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  1. Quote from above  "My opinion is that using pixels looks more traditional Christmas and using ribbon makes it look like a carnival attraction. "   Yes, I tend to agree with that statement.  I also like k6 "hopping effect" with bulbs.

    Ribbons do tend to look carnival like, but I think it depends on how they are used.   In my case, I put ribbons up UNDER the soffit of my house so they are not visible to the street.   And since they are flat, I can leave them there all year long with no one seeing them and they are not exposed to the sun.  Come Christmas, I just turn on the controller.   The effect I get is that the ribbons reflect off the house with a smooth blend of color instead of looking at little dots of carnival light.  Sample video in link below.  Yes, it is a little crappy video and out of focus at first.  I took it with the iPhone.  Yet, it is just to give you an idea of what the eve's look like with ribbons up under the soffit.   That's Brian's nice CCR tree sequence version of Psy on the left.  Nice job he did.  



  2. On 8/31/2018 at 5:55 PM, debtoews said:

    If you are going ribbons (CCR;s I assume) - I would highly suggest you NOT run 16 ribbons on the same network- they will look like crap.  Ive had a 24 ribbon tree that I run over 4 networks.  Depending on the graphics,  running intensity files help too.  If you are looking for some cheap CCR's, I have a lot (24-27) with the controllers Im looking to get rid of and also have an aluminum tubing frame.  Im in Central Cal.  Pm me if your interested- Good Luck!

    As with dibblejr, I certainly have no trouble running LOTS of CCRs on same network.  Like K6 says, network speed is probably the issue with looking crappy.   And I hope you aren't using ELLs for that.

  3. On 9/3/2018 at 1:30 PM, BrianBruderer said:

    In S4 the CCR tree setup is the same as it always has been.


    In S5 there is a 12 CCR Tree preview and 16 CCR Tree preview that has already been made for you. To access them do the following:

    1) launch S5 Sequencer

    2) click on the Preview flyout that is in the upper right

    3) click on the plus sign

    4) In the Preview Design dialog box click on "Add"

    5) Select "SuperStar (online)" and click on Continue

    6) Click on the checkbox of the Previews that you want and click on "Import Checked Items"


    This is a GREAT time saver and was easy to implement when I tried it.   Although, I noted that my star effects didn't seem to match what I was seeing in the LOR S5 motion effects generator.  When I changed the "Max circuits" from 150 to 300, then it matched perfectly.  S5 sure makes things easier in many regards.

  4. While on the subject of "Windows commands".  When I first imported several of my S4 sequences to S5, I was getting a somewhat generic error message when I tried to play the sequence.   Something to the effect of "File not found", yet not telling me what kind of find.   The sequences ran fine under S4.  After an hour of looking at various things, I finally figured out that it did not like my Windows command from S4.  Once I deleted it, everything worked fine and played ok.  Thus, a hint to anyone seeing a "File Not Found" type of message when trying to play a sequence.

  5. On 8/4/2018 at 12:24 PM, kcny said:

    I went back and forth from S4 to S5 multiple times during the beta (on two computers) and then to the official S5 release, all without first uninstalling the previous version.  Never encountered an issue, but as Alan said I would make a copy of your sequences in case you want to go back to S4 and you saved them in S5.

    Likewise.  Went from 4 to 5 without uninstalling.   Everything works great.  Even though I do have backups of the prior sequence files, it seems to make no difference since S5 appears to convert and save the file as a new extension name type of file anyway.  That's smart in my opinion.

  6. 1 hour ago, dibblejr said:

    It may have went to your junk mail since it doesn’t sound like you frequent the forums. It was discussed almost daily for a month.

    FWIW- only signed up once and get mine. 


    Yea, might sound that way, but did not go to junk folder.   It just didn't come.  I am on here from time to time.  Oh well.  No big loss for me ;-)

  7. 15 hours ago, Mr Grunts said:

    This is true, plus you pay ebay fees, 

    Now if priced according they will sell pretty fast on here

    I think you mean the seller pays eBay fees.  Fortunately out of over 250 buys and sells on ebay, I never had trouble.  For me the fast sales and protection is worth the fee.

  8. Interesting that it is over.   I didn't even get an email notification this year.   I got a notice last year about the spring sale.   Is this something that has to be signed up for every year?

    As a side note, we have 3 brand new ELLS (not used) from last Christmas that we want to sell.   Bought too many for a project we worked on.

  9. Good info Mike.  Yea, DLL Hell :)   I remember that from third party DLL suppliers that didn't do a good job of managing their DLLs.   And that included Microsoft from time to time.  I guess I have been lucky to not have much of that as I have kept use of 3rd party DLLs to a minimum.   And whenever I created my own DLLs or OCXs, I would create a different name for different versions of my program so things wouldn't get confused in Sys32.

    While on the subject, I hope people realize that tho they may be having trouble with trying to run 2 versions of the same program at one time (something I also don't do with LOR and also would not recommend), the software is VERY stable in my opinion for something as complicated as it is.  Folks should cut some slack about this.  It's great stuff.

