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  1. On 11/2/2018 at 10:33 AM, TBS99 said:

    Here is one good video:


    That's a great video, but I noted the use of pliers to close the top.  I had an issue with that in the past.   When some connections didn't work, it was because as the top cover was being slid over the housing by use of pliers, it caused the wire to slide with it and bend the metal teeth to the point of not connecting well.    Thus, I think it is best to press the wire down as much as possible on the teeth before sliding on the top.  Now, I don't need pliers any more and the connections are more reliable.

  2. On 11/2/2018 at 1:23 PM, k6ccc said:

    A regular forum member here is debtoes who runs a several block neighborhood in Clovis, CA.  I have been to see that display and the behinds the scenes parts.  She is using ELLs as Mr. P mentioned for everything except her own house.  The larger you get, the more complicated that will get.  There are several alternatives as well.  For example, using WiFi or even point to point microwave or point to multi-point microwave.  Both of those require using E1.31 (AKA DMX over ethernet).  If it's all houses on one side of the street, it's not that hard to do it all or mostly via wired connections too.

    Very involved to do a large show like that.


    Good info K6.  Many years ago (before CCRs were popular), I did a really large display for a shopping center down in Texas.  I used ELLs to transmit to distant locations.  However, for my home I abandoned using ELLS as I was having too many problems with my mostly all CCR display.   They couldn't handle the complex high speed patterns and would freeze the CCRs at point.   Now I use only wired connections.   I suppose that one of those other high speed alternatives is good for complex displays.

  3. In checking my old threads, I see that I forgot to come back here and give an update on what the problem was from the above post.

    It turns out to be the ELLS !   I took the ELLs out of the network and used cat 5.   Everything worked fine after that without changing anything else. 

  4. And do keep in mind for the future that the comm port numbers can change on you as depending on where you plug them into the computer, or something else using those ports that were not in use previously, or even more strange is that a a few occasions I was "testing" something with the HU software and it changed the device ID without telling me and I didn't ask it to do that.

  5. 12 minutes ago, denamy1 said:

    Okay so it actually was the sequence I was playing. For the heck of it I tried another sequence and the CCR tree worked fine. WHEW.. I thought the red light meant trouble!

    Great.... congrats, and thanks for the update.   Yup, it is easy to forget little details from year to year such as what does the light mean.  So as you realize now that it is either blinking (not communicating on the network) or solid red (controller is being recognized.)

  6. 11 minutes ago, default said:

    Is this something like you are talking about. Took me all of about 3 minutes to create scratch. Don't give up on S5. It can do what you want and more! Just takes a little time to learn and understand it. If you need help with how this is setup, let us know.



    Amen on that reply.   To me, it was really worth the time to get used to S5 and I would now never consider going back to S4.  In fact, I wonder how I dealt with S4 for so long  😉


  7. 29 minutes ago, denamy1 said:

    Yes the light is RED in the Pixie Controller unit controller. I thought it was supposed to be green? I am running the pixie controller and the regular LOR controllers on separate USB. The pixie controller is the red adapter. Like I said it was fine last season.

    No, it is only red color, never green.  Makes sense that one or more controllers are going to be on one comm port and one or more on the other comm port depending on how you connected the controllers to the interface.  Hopefully you have your prop definitions set to the proper comm port for each controller and you will be ok.    Maybe you plugged the adapters into different USB ports on the computer this year than you did last year.  

    Like they say with the stock market.....   past performance is no guarantee of future performance. 😁

  8. On 11/1/2018 at 3:51 PM, ~DOC~ said:

    I have looked at that one but there are many complaint for hum / Hiss noise. Did you experience this? This unit hooks to the PC with a 3.5 mm audio cable. How much of an extension can I install. My PC is in the basement and at the back. I would say that most will tell me I need to mount closer the road. 

    On 11/1/2018 at 2:48 PM, Mr. P said:

    I use a fm transmitter from my pc which transmits to a stereo receiver for my outdoor speakers and to car radio's. You don't need to go expensive as by law you are not suppose to transmit too far.

    here is one of my cheaper but very reliable transmitters:



    I also have used that transmitter for a few years and never a problem.  Inexpensive and reliable.   As for the hum or noise, often that is due to having transmitter too close to an RF source like the computer, or a poor quality audio cable, and sometimes even having the "wall wart" power supply too close to the transmitter.   I think you would be ok with having this transmitter in the basement a long way from the street because it is almost too powerful to begin with.... even in the low power mode.    Yet, to answer your question, I have a 25 ft audio cable on mine with absolutely no hum even when no songs are playing.


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  9. I do a little bit as a hobby all year long so I am not so stressed when the season comes.  I'll take an occasional Saturday at least once in each month of the year to work on a sequence.  It also keeps the mind fresh on the use of the software.

