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  1. To all who have PM'd me and replied here to this post. Thank you for your kind words, thoughts, prayers and offers. Reading your posts and PM's caused me to become more emotionally attached to the display than I realized I was. I have decided to hold off selling anything for now. It really tore me up when I actually sat down and tried to put a price on things, I just can't do it. Not yet. We have a few more years here and maybe longer so we're going to hang in there and try to keep it gong as long as possible. It's great to know that there are so many of you out there that care so much and that is what has inspired us to push on. Thank you all. Please forgive me if I have gotten your hopes up in anticipation of a bargain but I just can't do it right now. Bob
  2. Due to undisclosed reasons, I regret that all items in my display and extra lights are up for sale. I have 16 controllers, all 8 channel, most of which are in enclosures. 4 are mounted to the back side of the "under eaves light panels" used in my display. They were exposed to outside atmoshpere but were NOT subject to rain because they were underneath the eaves on our house (24 inch overhang). 1 of those 4 has a bad triac on it that I have not repaired. This also includes the sequences that I created to drive the display. You can see pictures/videos of what the diplay consists of by going here: http://home.comcast.net/~rvandamme I will also add pictures to the above website or reply with them here as required. I also have numerous strings of LED's that are brand new, still in the box. To numerous to list here. ALL ITEMS will be sold in AS IS condition with no warranties made or implied. I can assure that I am not out to rip anyone off and I will be honest in the condition of each item you are considering. Shipping to be paid by the buyer. All items are negotiable. Only reasonable offers will be considered. I am not in a hurry or desperate to sell these. I have 3 years to do so. These may be posted on "the bay" in the near future as well.
  3. If possible, can you assign ID's such as 10, 20, 30 respectively? Might eliminate the overlap.
  4. I've traced the circuit on the boards and YES they are hardwired together so any standard 8 pin phone spliiter or "Y" will have the same effect. It must be 1 for 1 as previously mentioned. You can verify this by looking at the back of the board and physically SEE that they are tied together. I looked into this when I was working on a hardwired alarm idea last year.
  5. Just curious as to wether or not my Pentium M 1500 CPU would have enough horsepower to run my displsay using (12) 16 channel controllers. My bet is yes but I would like to know before I actually install the software and transfer everything over to it for this years show. Ill be traveling this Thanksgiving and the wife has the job of making it work whilst I'm away and I need to take my "BIG" laptop with me hence the smaller older machine. Thoughts or experiences anyone? EDIT: I just learned to read! Found the requirements on the download page: "500 MHZ or faster" so I should be all set right?
  6. I run almost exclusively with LED's which are only about 1/10 the current draw of incandecents so I have no problem with heat/condensation. I also have a 48 channel box which again is used on LEDs and no problem with heat there either.
  7. Will the RGB software also work with the FireFly units?
  8. Baronn, Baronn, Baronn...... I wrapped mine spirally way back early in this thread. See my post and pic here: http://lightorama.mywowbb.com/forum76/17480-11.html The only difference would be that you double the density by adding your second string in between the wraps of the first. An issue you may have is if you can make a "Y" adaptor to have 2 pixels come on at the same time since the controller can only address 16 pixels right now. They haven't updated the firmware to control 32 when you connect them end to end yet have they? If not then you would need to make the Y as I suggested and turn on 2 at a time.
  9. LightORamaDan wrote: So, what ever happened? Was there a problem with the iDMX, LOR S'ware. or Color Strips? Thread was Hijacked by.........
  10. Where can you buy these coatings?
  11. thebaronn wrote: Yes I did. Thank you. I have some other ideas as well and I'm thinking of making arches in a sectional or modular manner so that if one section burns out it will be easy to swap it out with a spare and do it all in under a minute. We can get really bitter cold temps here and I HATE being out there fixin' stuff. I'll keep yall posted on the developments.
  12. WAIT! Don't give up yet! Try wrapping wax paper, or tissue paper, or even toilet paper around one of the rods and see if it has any effect. More so at the very top or furthest away from the pixel and see if it shows better or brighter. OH yeah! cobergas gets a couple trees too! :shock:
  13. I looked at that sign site and it makes sense. They probably just cut a groove in an underlying sheet of plexi and then cover it with another smooth clear sheet. The unfinished or raw cut surfaces give the llight something to be illuminated by. I would think that if you sanded the entire outside diameter of the rods that it would light the entire rod which I think is what you're looking for. I would use an emery cloth or very fine grit to start because I don't think it would require much to dull the outer sorface to get what you need. You need a surface that will give the light something to illuminate. Clear surfaces let light pass thru and escape. Opaque does not but will illuminate like a diffuser. Look at a clear light bulb and a frosted one for example. Try one and see. If my idea works, I will gladly accept (32) 6 foot rods lightly sanded as payment so I can make 2 trees of my own!
  14. Dr. Jones wrote: CK? I know I saw those somewhere and had looked at them but there was something about those that looked like they would cost more overall. I think it was because those are DMX and we would need to buy a DMX controller for LOR which is about $259 http://store.lightorama.com/smdmxin.html for 256 channels and then there was the matter of providing a power supply for each string? Link please?
  15. thebaronn wrote: I think I'll pass on those due to cost USD1921.374(approx.) :shock: Thanks for making pics though.
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