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  1. i can control these cb100d with the dongle during the show/ sequence editor but i can not select the dongle in the hardware editor of s4 to change the start channel of the cb100d i have put in a help desk case and recieved very limited responce form lor i need to solve this issue quickly
  2. under tools in seq editior can we change the circuit # so we don't have to start from 1 on the pull down every time i'm running dmx only and diy equipment it would be nice if it would start with next available channel when we added new channels
  3. fyi i machine is xp one is win 7 directory structure differant 32 bit v/s 64 bit machine
  4. would it be possible to add export function to s3 that keeps audio file with seq so i don't have to rejoin the two every time i move one seq from one pc to show pc
  5. help i have lynx express controllers flashed dmx and lynx usb dongle flashed dmx can't make it talk to controllers not sure how to define channel for each light string so it will flash lights
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