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  1. I have seen the inflatable ones on the net, which are cheaper than the hard plastic. i've thought about approaching a plastics manufacturer here in Denver as I think it might be less expensive. I have seen some people use wood, metal and flexible Plexiglass to make a multi cover dome (where you have more than 1 set of the moving heads in them... those don't look so hard, however, I am not going to put 3 or 4 of these lights together, I'm wanting to space them out in the yard or along the front Deck. If anyone has any ideas of building a single DYI dome for one of these (and I have thought abou
  2. Hi Gang, So I have been looking around and found some great moving heads that I want to incorporate in 2020's show (replacing the deck on the front of the house and the electrical systems lived there) What I need to find is some dome covers for moving heads as we get lots of snow and rain in colorado. The prices I am seeing are around 650-1500.00 each. Is there a supplier that you might have that has them? I'm also interested in the inflatable covers but would like some feedback on how those handle heavy snow or rain and sometimes hail. Thanks Kip
  3. Here is 2017's videos. Some of these have a blinky flashy rating of 10 and some are more mellow. Due to the deck being replaced this next year, I am taking a couple of years off from this hobby. This is Halloween (Nightmare b4 Christmas)- Never published or shown in a show. Believe-Josh Grobin Amazing Grace-2017 Hallelujah (Christmas version of the song from Shrek) Nutcracker- Russian Dance
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