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  1. List of people who made me listen to the Gangham Style song: Kevin As you can see, you are the only one on the list. Jerk. Great work; I am impressed!
  2. Good work, buddy- great job!
  3. Right, I understand the faces, but what I don't understand is how the led strips on the house communicate, how they are installed, what the controllers look like for them and how they are intergrated. I mean, like I said, if you can do it, great, if not, more research for me!
  4. I am extremly impressed. I know this is an odd request and I know not every one would want to do this, but could you do a day time walk through of what controllers you use? And show how you have things hooked up?
  5. Wow, I just poked around on that site- first prize is $5,000? That's awesome- I hope you grab it, buddy! Even 5th place- $1,000? How does a city find the budget for $15,000 in prizes?
  6. Well, you could zip tie the extras and just let them hang out back there. They won't hurt anything. Also, here is a video to help you be more successful in cutting dowm the 100 to 50's. http://www.HolidayCoro.com/kb_results.asp?ID=35
  7. If you know a cable guy or can hunt one down, they have address ID tags that work well.
  8. O.K., thanks- I thought S3 had a native capture and I just didn't see it. Again, thanks!
  9. Just curious- how did you capture the animation video? Thanks!
  10. The brighter the room, the brighter it needs to be. I used just a tiny micro projector with mine, but it's really dark where I have my pumpkins.
  11. Hello! Not sure if this is the best place for this, but since I am new, I thought it would go best here. I am working on a Halloween Pumpkin and I am hoping I am good with power. I will be using 1 16 channel controller for this. I understand that each of the 8 channels would need its own 15 amp circuit. However, there isn't a way I could provide that. I can provide a 15 amp dedicated circuit for all 16 channels. I would also like to plug in a small stereo into this circuit, as well. At a max for my lights, I am looking at a total of 8.5 amps, maybe 7.82 if I cut down a few of the 100's to 50's. I am basing the draw on 100 counts to be .34 amps and .17 for 50's. For the pumpkin itself, it would be a total of 21100 count incandescent mini light strings. Possibly only 19 strings. The other 8 channels would have no more than 1.36 amp total. They will only have small strings, no more than 50 count incandescent bulbs. The high draw per channel is going to be 2.04 amps. It's designed to be a talking/signing pumpkin, so at no point will everything be on at once. I feel pretty comfortable with my set up; I don't think I am going to need another circuit, but I just wanted to run it by the pros. Thoughts?
  12. Seems like a simple enough question. However, I don't see an answer anywhere. Now, the email with my license says it's a 5 seat, but I'd like to make sure. My goal is to work with this on my main machine and I am going to build a PC just for Halloween to run it on. I can't find an official answer for the amount of licenses I am granted. Thanks!
  13. Well, my order is complete! Although..... My goal was to order for Halloween. So I couldn't do the 'try if for free' promo. Still, I was able to take advantage of the sale!
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