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  1. Excellent - Thanks for the feedback. Don't I need the exact song ( Artist, album, etc...) to ensure the timing is right? How do I know which one to download if I am presented with multiple choices of artists etc... I think I need that info from the person who created the sequences, correct????? Thanks again for all your help. Steve
  2. Evan, First off I have to say this is awesome... Congrats to you and your wife. I am very new to LOR and just got my first 16 channel controller. If your ok with it I would live to copy this idea. I was able to down load the sequences from your website. The one question I have is how do I know what version song to download. When I goto Itunes and search on a tiltle it responds with many version. Don't I need the exact one so the timing is the same. Looking forward to your response and thanks in advance for any help. Steve - I have been bitten by the bug!!!!!!!!
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