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  1. Would love a copy of this please, thank you very much. fosgate88@gmail.com
  2. If at all possible I would love to check out some new ideas, I seem to be having sequencing block maybe something new will get the juices flowing. TIA. fosgate88@gmail.com
  3. How much are you going to charge for that sequence? Because you could make a mint with the Pokemon Craze right now!!!
  4. Jim, I appreciate the answers but just for a bit more clarification you said an E1.31 controller, is that the controller that needs a dedicated computer and a seperate router/switch to run it correctly, an also requires a lot of knowledge of networking? I figured out everything on my own for level 1 LOR and got tired of every time I logged into this forum people we begging for premade sequences so I have decided to move to level 2, or at least what I consider to be level 2. I had already been in contact with Ray Wu and he said to get WS2811IC to go with the pixcon 16. Looking at your website and relooking at my original post I think I asked the wrong questions. In the Pixcon manual it says that it can be used in LOR mode, I don't think I am ready for E1.31, in saying that can I use the WS2811IC and set it up in LOR mode and have each light as a unit #, and that will allow me to control each RGB as a unit and Red would be channel 1 Green 2 and Blue 3? Do I need to upgrade my sequencing software? Is this what I would use SuperStar Sequencing for?
  5. So I know I am a couple moths behind this conversation and I read them all and now I am more confused then I thought I was before. CCP's @ $220 each needing 6 strands to make a tree , or a pixcon16 controller @ $220 and some $20-30 led light strips it seems it would be quite a bit less to go CCR then CCP, also if I were to do CCR what do you put the pixcon 16 in?
  6. This is one of the funniest songs I have heard in a while, if someone wants to share what they have for this I would love to see the work that they have done.
  7. I have the Santa projected on one of my windows...A woman with a van full of children asks me how I do it. I tell he to drop her children off at home and I'll tell her, and she says to me that they come by every night so the kids can see Santa, (being stupid me i continued) so I told her i wouldn't ruin it. And she says to me I wasn't going to steal you idea or anything. them: Where do you buy the songs? me: Itunes, CDs, Amazon. them: They sell these light things on Itunes? me: No I buy the music, I program it and make the lights turn on and off, fade in and out as i want to. them: well how long does it take? me: couple of hours per song. them: That's a lot of time, why do you do it? me:...........
  8. Just to give a starting off point, the diameter of your base of your tree should be one half of the height to make the lights look right. I did an 8 ft tree with 9 channels and 54 strands of 50 lights doubled over and we raised it to 13 ft, 10 ft galvanized pipe, galvanized coupler, 5 ft galvanized pipe beat 2 ft into the ground (just make sure you buy a pipe cap to beat it into the ground so you don't ruin the threads). 3 guy wires and it doesn't move at all. Floor flange at the top to connect the light strands.
  9. Also moving your FM Transmitter as far away from your computer, computer speakers, cordless phone, receiver or any other electronics that can cause feedback, static or a hum. I had a hum and static and the further I got it away from the electronics the better it got. I finally went out and purchased 50ft RCA's and no more humming no more static
  10. I am not an electrician but I know a little something about it. If he said $6500 it may be correct, especially if it is aluminum wiring, in the 60's and 70's electricians wired houses with aluminum wiring. Aluminum requires a larger gague to carry the same load as copper. If you run a standard 12-3 copper wire for a 20 amp circuit, they don't even make an equvilent size that small in aluminum wire, the smallest gague in aluminum is 6 gauge and it is very dangerous to wire copper (today's wire) and the aluminum wiring so he may be taking about rewiring the house to a safer copper standard box and wire.
  11. I am not 100% sure that this is where I need to post this question, but here goes. I just DLed the new 3.8.0 and installed it and when I run the Sequence Editor I get an error "Error: Path/File access error On Step: Install Demos" and then it shuts down. Has anyone run into this if so any help would be appreciated. Or how can I get 3.7.0 back, where can I DL it so I can continue to work on this years sequences? Thanks in advance.
  12. I have read many posts about the whole house transmitter, some good some bad, I've read articles about illegal transmitters and my head is spinning. I have a small lot and I am running all of my LOR stuff and computer in my garage, so I really do not have to transmit very far. Is there anyone that can help. I do not want to get arrested for broadcasting Christmas music, but I also do not want the music sound awful and take away from the show. This is my second year, last year I only had a speaker by the front door and it was difficult to hear inside a car. Thanks in advance,
  13. DaGoose

    Virtual Santa

    I know that this string is a little old but I wanted to add my 2 cents, literally or the way to save it. I got my first projector from Bed Bath and Beyond, Sharper Image for $70 during the Christmas Holiday time, (I don't think it is a normal/off season stock item). Then I found an InFocus on Ebay for just over $100, both of them work great, but here is the money maker. Forget the mylar film, get a roll of white parchment paper ($4), sold near plastic wrap and aluminum foil, and tape it to your window and use the rest of the roll to keep your Christmas cookies from sticking to your pans. The paper works great.
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