  10. On 3/10/2018 at 9:03 AM, DevMike said:

    Please also remember that a wierded up registry (which can happen when switching from one version to the other) can also cause issues.  If you are going back to S4 from S5, the best thing you can do is a FULL uninstall FIRST, then a registry wipe, and finally install S4 again.

    So out of curiosity, why doesn't the software versions use different keys in the registry to avoid this type of conflict?  It is sounding like different versions use the same keys.  Just asking because when I write software, I make sure that I use different keys for different versions so my clients can have more than one version to co-exist without issue.  Maybe something I am not understanding about how LOR software works. :-)


  11. On 2/26/2018 at 7:38 PM, TheDucks said:

    Insteon  is supposed to respond to some X10 commands. You just need to bridge LOR to the Insteon powerline module

    Uh, good idea, but if he does that, then he needs to be sure and get an OLDER Insteon device that supports X10.  When insteon came on the market, they supported X10 as an upgrade path.  That was over 12 years ago and many new Insteon devices no longer support X10.  Need to check.   In my experience, X10 is not reliable at all.

  12. On 3/6/2018 at 3:02 PM, k6ccc said:

    OK, that statement confused me.  How are you getting audio from the show computer to the show (speakers and/or FM transmitter)?  I understand checking on your show from a remote location with TeamViewer (I largely switched from VNC to TeamViewer this year), but the audio is delayed enough it would not work for your show.


    Hi k6.  I am not playing the show through Teamviewer.   I agree that would delay the audio.  I am simply usingTeamviewer to connect to the show computer in the garage and download any changes or updates from my development laptop to the show computer.  And sometimes I connect to the show computer to start or stop the show if I need to.

    I don't need speakers on the show computer because all of my testing is on my development laptop.  I simply connect the FM transmitter to the audio out of the show computer.  And if I want to hear the music playing on the show computer, I hear it on my laptop via Teamviewer.   Yea it is slightly delayed, but I don't care since I just want to know if it is working without getting up and turning on the radio.    Hope that clears up the confusion.

  13. 2 hours ago, dibblejr said:

    I’ll let you in on a little secret.

    McMastet Carr has been in business a long time.

    The size of the tubing alone, along with various other things will dictate shipping cost.

    Things like cost of fuel ect.

    Just be thankful you can buy from them at all because back 20 years ago you had to have a business tax excemltion to buy from them. Not open to public.


    JR, all good points.  I don't disagree.  Just saying that several people are quoted very low shipping and then charged a lot more.   It isn't just a typo in the email as they claim.  I know a lot of companies that have been in business a long time, but they still get in trouble with bad business practices.  ;)

  14. On ‎12‎/‎7‎/‎2017 at 7:02 AM, Kapkirk said:


    Same here, they quoted me $10 shipping but when they actually shipped and emailed the tracking the shipping had gone to $70, I called and they said it had to ship truck which is why the higher shipping cost, she credited me all the shipping costs so I got a good deal, just can't get them shipped so cheaply any more.

    Give them a call about the shipping, $19.50 isn't too bad considering but they did quote $10.


    I'll cut them a little slack in saying they are a shady business.  They emailed me to say they would compensate some shipping cost.  Thus, I had the exact same experience as you.  They quoted $9 and then charged 10 times that amount.  I'm thinking that this might be the way they do business.  It is just too much of a coincidence that at least 3 people here in just this one forum have mentioned they were quoted low shipping cost and then charged a lot more.  I'm not buying the constant excuse of "It was a typo in the quote"

  15. On ‎12‎/‎7‎/‎2017 at 6:30 AM, hoosierdoc said:

    update, they quoted me $10 shipping and it ended up being $19.50 for 50' of tubing. Not horrible I Guess but double what they quoted which was annoying. It did ship same day though.

    In my opinion, this McMaster place is a shady business.  They also quoted me $9, and then charged me $90.   They said it was a typo.  I say that is unacceptable.  Their shopping cart is one of the dumbest on the planet.   It won't tell you the shipping cost until you PLACE the order and even then it does not tell you the cost.   They send you a receipt only a DAY AFTER they already ship the product.  I say to buy your tubing somewhere else and stay away from these scam artists.


  16. 2 hours ago, Larsons Lights New Hope said:

    Anyone having any strange behavior with Zara Radio and Windows 10?  I have version 1.62 working fine on a Windows 10 machine (including DTMF tones) and works wonderfully for everything except this one thing:

    For the current temp, I have it looking in a weatherwatcher folder for an html file.  I enter the path on the Options screen and it works fine for a bit - however Zara somehow forgets that is the location for the file (appararenty it is not storing it properly or at all)  Anyone else having this strange behavior?  I mean it is an almost 10 year old software application trying to be running on the latest version of Windows.  What could go wrong?  :)

    yea, I had that issue before, but not specific to any particular version of Windows.  It happened to me on Win 7 and 10 when first setting up.  Have weatherwatcher put the weather log file in a document folder OUTSIDE of the programs folder where there is no issue of it being locked or access prevented.  I put mine under user\documents\Myname\ZaraRadio.   Then set Zara to look for it there in the program options.  By the way, the file should have the extension of .TXT even though it has some html looking stuff in it.

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