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  1. I have 4 1602w for sale there is nothing wrong with them just not doing the christmas light display anymore i am asking 175 each i also have a 800w for sale for 100 and an easy lite linker pair for 100 if interested i can ups them out and get you a quote on shipping. thanks Mike
  2. ok let me re post this I live in NJ and would like to know if there are any shows IN NJ ABOUT AN HOUR FROM HAMMONTON thanks Mike
  3. I would like to take a look at your light display could you please PM me with your address. I live in Hammonton New Jersey don't mind traveling a little . thank you in advance Mike
  4. Jeff Sorry to sound dumb but where do i find an edm and how much are they I'm assuming this is an FM transmitter as well ?
  5. is there a way to check to see if this gal5 is bad??
  6. can someone tell me if it is possible for my transmitter to go bad only after a couple of years because i used to be able to get my station half way down the block . now i can hardly get it in front of my house. it has static spots and i tried other stations and can't get anything that is strong like i used to have on my other station. i am using a ramsey fm30
  7. thank you i will check mine out tomorrow did you have to add plug or cut any cords?
  8. Does anyone know how to keep a blow up blown up while making the lights go off and on with the show??
  9. thats pretty nice what did you put over the rope lights or are they just red and white lights
  10. Doe's anyone have any info or how to's on building an american flag??
  11. Looks Nice just started my display today
  12. Thank You Brian that was a nice video very helpful Thanks again I'm learning Mike
  13. Thank You so much that was very helpful. Mike:)
  14. I'm fairly new at this and I saw a video of arches and the looked like they were leapin how is that done? can anyone please help me with some info on that. Much appreciated and thank you ahead of time. Mike
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