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    lights on all time

    Thanks for the info Orville and Don, thats what I was think was to just fill all the cells. but the fade down at the end probably wouldn't have thought of that. Once again thanks.
  2. I know this has been discussed before but i can't find it. How do I build a sequence or what ever i need to build to keep my light on constantly. I was thinking of loading a song and having the lights stay on whole time during that song. Suggestions? Thanks all.
  3. Dgrant any way I could get a copy of that also? odomje@hotmail.com. Thank you in advance for your help and support.
  4. I buy all my led light strands at Rite-aid, I have been buying them there for 4 years know and have only one strand go bad. It has only gotten dim it has not completly gone out. These lights are great if you have one around. Made by same company every year and the colors are all the same brightness. Hope they keep selling them!!
  5. would love to have this as well odomje@hotmail.com
  6. odomje

    advice for newbie

    Mark is there a user web site for the pacnwster? If so could you send me a link? Thanks for all the info from everyone so far. Im gonna make something good happen this year. HOPEFULLY!!!
  7. odomje

    advice for newbie

    Well I did it, i bought 16 channel controller and all the software. In the past I have used a pre-programmed 4 channel from lowes I believe, and I just had to take next step. Now I am completlly overwhelmed. Sequenceing is a hard thing to do. I have been able to down load some free sequences that some of you are nice enough to put out there. That helped me understand the process some what, any advice for the experience out there would be gratefull. I have a feeling this year will be a yard full of blinking lights to music with no real direction, but I hope to make it look as good as possible and not bring any shame to the wonderful world of sequencing. Again anyadvice or direction would be helpfull. Big questions are ... 1. do you just have to listen to song and keep stoping to build sequence? 2. what is best software to make song a constant beat? 3. Is there any easy way in the Loght-o-rama software to get started with new song? 4. and in general any tips are tricks? I realize im a little late in ball game to do a whole lot with full time job and all but im gonna try. Thank you in advance John Yelm WA.
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