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  1. Thanks for the info. I ended up finding the correct driver and installed it. Then the comm port showed up in the Hardware editor. I hate PCs. Why doesn't someone make a Mac version of the software? I end up programming on the Mac running an emulator and then transfer the program onto a rental PC.
  2. I am having an issue with the LOR software seeing the RS485. I don't know how to change the comm port or update the driver (i'm mainly a Mac guy) I am running Vista and the 2.0 software. I had it working last year, but now I have a new PC and I cant' figure it out. Manuals say to change the comm port with device manager, but "ports doesn't show up in list. Help! In attached picture, you can see on the right that there isn't a listing for "ports" Attached files
  3. I think that I blew out channel 10 with crossed wires and fed AC back into the unit. It blew one of the main fuses. Now Channel 10 stays on all the time when sequences are not running and even when Hardware Utility sends a "lights out" command. What is the easiest repair? Attached files
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    Thanks. For some reason when I tried that in version 1 it didn't work. It did it just you said in version 2. I'm sure it was just operator error. I am using version 2 of the software and being able to put a picture behind the animation makes programming soooo much easier.
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    I was looking for help with using the same animation with multiple seq. How do I do that?
  6. waynebru


    I will admit that I just hooked everything up for the first time just this weekend and was quite surprised how it all worked right out of the box. I am using my Macintosh to create sequences and run the show. and I want to save one animation to use for each seq. I am using pre-bought seq plus I'm going to try WOW myself. (I haven't found one to buy). I am starting out this year with 32 channels. Lights on the house and a megatree. Attached files
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