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  1. After running this by Matt, he suggested using the that I could use Sequence - File References to change the .avi file location (and/or other files) to the new directory. I didn't know this, this is handy info to know. The moral of this story is to be cautious moving files around while editing. I was able to correct my mistake right away because I was editing at the time I renamed the directory and it still fresh in my mind of what I had done. Thanks for the headsup. That menu reference (Sequence/File References) is going to be very helpful, and I missed that so far in using S5. For now, my shows are running - and the neighbors are happy - so all is good.
  2. htebault

    Time nudge ?

    Thanks - Yes - that will do it, both moving the instruction and changing the length of time.
  3. htebault

    Time nudge ?

    I am in a section of S5 Sequencer (beta .14) and have a section of instructions that I would like to grab as a group, and nudge over in time, like SS. I do use cut/paste now but it would be helpful in correcting timing to have than nudge ability I think. ( I searched to see if this had already been requested, and did not find it - excuses if this is a duplicate)
  4. Using this toolbar effect at sound level for a RGB row results in a nice effect, it took me a few minutes to realize that setting the color picker to a single color, I could easily control the RGB color wash I wanted matching the sound intensity.
  5. htebault

    Superstar sequences into S5?

    Could you also comment on how to properly group the star channels and CCR channels so that the Sequencer and SS agree it is a tree with a nested star at the top? The issue of properly defining elements has bit me already. Thanks.
  6. In a parallel questions, on the Sequencer, most of my sequences show both the CCR Tree group, and list each of the CCR Legs (12 CCR tree). There is the CCR Group motion effects row where I select to insert SS Effects. Could I simply remove the CCR legs, and leave only the CCR Group/effects row ? That would simplify the programming matrix quite a bit, where i would have just one row for the CCR Tree Group, and one row for the CCB Arches.
  7. I have two CB100D units, each has two strings of CCB - they are mounted in a series of 4 arches, (network ID 6,7,8,9) from left to right. In the PROP design, I have them shown and that replay works. Each arch is defined as RGB pixels, in an Arch shape, with 50 Nodes, the group is four prop elements and it appears in using Nested, or Vertical Stack I get the best anticipated display when I do open SS. What would be the correct choice for these 4 arches in a row ? ps: Thanks for the .14 beta release, the apply color/hue works.
  8. The issue of dimming curves has been resolved. It happened that my CCR prop - got set with Curves = PixelCurve, but should be Curves = NONE. The effect of using PixelCurve was to change the output lighting on the CCR ribbon, and certain display instructions simply were below a thresh hold and did not display. Once I changed the Curve = NONE for the CCR prop, then saved, then saved the Sequence, and created NEW show output files - the CCR tree then properly displayed the information.
  9. htebault

    Superstar sequences into S5?

    Thanks - Do you have any example of how the Prop-group should be set for a CCR tree with Star on top ? I had been setup as the classic Superstar Tree with 6 Star topper. This combines both 6 LOR channels, and 12 CCR ribbons into one prop.
  10. Yes, thanks. Why is it that you choose to not create playback files when saving the sequence? I will certainly save the sequence, and then save the playback files each time.
  11. htebault

    Superstar sequences into S5?

    Alan, It sounds like you did use a combination of individual elements, and groups to build a new group - I was wondering if there might be a limitation where groups could not contain groups, apparently not. I am now testing different changes to the prop and am also reviewing again the S5 documents I can locate to find any clues going forward. Defining the props is obviously a very important first step. The UI has been changed/improved/confused? so much taking a working show full of props is a bit of a puzzle right now so this interactive discussion helps to track down what is miss configured.
  12. htebault

    Superstar sequences into S5?

    Alan - thanks, that trick to Insert a SS show by using SS Effects is very helpful. Now, I just need to figure out how to properly group the STAR and 12 CCR channels together so that they appear as one effects row I think. I have a 12 CCR tree, with a 6 channel star. The design lists Star1-6 and CCR1-12, then I grouped CCR1-12 into one group called CCRTree. In another group named CCRTree_Group, I included both the CCRTree and the 6 star channels, setting the Arrangement to be User Preview (which shows the 6 stars above the 12 CCR tree.) When I use this CCRTree_Group as a Design Elemement - and choose that row to Insert SS commands - I do get SS, but only the 12CCR tree, no star elements. Thoughts on how/what to do to properly define this combined element so it can work together ?
  13. I am looking for FAQ, or something to address how to properly import an existing Superstar sequence into S5 Sequencer. I am on the Beta, when using S5 Superstar which does have the correct network configuration for the STAR and CCR's, to then export to sequencer - When I then open that file in S5 Sequencer, using the current show-view (which includes the STAR and CCR's plus other elements, I only get one channel, the first STAR channel, nothing else. Any links to FAQ or info on if this is possible, or how to do it ?
  14. The steps I used did not include a separate 'save the playback files', so no. On the loss of show display - that is reference to the actual CCR tree, outside. Tonight, I will do that as well and see it it does make a difference to the CCR Tree. So, if I have saved the change to configuration of a show element in the preview design, then used that preview design on a sequence - I have to both save the sequence file, and save playback files as a separate step before any change will be useful in the show.
  15. The CCR tree was set for PIXEL Curve, not sure why, but I changed it to NONE, saved the modified preview design, saved the S5 sequence, then run it using Show on Demand - resulted in no change to the loss of the show display items that show up on the S5 Preview Design screen, but not on the actual CCR's.