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  1. Explain like I'm 5 how to add 4 ccr-ii strips to the pixie4 and 8 to the pixie 8 where they have one unit ID number but multiple circuits, each containing 50 pixels. Thanks in advance!!

    Problems setting up superstar

    Is there any way to easily reverse the order of one of the strings on the pixie controller?

    Pixie 16D

    Just got finished changing all my Unit IDs. What a PAIN!!!!!! I wish they had made it a little more clear when purchasing the Pixie controllers how the unit IDs worked..... Thanks for the tip and the screen shot. My wife is an excel spread sheet on steroids and would love to make that and keep it up to date! Hope you have a great holiday season and thanks for the help!!

    Pixie 16D

    I'm having an issue with my show and I think it's because this issue. I replaced my CMB16's with Pixie controllers (a Pixie4 and a Pixie8). My pixie4 is Unit ID 02. I have a CCR that is unit 03 and that is behaving exactly the same as the strip on the pixie4. Are they behaving as the same Unit ID ?? If so, is the only solution to change the unit IDs?
  5. I've got it working on Sequence Editor, I was wondering how to add them on the Visualizer
  6. The pixie is just one Unit ID. Then they have 4, 8, or 16 sub IDs or whatever they call them

    Attaching Velcro to CCR -- Help!

    Has anyone found a good solution to mounting the CCRs to their aluminum fascia boards ? I bought several of these at Lowes: http://www.lowes.com/pd_240805-82801-921-08_0__?productId=1068569&Ntt=aluminum&Ns=p_product_price|0&pl=1&currentURL=%3FNs%3Dp_product_price%7C0%26Ntt%3Daluminum%26page%3D1&facetInfo= and used tape at the cut points in the CCR to hold the strip to this skinny, piece of aluminum to start the mounting system, but short of drilling several holes in my aluminum fascia boards, haven't figured out how to do it. Thoughts ?
  8. Hey everyone, I have 2 extra CMB16 DC Controllers that I haven't even taken out of the box. I thought I was going to need them but miscalculated lolz. They haven't even been taken out of the box and still have the electrostatic discharge sheet protecting them. I'm selling them for $85 each plus shipping. PM if you're interested I'll be shipping from zip 84081, West Jordan, Utah. Thanks and happy holidays everyone!
  9. I have 2 networks; one with 5 CCRs another with 4. The other night I switched the network speed and the entire show kinda stopped midway through a song and then picked back up. Not sure what the deal with that was! I'm about to go live this weekend and am kinda worried !!
  10. I just finished updating all the firmware for everything :D Is there anywhere that specifies what the changes are in the CCR behavior from version to version ?
  11. DLTSLC

    3.10 and firmware?

    Looks like that's what I'm doing today then :D
  12. DLTSLC

    What ever happened to SUPERSPEED ?

    Sorry to revisit this subject but...... #1 Is there ANY way to know if the RS-485's are 500k compatible ? I bought them about 14 months ago. #2 I've read conflicting reports that if ALL the controllers on a network are not 500k 'compatible' it will wreak havoc in the signal processing speeds and cause 'issues.' Anyone verify that ?
  13. Curious - were you able to update the firmware of your CCRs without manually plugging each one into the computer? I have my setup ready to run the show, 4 CCRs, 2 16-channel 1602 3rd gen controllers, and a 16-channel DC board. - ALL need firmware updates, but I REALLY don't want to have to unplug all of them and do them individually!!!
  14. DLTSLC

    3.10 and firmware?

    I'm still debating on upgrading the firmware. My CCRs are 1.05 or .07 I believe lolz. Have you guys noticed improvements in the responsiveness of the lights with the firmware patches ?
  15. Just fyi - we tried using papagayo and it was almost more work. One big thing that I'd suggest is if you're using .05 spacings for your timings, try to have papagayo 'snap' its effects within .04 seconds so you don't have a lot of half covered boxes. When sequencing faces, we found the human threshold for error detection to be .05 vs .10. Good luck sir : D :D PS - We did "what makes you beautiful" by One Direction - and might have the file if you're still interested? Just let me know
  16. DLTSLC

    firmware updates

  17. DLTSLC

    CMB24D firmware ?

  18. DLTSLC

    3.10 and firmware?

    What's the benefit of upgrading the firmware for the CCRs and the 1602 gen3 controllers? I'm somewhat weary of firmware upgdates as sometimes they can mess things up :(
  19. Hey everyone - just wanted to pass along a sale I noticed on Amazon. I have Prime and I needed to purchase another whole house transmitter 2.0 for my show, and it show'd $124.99. When I added it to my cart, there was a promotional it didn't tell me until I was at the checkout for $25 off. It ships in two days free with Prime, so I got it for $99 shipped Thought you would like to know if you need one. It took a few minutes to figure out the perfect settings for the volume, etc. so there wasn't any static or reverb in the songs, but I think I nailed it. If anyone wants to know those settings, just msg me
  20. DLTSLC

    $99 for House Transmitter

    I already had the 2.0 but it had an issue with the antennae and they're swapping it for free. Otherwise I would look into it Plus I know the range on this one is phenomenal !!
  21. Go into HWU, and find your 1602 controller. Go to advanced configuration, and make sure all the channels are set to LOR Standard and make sure you update the unit's config to accept the changes. This is what fixed my problem. It's important to note that you should make sure your lights are dimmable, both the fixture they're in as well as the bulb/led. If it's a setting problem, this should be your solution. Hope this helps :)
  22. I figured out why. I went into the HWU and it was a simple setting problem for me
  23. DLTSLC

    CCR Criss Cross Effect

    Hello Everyone, I'm pulling my hair out trying to get a really neat effect on the CCRs. I'd like to do a criss cross chase from both ends simultaneously going to their opposite ends; ie: Pixel 1 chasing to 50 while at the same time pixel 50 chases to 1 and changing colors. I've tried copy/paste, foreground/background, you name it. There is a way I know to do it, but it would be CRAZY time consuming.... Any ideas out there
  24. DLTSLC

    CCR Criss Cross Effect

    That's a good idea, thanks ainsworth
  25. DLTSLC

    CCR Criss Cross Effect

    Correct. I want to start a chase from pixels 1 and 50 on the CCR and criss cross each other with pixel 50 ending at 1, and pixel 1 ending at 50. Color change can be done at the end using foreground effect, but I can't get the chases to essentially make an "X"