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  1. Papagayo to LOR Help

    Here is a fresher aspect.
  2. Papagayo to LOR Help

    Double check where the files are being saved to. That happened to me the first time i used Papagayo, but it's been 2 years since i used it. This coming year once Christmas is past I plan on getting all my songs done and with the quartet on the songs that have more than 1 voice. As far as the timing I just copy all lines and paste them back either 1 notch to the left or right depending on if they're behind or ahead of the song. I hope this helps! Merry Christmas Lighting! Jerry
  3. Christmas Count Down Sequence Pixel

    Thank You James!
  4. Christmas Shoes Song

    I would love a copy of this as well James. I am buying the 12 ribbon sequence tonight when I get home and this will save tons of work for the rest of the lights. Thanks again brother. Merry Christmas Lighting Jerry eaglesclaw@comcast.net
  5. Christmas Count Down Sequence Pixel

    I would love a copy too please and thank you. Merry Christmas Lighting. Jerry Eaglesclaw@comcast.net
  6. Sharing 2 Singing face sequences

  7. Merry Christmas Lighting to ALL. I have gotten lots of help here including free sequences. Now it's my time to give back. I have the singing Christmas tree for It's The Most Wonderful Time of The year and also for God Bless The USA Armed Forces Medley. I will check as often as I can to see who would like either or both. Jerry H
  8. I would love a copy for my show this year. Thanks again. eaglesclaw@comcast.net Merry Christmas Lighting!
  9. Pixel tree from strips?

    http://lightshow.franktronics.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/MoreCCRFrameMeasurements.pdf Take a look at this. It's what I based mine off of.
  10. I would love a copy please. Thanks in advance. eaglesclaw@comcast.net
  11. I would love a copy please. Thank you in advance. eaglesclaw@comcast.net
  12. Pentatonix

    I would love a copy of this as well please. Thanks in advance. eaglesclaw@comcast.net
  13. I would love a copy of this as well and thank you very much in advance. eaglesclaw@comcast.net
  14. Christmas Time Again needed

    Hello everyone. I'm looking for a sequence for Christmas Time Again by Stephen Curtis Chapman if anyone is willing to share. Also God bless the USA armed forces medley. Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas! eaglesclaw@comcast.net
  15. Well I switched back to version 4.2.10 and everything is working fine. I think i'll wait on the next upgrade unless someone does have an answer.