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  1. I heard (and read) some of the same. But most of that info is old, so hoping for a more recent update.
  2. I will need to add another AC controller to my show (maybe 2), and at this point, I much prefer Gen3 hardware. It looks as if the PC-CTB16PC assembled card is a Gen3 board, but is there (or will there be) a solder kit that will be a Gen3 product (I am more than capable of fully assembling this board to save a few buck)?
  3. FWIW, I am now rethinking my "leave it on" policy. While doing some work this summer with LOR5 and a pixel array, I noticed that my controller box was getting quite hot when not in use. Some level of actual measurement and critical thinking was suggesting that the pixels were drawing a significant amount of power when the LED's were not lit. In California (probably some other states as well), it can be warm in winter, and I could easily see power supplies, boxes, or controllers overheating during the day when not in use. As I already have home automation that can easily drive AC power to controllers or power supplies, future work is likely to include small supplies specifically for the controllers, and all pixels will be injected with power that is only available during the time of my shows.
  4. I am aware of this, but it doesn't meet my needs. For this status to work, the string and unit must be fully functioning. The pixel not flashing could mean a faulty/unconnected string, a faulty unit, a faulty power supply, or even that nothing is actually wrong but pixels aren't working because the unit is misconfigured. To trace this more, I would need to open the box. And though this would also be true if the requested remote status not be lit, I would definitely start with verifying that power is applied and properly functioning. But a status that flashes when not networked and solid when it is tells me the unit is working and has me trying to verify the string is actually connected and/or that the configuration is correct for that string; all without opening the box. So, is this or one of my suggested fallbacks the only option?
  5. I've made a custom box for a Pixie 4, and would like to add a status LED that is visible from the outside. I know I can easily add an LED that shows power, but would prefer to be able to show the status. Does one of the headers break out the connection for status, or would my only option be to solder wires to the PCB? Note, the same thing applies to other Pixie's and controllers, as I would like to have this on all of my controllers.
  6. FWIW, I am doing something at the end of September that I would like to use some of my pixels (including a Pixie16 array that was working quite well), and I also figured that this was a good opportunity to play more with S5 and make a migration choice before Xmas.
  7. I had considered this too, but took a functioning non-enhanced sequence from S4, converted to S5, and no joy till I got the controllers updated. Is it possible that S5 assumes some level of "enhanced" network?
  8. Something that I'm now thinking of, is what other devices might also need a firmware update. Any feedback here for adopters would probably be useful (or specified in release notes),
  9. I am usually under the position that if it ain't broke, don't fix it, But when doing some S4 to S5 migration, I discovered that my v1.16 CCP's (old style, not Pixie) would not work with S5, yet still work with S4. This was somewhat frustrating, as I am using different computers to pilot S5, so wasn't sure if it was a USB port, network, software or CCB problem (or somewhere else). I searched the forums for firmware and found nothing, so was mostly thinking it was user error. I finally tried to update one of my controllers to v1.21, and that was problematic on the surface, so went back to 1.16, and tried each release till 1.21 did load and worked with S5. What I have found with two of the three CCP's I have is that I needed to update each in the firmware order and that it must be at v1.21 to work with S5. I do have one more to update, and I did find that the first did down-rev OK, so ifthere were an experiment or data that would be desired, I will be happy to try it. As for other users of CCP's, make sure to get to v1.21 before using S5 (and hopefully being at this version is still OK in S4, as I am only in piloting mode, and may not put S5 into the show this year).
  10. Possibly related, but can S4 and S5 co-exist on the same computer? As this is early enough, I'm likely to migrate to S5, but if I don't have time, or have issues with the migration, I would like to keep S4 for the season. But it might be the case that I install S5 (after a backup, of course), and if I won't be able to use it, reinstall S4 (and restore the backup). Might also be the case that I will need to pilot on a different computer. Suggestions are welcome.
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