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  1. May I have a copy? egrif0229@yahoo.com Thank you for being so generous. It looks spectacular, no lagging at all.
  2. I know it's late, but may I have a copy, too. Please. Awesome show! egrif0229@yahoo.com
  3. Thank you!!! That worked! However, I only see movement on the screen, not the actual ccr. Is that supposed to happen? Is it only visible on the ccr itself once save to the sequence? I wanted to see how it looked before I saved it.
  4. I am trying to learn how to use the super star sequencer. I get this error in super star after I have opened my audio file and am trying to "sequence all" according to the instructions. See attached file. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks! prnt screen error.doc
  5. Also, how do I copy music into a sequence?
  6. Got it. Thanks! Can I do color fades on my c-7 mentioned above?
  7. Thanks a lot. Yes, I was going to use them for arches. But, alas, it's too late to build any, so I was thinking of wrapping my brick pole in foil and wrapping the CCR around the pole, along with some lighted poinsettas and a string of white and green lights. **The Superstar program is more for Multiple CCR's...do you have more than one? Yes, you can sequence it in your Sequence Editor. Right mouse over your last Channel Button and click on Insert Device>Insert Device Below, then fill out the Add Device menu.** I only have one CCR for now. Can I program the CCR to do the color fading, so I at least get the different colors that way?
  8. Okay, I received my CCR. Now what? Can I incorporated it into my regular musical sequences? If so, how? Should I use it only in superstar or can I program it in the sequence editor, as I am sequencing my song. Also, what is color fading? Again, can this be done with my CCR, c-9s, c-7s and incans? If so, can I just follow the LOR tutorial to figure it out? I have a string of c-7s that have red, magenta, yellow, blue and green lights. Can I sequence them to just light up the red, etc., only on that string? I know it's a lot of questions, but I'm trying to figure out the CCR and how to up the ante, so to speak on my already existing show. You guys have been wonderful. Thanks so much.
  9. egrif

    newbie - beat wizard

    Thanks everyone. I downloaded audacity, ran the songs through there, saved in my music folder, opened the song in the sequence editor and BAM, it worked.
  10. I've been using the beat wizard, but opened a song today to start sequencing and was told "can't init conversion". Can anyone help me? What did I do? It is an mp3 song that I purchased and downloaded from Amazon. Was able to use beat wizard on the other song. What happened?
  11. egrif

    How To Get Started

    Thanks to everyone. Thanks GoofyGuy, I did go back to ground 0. Digdeepfundraising thanks for the video. Seeing the visual was very helpful in that I could see that I had connected everyting properly. However, turns out I had installed and was testing properly, one of the strings of lights I was using wasn't working. You guys are the best and I really appreciate you making me think. I am techie, but have been out of the field for a little while now, guess I'm rusty. One more thing, I'm now ready to start my sequencing for my music. I have a couple of questions, in general, (1) how long does it take to program one song? (I travel quite a bit for business, so I'm a little nervous about getting this done). (2) Is there a tutorial to gude you on how to sequence? (3) Since I do travel, can I download the software to my laptap and program without being connected to the controller? Once again, thank you to everyone. Your responses were speedy and spot on. Digdeepfundraising do you know of any other tutorial videos on how to sequence that I would benefit from? Egrif
  12. egrif

    How To Get Started

    I guess I should mention I am a newbie.
  13. egrif

    How To Get Started

    I am having a problem with my controllers. Only channel 2 is working. i am not sure I set this up right. I followed the directions, although at one point, I did have both controllers plugged in. Can anyone walk me through or point me in the right direction for setting up the controllers. I have CTB16PCg3 with RS485 adopter. Thanks ever so much Egrif
  14. Me too. I have been waiting and waiting. Was in at 6 pm PST, ordered and at 6:03 no CCRs or CTB16PC kits available! Like you, did they only have one kit. Very disappointed, at first. Until I read the thread regarding William. I will be placing my order on Monday and hopefully, soon after that, I can join in the LOR insanity!
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