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  1. no problem, I think some people are already using something because they have their roof lines being spanned while centralizing their boxes. Just not sure what they're using

    6 Unit CCR Enclosures

    Thx for the reply. I know there are ways to do it as other people have run ccrs across their rooflines. I'm just curious what wire they used to not fault the signal transfer across the length of the extension.
  3. Don, I'm spanning two rooflines with 9 ccrs, and this would be invaluable. Any word from LoR?

    Cosmic Color Ribbon Extension Cable

    I was going to say, cracker had to use extensions of some sort because he spans long rooflines. I wonder what he used because his doesn't appear to have any significant degradation of power or signaling.

    6 Unit CCR Enclosures

    Hey Jim, I'm curious...I'm going to be running 9 CCRs on my two rooflines, 4 on the top line and 5 on the bottom. If you house all the CCRs in a single enclosure, how do you feel is the best way to run the CCRs across the rooflines given the short distance between the power cord and the actual ribbon if they're all in a centralized enclosure?

    RGB Strip pictures?

    I'm getting some RGB LED strips for this year, and wondered, because you have to use an extension wire to connect the strips with the DC controller, how far can you run the 4-strip wire extension lines before you have problems with power loss ? Also, I live in Utah, snow, rain, and wind city!! Are the 4-wire male/female connectors going to be waterproof enough for my area or do I need to seal every connection point further ? Thanks in advance
  7. Yeah, I think .wav files are the way to go. I don't have any problems now, except trying to figure out these darn CCRs

    Chasing Lights

    Don't know a lot about rope light - suppose I put a 150 foot rope light along my entire roof line, and program it to twinkle - will the entire light twinkle or different sections? I'm guessing the whole thing will not sections because it doesn't have chips to tell each pixel what to do, correct ?
  9. Yep, it was the export. Wow, what a lame mistake I made :shock: Thanks everyone for your help - you guys rock !_!_!_!
  10. I downloaded the older version which had the file formats section, but now, I can't download the necessary lame encoder!! Errrghhh! Can I just find a converter that will convert them to .wav or is that not the best approach ?
  11. Hey Don, I downloaded Audacity, but they must have updated their version. The new one doesn't have a "File Formats" tab in the new version to change to .wav Any suggestions?
  12. Is anyone else having this problem? I'm running S3, and when I'm in the middle of a song, pause it to tweak the sequencing, then move it back a few seconds to check the change, the music doesn't line up with the sequence...I have to load it back to the very beginning in order for audio to 'sync' with the channel sequencing. What's the dealio ??
  13. DLTSLC

    RGB Sequencing

    Is there a good video anywhere that gives direction on RGB / CCR programming ? I've been reading the manual, but I'm obviously a visual learner :shock:
  14. DLTSLC

    CCR Firmware 1.07 11/1/10

    hosted a new thread under sequencing , thx Bob.
  15. DLTSLC

    CCR Firmware 1.07 11/1/10

    Hey Bob, I was peeking through your videos trying to find some help in creating chase effects to the beat of a song with the CCRs, but didn't have any luck. Am I looking in the wrong place? I'm running S3, and have 9 CCRs, 4 top roof, 5 bottom, each roofs I want to break in the middle to go left and right and vice versa. Your help as always is greatly appreciated!!
  16. DLTSLC

    What kind of lights are used here?

    Anyone know a good way to do the 'chase' effect for the CCRs ? I'm getting 9 of them for both my roof lines and there's obviously a learning curve...Using S3 advanced.
  17. DLTSLC

    CCR and sub-sequencing

    Steven wrote: If you're not using an ELL, then the USB-485B has no advantages over the USB-485. On the other hand, if your controllers are mounted where you are concerned about water intrusion and possible application of 120v through the network into your USB port, then a USB-485B-ISO may be desired for that network. So I would get 2 additional USB-485's: One for the lower roof 5; and one for the top roof 4. I would put the other non-CCR controllers on a third network. I'm not planning on using an ELL, but after I spoke with LoR the other day about a big order, I was told to 'hold off' because they are redoing their Showtime Director to be able to handle a lot more. It's going to be upgraded and able to handle more communication traffic than its predecessor. If that's the case, I can load my show onto the card and not run any lines out of my house. I'm wondering if I really need to invest in all these network lines between my computer and the first controller if I can just use this new thinga-ma-jiggy. I'd probably still get one RJ45 for hardware testing, etc. Do you agree, or am I missing something ?
  18. DLTSLC

    ccf ccl

    Hey Don, negative posts are uncalled for I agree. I think sometimes we forget that we were once 'noobs' when it comes to creating these displays. I'm sure on the bulletin board, the execs will let everyone know when the CCBs and floods will be released. If it helps, I did speak to Dan from LoR and he said they're really trying to get them released for this year's sale. If I remember right, the floods were going to be around $100 apiece, just so people have a reference. Good luck all :cool:
  19. DLTSLC

    CCR and sub-sequencing

    Steven wrote: Do not use a USB splitter. Use a powered USB HUB I have not heard the term "USB splitter" before. I suspect it's slang for "non-powered USB hub". A non-powered USB hub gets all its power from the computer. This source of power is limited, and may not be enough to power 4 USB-485B adapters. On the other hand, cell phones are commonly charged from the USB ports on computers, so if you're using the USB-485 (not the 'B' model), I would think it would be enough. The USB-485B takes power from the computer (or powered USB hub), boosts it from 5 volts to 9 or 10 volts, and sends that power down the LOR network to power accessories such as the ELL. That draws much more power than, for example, a USB flash drive or a mouse. Hey Steve, Sorry for jumping in, but my display for 2012 is going to be much more complicated than previously. I'm getting 9 CCRs, 5 for the lower roof, 4 for the top roof. I'll have about 6-12 strobe lights, and RGB LED ropes. As far as the networks go, LoR's Dan told me up to 6 CCRs per USB aka network, but I'm trying to figure out the best way to output from my computer....I'll get a powered USB Hub, but do which LoR dongle should I get and how many to 'play it safe' ?
  20. DLTSLC

    Are The Sales Over and Done With??

    John Pfeiffer wrote: Just fyi, I spoke with Dan from LoR and he told me that the CCFs would be in line with their summer sale, but that they were expensive ~ around $100 - $120 a pop. I only hope my wife realizes way too late what this hobby is going to cost
  21. DLTSLC

    Singing Faces with RGB Strips

    wbottomley wrote: They want to listen to the music and sequence them until they literally turn blue in the face. Good reason to use RGB. Lolz, Nice...Isn't clear or orange rope light much cheaper than RGB ?
  22. DLTSLC

    Will 2 USB485B work with my setup?

    Just fyi, I had to call LoR because I'm having to get 9 CCRs for my roofline, and Dan told me that you can have 6 CCRs per dongle. Anymore than 6 is too much information per USB.
  23. Wu's Aliexpress sells controllers I believe for $19 plus shipping? It might have been a sale though, but that's pretty cheap, especially if you have to buy several!
  24. DLTSLC

    RGB lights

    I forgot to add something. Homes that face N/S could probably get away with it quicker than homes that get more sun exposure facing E/W but I'd still take them down, just be careful when you take them down and you'll enjoy them for years