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  1. Desktop crashed and thought I had things backed up but not all. Looking to find the LOR vis fixture for the Holiday Coro guitar playing singing snowman which I had but lost. Researched on forum and located one that was created by gentleman named Randy but file is closed and won't download. Sent him an email but no answer yet. Hope someone else has it. Thanks for any help. ugopj@aol.com
  2. Wow! I could sure use this as my opening. If not too late, I would appreciate a copy. Thanks in advance. ugopj@aol.com
  3. Is the 16 ribbon version being offered with the singing trees as a package or do I buy them separately? I don't see it listed as a package. Thanks.
  4. I would love a copy to go with my singing faces which I bought from Matt. ugopj@aol.com Thank you in advance.
  5. Have installed 3.7.0 on my pc, but still have 3.4 on my laptop. When trying to download 3.7.0 to laptop, rec'd error notice as stated above "error reading setup initialization file". Tried 4 times with same result. Checked file size of downloads, all just have partial downloads. Is there anything else to do but keep trying?
  6. OK, corrected my error to open with visualizer. Error message is now gone, but when it tries to open all I get is blank screen in the visualizer.
  7. After downloading a couple of the attachments from the "official LOR S3 visualizer props ..." to play with, I can't open them with sequence editor but receive message "unknown file extension". What to do please?
  8. For the folks who have a tree with 12 CCR's: what is the distance between the ribbons, at the bottom of the tree? Thanks.
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