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  1. am also planning on starting some of the The Greatest Showman tracks in the next few weeks. If anyone has any already done and is willing share, it would be appreciated. Thanks, Joe JoeCap393@aol.com
  2. http://www.christmasoncoldenhill.com/services.html
  3. Most of them are 16, 32 or 48 channel. http://www.christmasoncoldenhill.com/services.html Feel free to use them. Thanks.
  4. Hi James! If you are willing to share any Pixel tree sequences, it would be appreciated! JoeCap393@aol.com
  5. Check out my site...bunch of 16 and 32 channel sequences to share. http://www.christmasoncoldenhill.com/services.html
  6. If anyone wants to download them, go right ahead. If they are not on this page, then I don't have them available. http://www.christmasoncoldenhill.com/services.html Thanks! Joe
  7. Danbo - If your still willing to share, it would be awesome! JoeCap393@aol.com
  8. Hi James - If you would not mind sharing Snoopy with me, that would be fantastic! JoeCap393@aol.com
  9. Just a little self-promotion...lol Our Ninth year using Light-o-rama! Feel free to "Like" away on my page if you would be as so kind... https://www.facebook.com/ChristmasOnColdenHil Have a great season!!
  10. You would not happen to have any matrix work done for "Let It Go" that you would be willing to share, would you? Thanks. J.
  11. I have been an LOR user for 8 years now, and am fairly proficient with the standard Sequence Editor. My display has been successful, and everyone seems to enjoy it. However, this year I have decided to step into a limited amount of Pixels. Now for my question, does LOR have an product native to their suite that will allow me to create a basic matrix of 340 pixels, or do I need to use a 3rd party app? I know that is probably a loaded question, and people will have their favorite 3rd party apps to use, but I want to stay with LOR if at all possible. Or is it possible to export what is done in the 3rd part apps into an LOR sequence? I understand how to assembly the hardware, and what I need in regard to power, etc... If anyone has any information, or can point me in the correct direction on where to start with software, it would be appreciated. Thanks, J.
  12. If you would be willing to share, it would be appreciated. Thanks, JoeCap393@aol.com
  13. James - If you would be as so kind as to share a copy it would be appreciated. JoeCap393@aol.com
  14. Thanks for the suggestions. I have reset the controllers many times and have verified the cat5 cable is not close to any main power lines, nor are the boxes wet. I had some more time to spend on it today, and let me tell you what I found. As I said before, I only have two controllers, and since the problems were with the second controller I was not looking at the main controller as the issue. Well, I opened the number 1 controller this morning, and am certain I found the issue. The network port that has the cat 5 that runs from box 1 to box 2 was hanging by a thread. I touched it, and it came off in my hand. It must ave been making just enough contact to allow the show to run, but was then sending garbage now and then when the show was off. So, for now I flipped the cat 5 cables around and made box number 2 the primary and have the broken box 1 daisy chained off of it. Utilizing the one good network port. I ran the show and everything seems fine. That should be ok, right? Any idea how I would go about fixing the broken port, after the season of course? Thanks, Joe
  15. "Turn off all lights at end of Sequence" is checked, I verified. Joe
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