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    CCR works in Hdwe not in Sqncr

    Not sure if I understand your question, but the system isn't setup for plug and play. You have to associate each controller (Each CCR is counted as a controller) to a unit ID # and there can't be conflicts, else they will not work. By the way, remember that for each dongle/network, you can only have a max of 6 CCRs.

    CCR works in Hdwe not in Sqncr

    How many CCRs do you have ?

    animated face sequencing tips

    Quoting the other guys' posts. It all depends on How you're making your face. If you have 3 channels for mouth positions, it's easier to program/sequence the movements, but if you do what I did, and I think Cracker did, and have 5 mouth movements, it's a lot trickier. How many mouth channel are you planning on ?
  4. Hey all, I've been reading a lot about how to treat/care for the CCR, and just had a question. My rooflines have a few ^ ^ lines that if you imagine a straight line going diagonally up, you'll see a problem with how the CCR wants to lay, and how you need it to lay to fit with the slant up. What's the best way to lay these on your rooflines with slants without crinkling/damaging them ?? Hopefully this is clear :shock:
  5. I was hoping to not cut them because it opens up the potential for water damage and it voids the warranty

    Sequence music timing

    RaceMedic wrote: I'm trying to do the same thing. If I didn't misinterpret George, he suggested using both 0.05 timings as well as beat wizard on the same song? I haven't played with it to figure out how he was suggesting, but I need to have one box or finite amount of cells equal the beat and not have overlap into other cells for consistency/exactness. Any suggestions out there ?

    Sequence music timing

    George Simmons wrote: Hey George, Can you use the beat wizard and have 1/20 sec timings integrated together ?
  8. LightORamaDan wrote: What's the difference, if any, between these two sales? Are the CCRs cheaper in the Inventory clearance sale in March ?

    Thriller sequence timing

    Most of the people at my local Lowes are really helpful - haven't had any issues. Many are getting very curious at the project we're building. They scratching their heads trying to figure out why we've been working on Holiday lights in February
  10. DLTSLC

    Thriller sequence timing

    caniac wrote: Lowe's Hardware and Home Depot will be your friend!! lol And your financial nightmare!
  11. I spoke with Dan from LoR the about 2 weeks ago. He said they're trying to find a solid product to go with their already available DC controllers. I think they realize they're losing out on people that want non-digital strip lighting as they have to order from AliExpress or somewhere else and gamble on the quality.
  12. DLTSLC

    Hmmm...how can I do this on my roof???

    jimswinder wrote: You open up a can Jim Sucks you gotta go through that though! Those are a serious pain in the ... even when the case is open / shut.
  13. LightORamaDan wrote: Hey Dan, I heard a rumor you guys were going to begin introducing dumb RGB LED strips....is that true? Would they be available for the March sale ?
  14. DLTSLC


    TJ Hvasta wrote: You bought the orange roll ? I'm debating between the clear color. Is orange more neutral if you're using CCRs and RGB strips ? Also, did you do 12v or 120v ?
  15. DLTSLC

    lmfao Party rock

    Jade, very well done sir That poor kid with epilepsy lolz
  16. Anyone have tips on creating a good chase to the beat effect for the CCRs? These are new to me, and I can't find any relevant posts explaining how to's for CCR or rgb led strip programming. Thx every1.
  17. DLTSLC

    CCR chase effect programming help

    ItsMeBobO wrote: Sorry Bob, I didn't get pinged with your reply. In Cracker's video at 1 minute 25 seconds is what I'm looking to do and cannot for the life of me figure out how to do it on the sequence editor. Any ideas ?
  18. DLTSLC

    Our New Addition

    Hopefully my wife doesn't see this post....she's been nagging about getting a mini schnauzer for weeks, and expected one 2 days ago (Valentine's Day). She was slightly upset when I got her the manual for programming the CCRs lolz
  19. DLTSLC

    RGB strip controller

    Sorry to butt in, but just to help with understanding the LoR DC Controllers. Click on this link and it'll help you follow what I'm saying: http://ep.yimg.com/ca/I/yhst-1552586516070_2186_2020034 That's a picture of LoR's DC controller, CMB16D. There are 16 channels, each with + and - hookups. Each RGB LED strip has four wires coming out of it: 1 common anode, or the power wire which plugs into a + terminal on the DC controller. The other 3 wires are the individual colors, Red, Green, and Blue wires. Those plug into the - (negative) terminals on the DC controller. Because the RGB channels require 3 negative inputs per RGB strip, and you have 16 total negative terminals on the DC controller, you have a total of 5 RGB LED strips that will use 15 of the 16 negative terminals on this particular DC controller with one left over. The positives are almost never fully utilized. Hope this helps either yourself or others understand the DC controller
  20. Hmm, I'm guessing the extension line that comes stock with the CCRs are waterproof? If they are, I can probably just get away with putting boxes under the eaves - it's just trying to figure out how to mount them under the eaves. I'm putting them over both my garages, and they don't have eaves. Trying to figure out where to mount the controller where they're protected from snow/rain. Any ideas?
  21. From the ccr controller to the start of the ccr ribbon is 6 feet?
  22. DLTSLC

    Setting up the LOR hardware outside

    GoofyGuy wrote: nice goofyguy, Nice :)
  23. DLTSLC

    S3 Tutorials on youtube

    First off, thanks Dan and everyone at LoR for the new videos!! They really help us 'visual' learners Second, are you guys going to post any videos about RGB and CCR programming ? I think that's the trend a lot of people are going to and there's a pretty big void as far as how to easily sequence them.
  24. Sorry about your guys' vandalism. Nothing more frustrating!! I believe it was Cracker said his house got burglarized and his computer stolen! We have Protect America and our house is freaking Fort Knox with all the sensors it has! Plus, we're planning on buying and installing this setup as we do the lights for this year as we're converting to all RGB LEDs: http://www.costco.com/Browse/Product.aspx?Prodid=11613300&whse=BC&Ne=5000001%204000000&eCat=BC|90607|4802&N=4047297%204294967156&Mo=0&No=0&Nr=P_CatalogName:BC&Ns=P_Price|1||P_SignDesc1〈=en-US&topnav= We decided on those because they can identify faces You might want to consider putting a simple fence for the neighborhood pets/riff raff. Vandals will cross them, but it's amazing to see how obstacles can deter traffic into your maze of wiring Good luck, and once again, sorry you're having to go through this