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  1. Hello, my USB485 adapter cant be configured by the LOR Hardware. I have re installed the drivers, tested all the LAN cables, all good. I am running from PC > USB485 > LAN cable > 22 x CTB16KPC V1 controllers. The system was working beautifully until last night when I started the sequence, I used the refresh in the Hardware to test the controllers separately however none were found. It wouldn't even find the USB485 when doing an auto configure. I located the device in the device manager and all is working fine. Is there any way of testing the USB485 device ?? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Snow from Brisbane, Australia
  2. Hello all, I have just completed my first 128 channel display, I have one CMB-16D controller to drive my DC circuts. When I run the sequence all the channels form 1 - 8 or 9-16 all turn on at once. I cant sellect each channel individually via the sequence editor or the hardware controller. Any help would be greatlly appreciated as I am a newbyy to this... Snow - Brisbane Australia
  3. Many thanks for that. I will let you know how it went. Have a great new year Snow
  4. I have just started to assemble my 3 new controlers and I have realisd the following problem. I want to make some leaping arches, now each string of led lights that im using are rated at 24VAC. The CTB16 outpouts are 240VAC. Can I modify the channel output by using a 2.2K 20W resister in order to drop the output voltage to 24VAC or do I have to buy individual transformers for each string of Leds. Is there a 16 channel controller with 24VAC outputs? Many thanks in advance. I hope that everyone that came and saw your light displays were thrilled. Snow
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