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    Communication port errors

    I'm running Windows vista and for some reason when my computer reboots the communication port changes. I have to go into the hardware utility and reset it. It doesn't happen all the time just sometimes. Has anyone have any ideas on a solution to this problem?
  2. anthonyrusso3

    Communication port errors

    Going to test out using different usb ports on the computer to see if this might work. Everything in the device manager is fine no way to force it to always recognize that port the same way..... Thank you.
  3. anthonyrusso3

    Communication port errors

    NO Still no luck there seems to be no way of forcing it to stay on a com port seems to fluctuate from com 6 and com 7
  4. anthonyrusso3

    3 New Sequences

    Hi Bossgroove, Would love to have the audio and sequence files if you could please send it would be greatly appreciated, had a real hard time trying to get things going for this year. Thank You anthonyrusso131@verizon.net
  5. anthonyrusso3

    Le Reve

    Lor 2 Please
  6. anthonyrusso3

    Fuse holder issue

    try radio shack for a new fuse holder if there is one in your area, bring the pieces with you they should be able to Match something up
  7. anthonyrusso3

    Le Reve

    I would also like a copy of the music file thanks and happy holidays anthonyrusso3@comcast.net
  8. anthonyrusso3


    If you could i would also appreciate a copy anthonyrusso3@comcast.net
  9. anthonyrusso3

    Whole House FM Transmitter

    I to am running the whole house transmitter and I have a little bit of noise like static, but ill tell you instead of using the ac from your house why don't you try the usb power connector ? I had to changed over to that this year and about 3/4 of the noise disappeared.
  10. anthonyrusso3

    Beleive...In Holiday Magic!!!

    I Would like it if you could please send. anthonyrusso3@comcast.net
  11. anthonyrusso3

    272 channel sequences avalibale

    If you could I would also like a copy of these files. Anthonyrusso3@comcast.net
  12. anthonyrusso3

    Com Port Errors

    Running Windows Vista Home Premium and every time the computer is rebooted the communication port has to be reset in the hardware utility. Just was wondering if anyone else had come across this.
  13. anthonyrusso3

    What is the name of that child's projector again?

    I Believe the one you are looking for is the Tracer Fx or The tracer Junior, the web site is www.artograph.com
  14. anthonyrusso3

    thunder lighting sequences

    Any Chance I Could get a copy of that ?
  15. anthonyrusso3

    new sequence posted

    Who is the artist of the song ?
  16. anthonyrusso3

    Music sequence - No One Lives Forever

    Please if it works out send me a copy would love try it out.
  17. anthonyrusso3

    Holidays are coming

    Please would love to have a copy email to anthonyrusso3@comcast.net
  18. anthonyrusso3

    Light O Rama Sale Information

    How About using promo code Defership ?