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  1. Thanks for the info. So if I read it right the upgrade from my Advanced 3.12 to the latest version of Pro is $50? Makes sense to get all the strings from the same place. Does anyone have a particular vendor they are happy with? Now to decide on how many to go with. Thanks Again, Matt
  2. Hi Everyone, Six years ago I had a fairly big LOR setup. Three 16 channel controllers and two 24 channel Dumb RGB boards. Then six months after my final show that Christmas I had a heart attack at age 35. Actually a couple of heart attacks but who's counting? Anyway, triple bypass happened and it really knocked me back for some time. It took a year just to get my energy back and for all the soreness to be gone. Obviously a show did not happen that year and I eventually just sold all my equipment. My wife never really cared for the show anyway as she didn't like strangers pulling up and staring at our house so she was happy it was gone as well. Fast forward, six years and now I've been able to talk her into letting me have a "small" light show again. This time it won't be on and around our house it'll be on the .5 acre property we own next to it. My thoughts were to just start out this year with a relatively simple pixel tree that I can have some fun with then slowly add more elements as time and money allows during the off season next year. I currently own an Advanced license of LOR with 8 CCR Superstar feature level. My max version is currently 3.12. I'll be looking to upgrade to the latest version soon. I'm a DIY type of person so I've been looking at the Pixie16 controllers and will purchase some WS2811 strings to go with it to make up my tree. My questions are... Can I purchase the WS2811 12V strip lights from ebay , etc and they'll work with the LOR controller? I want to be able to control each pixel individually as I want to be able to have designs and words scroll across the pixel tree during the sequence. Looking for recommendations on which pixels are best and where to buy them. Also, I understand that I'll need a red USB485 dongle as I will run the sequences from a dedicated PC. Is there anything else that I'm missing? I already have an enclosure and power supply for the pixel board so I'm good there. I'll also need a FM transmitter. Any recommendations for one of those? Any help would be appreciated. I'm on a budget so the cheaper the better. Thanks, Matt
  3. Has anyone tried those painted tomato cages that you can buy now? Saw some green ones the other day at Home Depot. Also, I wonder if you coated the cages in this stuiff would it work to insulate the lights from the cages?
  4. I daisy chained two 16' strips together last year with no problems. I never tried three. Didn't want to push my luck.
  5. If you are referring to dumb strips. Last year I started out with a LOR DC contoller to get my feet wet and learn. This year I'm moving on up to DMX with two 27 channel controllers.
  6. I ran my single DC controller with a 350W power supply all in the same case with no ventilation and never had a problem. This is in TX and it doesn't even get very cold around Christmas but YMMV.
  7. Could you tell me his ebay id? Thanks, Matt
  8. Noticed this last night. One of my snowflakes are stuck at like 50%. I can tell because it will go to full intensity when it is supposed to light up but then go back to 50% when it is supposed to be off. In between sequences the snowflake never goes off. I've tried a different set of lights. No difference. I tried power cycling the controller. This fixed it for like one sequence then it started doing it again. I have also reseated cables. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Matt
  9. Same issue here. Now show until it lets up.
  10. First year of the addiction. All lights were bought from Wallgreens, Target, etc... 2 AC controllers, 1 DC controller and 2 CCRs. Dumb RGB strips outline the house, window and garage. https://vimeo.com/55915529 https://vimeo.com/55912329 Videos were filmed my my iPhone so I apologize in advance for the crappy video! Matt
  11. This is why my show computer isn't connected to the internet. I also disable automatic updates and set it to let me choose instead of allowing them to automatically install.
  12. http://www.biglots.com/p/c/outdoor-decor/6-pre-lit-cascading-stick-tree
  13. Insurance business must be doing good!
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