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  1. I'm surprised the new HOA will prevent you from doing Christmas. I live in a POA which is just like an HOA and they love Christmas. Our shows or home decorations tend to bring notoriety to the neighborhood which usually increases home values/sales. Homes in my POA usually sell with in a few days to even a few hours! You could petition the HOA to relax whatever rule they have. Would you care to tell us, whom and where they are? Our "Covenants" are not much different than most but we're not "draconian" either.
  2. ALWAYS stay away from the Martha lights. They have been proven to cause fires with our controllers. I've had very good luck with strings I purchased for my megatrees from several years ago and all are still working just fine. I got them from a place called LEDGEN but not sure if they are still around or not. A lot of my strings have come from either BigLots or Target and surprisingly, most are still good. Yes, a few failures but considering the price, not a high failure rate so that's good. I've not had good luck with most all strings purchased from Sam's Club as the leads will rust and break
  3. I agree with Phil. Dump the old AV software and just use Windows Defender, assuming you are using Windows 10. Its free and works %99 of the time. I've had only one bug sneak through too date and I had to manually remove it.
  4. I still use two dumb controllers for windows and rgb stars but at some point, I'll upgrade the windows to smart strips therefore E1.31 controllers. Just this last year, I finally had to separate into three networks...RS485 for the AC and Dumb controllers, then two different E1.31 controller networks. Before it was just the two networks but with 19 controllers, which included a CCR, several E1.31 controllers, it was time.
  5. I've not used a 100 count string before but I see no reason why you can't just loop it back therefore you obtain 12x50. I currently do a 24x50 for Halloween in which I do indeed loop or zig-zag back and forth. Works just fine. Now I'm using led strips instead and and they are glued to EMT and I'm using a Pixcon16 controller in E1.31 comm configuration.
  6. Some songs are just more difficult to sequence and get the same thoughts...is is worth it? In my case, its Judy Garland's, Over the Rainbow. Very difficult to sequence because there's no beat.
  7. I too have 3 in my show but remember and make sure, you do NOT try to connect LOR's regular serial network/RS485 via a switch. It will NOT work and it will fry something.
  8. As Phil said, backup your files!!!! Don't take a chance of possibly losing them. You can get a special program from LOR Help Desk that will delete all traces of the LOR installation, therefore allowing you to reinstall from a fresh install. I do not know if it wipes the files of your sequences or not, so BACK THEM UP in a different location. May I suggest a flash drive or two!
  9. My suggestion is always the same for a beginner. Take a picture of your house/yard. Draw strings of lights and/or props you wish, then decide how you want them to look. Color changing...as all one color, intelligent colors so you can change within a string or regular incan or led strings. How you want to see them run will determine which type of lights to buy. This will also dictate your hardware requirements and as already mentioned, the software license level too. Most of us on here suggest starting out small your first year. The software has a serious learning curve and believe it or not, t
  10. Normally when I've run into data corruption issues, which doesn't happen very often, its "sometimes" a ram memory card that has failed. It rarely happens but it DOES happen. Just in case, run memtest and see if it finds anything otherwise you're wasting your time trying to restore. M.2 is just a storage drive but ram memory is used differently
  11. That computer will be just fine for a while to come as Jim said. Plenty fast enough and plenty of ram
  12. I also backup the entire directory to a flash drive therefore easily accessible. Plus, using a flash drive, if I screw up a sequence in some serious way and I need to "go back" after an accidental save, I can.
  13. Personally, I think its the sequencing and infrastructure that takes the most time. If you haven't already, need to figure out your extension cords or make them from SPT2 wire and vampire plugs. Communications from your computer to the controllers. Setting ID's on each controller and insuring they all are communicating with the computer. Then sequencing! average users take about 3 hours for every 1 minute of music and depending on how complex your display is. There's a steep learning curve for either S4 or S5. If you are just beginning, you might as well learn S5. Make sure you have the approp
  14. You should be good with your computer or prospective computer. As Jim was saying, it doesn't take a lot. I personally believe in providing more resources to allow the computer to work easier for you but for your first year(s), you should be just fine and probably well into pixels too. You need to get really busy, really fast because time is running out. Normally, its suggested that you begin with things in January but this late, you can still get it done depending on the number of sequences you create vs the number of props that you'll have. One nice thing to remember is that "You" become an a
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