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  1. Coming in late as well. I would love a copy if you are still sharing :-). dowdy95@comcast.net
  2. Getting a late late start this year....so if you are still sharing I would love to get a copy as well! Thanks!!!!! dowdy95@comcast.net
  3. As above....if it is not too late, I would love to get a copy as well! Thanks dowdy95@comcast.net
  4. 1) So the Whole House TX I bought in Feb ( i know I know....bad choice) died and i do not have a backup. EDM is not accepting new orders unit Jan. i need an FM transmitter STAT!! and I WILL NOT buy another WHole House POS. Any ideas? 2) Also it appers the Line in to the WHTx is not receiving the input. then broadcast is there, but only silence. the music is coming out of the cable when I hook it to something else. If anyone has some repair thoughts I would apprciate it.
  5. So I started this hobby (obsession) last jan and have my show set up. I am SO NOT HAPPY with my whole house FM transmitter. I am going to order one of the EDM ones and hope it gets here in time to replace my current one before christmas is over. I would like recommendations on which one should I get. I searched the forums and I see alot of buy EDM not WholeHouse (i know i know should have done that in Jan)....But not which version. Is there really a big difference between: EDM-LCD-CS-P - Basic Series KIT Options EDM-TX-LCD-P - Next step up I know the RDS enabled one allows you to send the info to people's radio (ie song name, artist, message, etc) and would be my first choice. But I am trying to go as cheap as possible at this point. Would the basic one work or is there a substantial quality difference between the two basic ones enoguh so I should get the next step up. The RDS in not a budget option at this point.
  6. Order number: 34683 Thank you again for your order from Light-O-Rama The following items have been shipped to: WOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
  7. What do you have them doing year round?
  8. Dang...I would have thought the snow camo would have worked!
  9. Seems reasonable to me. Kind of sucks for me;), but with the money saved, it is well worth it!
  10. I was very lucky....The home depot here was over stocked on xmas stuff and I got boxes of 16' 50 LED cool white lights for $1.23 a box. And they had 100 light Ican for 0.83 2 weeks after. I bought a boat load! You are correct i typed 6 instead of 3.
  11. ouch...I was 64683......Guess I have some time to wait based on your first number. *sigh* I really want to be able to hook up everything and see it run in my basement mock up. Trying to do it with one controller sucks! heh. Ah well...it is worth it for the sale. :-)
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