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  1. dbltrukr1

    HEADLIGHTS !! voice file

    You can get someone on https://www.fiverr.com/ to record voice files for you. I just use Audacity to make my voice sound like an elf....
  2. dbltrukr1

    Video Cameras

    I use a Sony A6300 on a tripod, plug a digital portable FM radio directly into Mic jack on camera for no background noise. I also record at 2 or 3am and have very few vehicles driving by. Videos on my site at: https://9thstreetlights.weebly.com/2017-videos.html
  3. dbltrukr1

    Who has a firm publicized start date Poll

    I have always started on Thanksgiving night even when I just had a static display. With some extra planning back in January when I was planning the changes for this years show I was able to get this year up and ready 8 days early. Just need to put out my signs and adjust a couple of timers and JINGLE BAM! I'm up and running. Happy Holidays and may your display Glow Merry and Bright
  4. Just recorded a radio interview with a local station. DJ is trying to get a head start and contacting the local displays for quick interviews he can play during his radio show in December. He also does a Party Bus tour of the displays.
  5. dbltrukr1

    What did you MAD GRAB?

    I got 3 CTB16PC-COMPLETE now I have to build those mini trees and wheels and and and....IT NEVER STOPS!!!!
  6. dbltrukr1

    New song for halloween

    I would like a copy also, Please and Thank You dbltrukr1@yahoo.com
  7. dbltrukr1

    Upgrade Lic

    Question along the same line. I'm running 3.11.2 Advanced, if I buy a SuperStarSequencer licence will I be able to upgrade to S4? From what I can find on LOR site and Forums I think I can but want to make sure.
  8. dbltrukr1

    Mega Tree storage?

    Lights are in tubs in the shed, pole is stored outside. I did wrap the pipe threads with electrical tape before putting on the rack with my ladders to protect them.
  9. dbltrukr1

    Status Log showing Chinese text ?

    Makes you wonder if that "bob" guy is lurking around the forums watching our every post....... Thanks for the info "stil" and Thanks "bob"
  10. I have Chinese text showing up at the top of my Status Log. I clear the nights activity and it goes away but is there again the next morning when I look. What? Why? Is it a problem I should worry about?
  11. I had a crimp on female terminal that was broken inside the plastic insulation on the power cord last year that gave me the same problem. Drove me nuts for 3 days.
  12. dbltrukr1

    USB dongle just refuses to work ...

    Anytime I have run Windows Update I have had to reinstall the LOR USB485 drivers from the CD to get mine to work weather it was on my old XP machine or the Windows 8.1 machine I am running this year.
  13. dbltrukr1

    First LOR show

    Looks good. How many controllers are you going to buy in the Mad Grab sale?
  14. dbltrukr1

    A couple of songs from my 4th Of July show

    Recorded the whole show this year, it's the same as last year but the video is the complete show. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMEsvqNLJM8
  15. dbltrukr1

    Light O Rama Icons

    Great idea, please add me to the list. Thanks dbltrukr1@yahoo.com