its 3/4 inch pex tubing, white with intelligent pixel strip inside. I had to add three more pvc tubes to hold it up or let's say, make it stiff enough to not sag, sway and fall over. Plus I still had to add rope from the top center to get it to stabilize. I need something more stable but still wish to use pex because the pixels are protected and yet the light shines through. No way will I build more arches like this without finding a better way.
  9. I saw very reduced load times last night and this was using load when requested as opposed to loading all in memory first. I still saw more complex sequences taking up to 15 seconds to load and all lights going out between loads even though some of the lights should still be on. No, that box to check to turn off lights between sequences is "not" checked. Generally speaking, it was much faster but not up to par with the older versions from 5.24 and earlier. I'm thinking they've still got some work to do. Software-wise, the more things they code into the software, the slower it'll run. Its a serious trade-off as such with capabilities vs performance. For the moment, its certainly better than it was!
  10. I'm loading all sequences into memory before it starts and that helped it but there's still a serious lag between sequences. My computer is a seriously fast machine, dual Xeon's, 72Gb of ram. There should be zero lag. LOR knows about this problem but I'll venture a guess that to fix it, they will have to make serious changes and its simply too late in the season now to do so.
  11. I run my whole show off two dedicated 4-gang outlets that are both protected with in-line GFCI's. I'm running %95 LEDs.
  12. I'll also suggest that you purchase LEDs instead of incans. They look nicer, last longer and draw a whole lot less power. I've had good luck with BigLots lights, Phillips from Target, GE's from Lowes and lights from Home Depot except their Martha lights as already mentioned...stay away from those. I've found that lights from SamsClub only last about a year as the contact wires easily rust and break off. I'm assuming Walmart's are similar but I truly don't know. I've had extremely good luck with sealed LEDs that I bought from a place called LEDGen but I don't know if they still exist. Not a single failure of those in 5 years. Pixels, China's idea of waterproofing and mine are two different things. Each year, I'm battling leaks, therefore full or partial failures of the strips. I have two different pixel trees, one with LPD6803 strips and the other with WS2811 nodes. The 6803 strips...nothing but problems each year but when they work, they look very nice. I'm going to swap them out with 2811's, possibly 2812's or the newer types. Suggestions welcomed! I have other WS2811 props that all work great but many are node types. I do have some 2811 strips but they're enclosed white tubing for circles and a large driveway arch...work nice. The infrastructure to make everything work is something you need to document and keep. Wiring of pixel connectors, if you choose to use them, each manufacture of pixel strips and controllers, all have their own wiring scheme as there in no "standard" in this industry yet. Each controller is different too in its capabilities and limitations so caution is advised to do your homework first.
  13. May I suggest, first start with a picture of your house/yard. Then draw strings of lights on and decide how you want them to appear. This will dictate your hardware requirements. First year, go easy on yourself. Not only will you need controllers but the wiring to them and the computer or whatever you will run the show from. You’ll need to think about audio too. Speakers in the front yard, FM transmitter or both? Again, cabling for either. There are two sales each year at LOR, spring and summer. Take advantage. Vampire plugs, sockets and SPT1 wire will save you a lot with extension cords
  14. My Puxcon16 doesn’t appear in the network config program unless I manually disconnect from from the internet with an A/B switch. But, it still runs regardless
  15. Are your CCR's original V1's? If so, I had to update the firmware in mine to get them to appear.
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