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  1. This is my second year with an LOR display. 32 channels... Wizards in Winter: https://vimeo.com/81688676
  2. Thanks.... LOR sent me an RMA so I can ship it to them tomorrow. Anyone happen to be in the western Washington area that is willing to rent out or loan out a controller until I get mine back from LOR?
  3. I checked both my controllers last week and all worked fine. Checked them yesterday and one of the controllers didn't work. The green LED light that blinks was not blinking at all. I checked and replaced both fuses, and still nothing. Submitted a ticket thru LOR help desk, and after a few exchanges, it seems I have to send my unit in to headquarters to be looked at more closely. Maybe a primary power issue. UGH!! And I was so excited to add this second unit to my display this year (it is for my mega tree that I added)... but it seems as if I will not have one for a while.
  4. I have two 16 channel LOR controllers for my display (the ones in the hard plastic case, not the metal one). Are they OK to keep outdoors? I'm concerned of having them out in our rainy weather and then getting ruined. What do others do? Are there any suggestions of how to protect them from the elements outside? Thanks!
  5. Can you send me a copy as well? Thanks!! nucmed0024@gmail.com
  6. I'll take this one too please! =) estimmons@comcast.net
  7. Can you send this one too? estimmons@comcast.net
  8. Thanks! estimmons@comcast.net
  9. Here is my first video of my first year. I have a 16 channel setup, and this is of "My December" from Linkin Park. Not really a Christmas song, but one of my wife's favorites. Thanks to everyone for your help this past year. Much appreciated!
  10. Thanks for the info! Nice to know mine is running like everyone elses.....
  11. I ran a trial run of my show tonight... used Simple Show Builder to add all the songs to the show. It looked really good... however I am noticing that there is 5-10 seconds between songs. Is there a way to shorten the time between songs? Or is this common? Or is it possibly my laptop running slow to load the next sequence? Thanks for any help...
  12. I drilled holes through the pvc, and then screwed it to the trim boards on the side of my house. My house is two stories (the PVC is 18' tall.. two 9 foot sections with a connector between the two) and it took 6 screws for me to feel it was secured adequately.
  13. Thanks for the replies everyone. I decided to have them face sideways. As much as I want them straight, I am not OCD enough to go with one of Paul's suggestions. And I put them up yesterday and went out last night to decide, and it really makes little difference.
  14. I have zip tied all my C7's to PVC pipe that will run up the sides of my house and garage. Is there a preferred way that people have the lights facing? Towards the street? Or the lights sideways against the house? I know its a stupid question, but the reason I'm asking is that no matter how many zip ties i put on, I can't get the lights in a perfect, straight row. Some of the lights will turn to the left or right, so was thinking of just having the lights sideways against the house, but was concerned they wouldn't look good. Thoughts?
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