  10. 17 hours ago, Mr. P said:

    Well the wife did it to me again, she threw a last minute project at me and she now wants pixels on the roof this year. She threw $1500 at me and said to get what we need and to let her know if it's going to cost more.

    She doesn't realize that not only do I have to put the controllers and pixels up but I also have to program the 28 songs for the new pixels. Why does she keep doing this to me.

    I already have the pixels so I am now off to get three more pixel controllers.

    Wife and I have an agreement.  She doesn't tell me what to do outside and I don't tell her how to decorate inside ?

  11. 18 hours ago, k6ccc said:
    Song title   Artist
      Wizards In Winter   Trans-Siberian Orchestra
      Christmas Cannon   Trans-Siberian Orchestra
      You're a Mean one Mr. Grinch   Burl Ives
      Jingle Bells   Barry Manilow with Expose'
      Hark! The Harold Angles Sing   Lake Ave. Church Organ & Orchestra  
      God Bless the USA   The American Patriots
      Deck the Halls   Mannheim Steamroller
      Carol of the Bells
      (Christmas Eve / Sarajeva 12/24)  
      Trans-Siberian Orchestra
      Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer   Gene Autry
      All I Want for Christmas is You   Mariah Carey
      Feliz Navidad   Jose Feliciano
      The Hanukkah Song   Elliot Dvorin
      Soldier's Silent Night   Father Ted Berndt


    I like that list.

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  12. 6 hours ago, Kyle Whitaker said:

    I haven't seen any discussion about people receiving their summer sale orders.  Anyone else out there waiting for their order to ship?  I am guessing LOR is still backed up with certain products.

    Actually there was a discussion in a couple other posts.  I got my order shipped in less than 2 weeks of order.  However, I ordered on the first day of the sale.

  13. Glad you were able to find a buyer.  Actually I just now listed 2 brand new linkers on eBay for interested parties.  All info is there.  Search for "ELL Easy Light Linkers" on eBay and they will probably be the only linkers listed.   Thanks all.

  14. 1 hour ago, k6ccc said:

    I have thought about mounting a laser that would hit the photocell on top of the light to turn it off.

    I recall a discussion about this a few years ago.  A few people jumped in to criticize about possible deflection that potentially affect pilots.   I don't know about that hypothesis.  Without experimenting, I just concluded that it probably won't work because the street light photosensors don't respond the the wavelength of lasers which are typically 810 nm and higher wave length, and you would probably have to be pointing down on the sensor from up above it anyway.  Who knows..... might work.

  15. 22 minutes ago, dibblejr said:

    So not a bug, perhaps with the new dip switch controllers there is a switch setting for some advanced control ...

    OK JR, I accept that.  Perhaps I was not clear why I call it a bug, or my definition of a "bug" is different.   I used that term by thinking if the software does something that I don't ask it to do, like changing the device ID, and then doesn't update the display to inform me that it changed the ID, I am confused trying to find what went wrong.  I'm hopeful that could be changed in the future.

  16. Just now, james morris said:

    I love Rock so i use Christmas songs by Rock bands and old school Christmas songs

    Yup,  me too.  And sometimes songs with nothing to do about Christmas at all.   On rare occasions, I get a visitor with a comment like "Why you play Pink Floyd songs mixed in with traditional Christmas music? "  Obviously they are not my neighbors or they would know why.  So I usually reply with a stupid sarcastic comment like......   "Learning to Fly.... is appropriate.   Reindeer do fly don't they?"  ?

  17. 6 minutes ago, dibblejr said:

    Halloween is the time to get all of the oldies, rock and roll and various genre of music out. However remember not everyone believes in Christ or they still want to show what they like. I do my shows for my family, everyone else is collateral damage.

    Christmas is the time where I play mostly Christmas music from all cultures, yes Japanese, Vietnamese and Spanish find a song or 2 in my Christmas shows. 

    The day after Christmas most Christmas music stops Santa stops singing and I turn to New Years music.

    If you have seen my sharing threads you see music all over the spectrum. A lot of it is from requests. The requests expose me to music I would have never thought of or heard since I listen to mostly country (and western). Old rock and roll. With that being said there are some songs I can only sequence so many seconds at a time.


    It seems we do similar things ?   Yea, I understand not everyone is religious, but I would have guessed they would not celebrate Christmas at all.   I just thought it was funny that Ozzie was singing to the lights about the devil with Jesus and the manger on the lawn, and then right after that was a song of highly religious content.  I sort of concluded he likes hard rock.

  18. Dibble, that's a great point and you reminded me of a quirk with similar results that I ran into recently.  This probably is not related to the OPs issue, but something to keep in mind.

    Recently I went into the Hardware configuration panel and accessed the "Cosmic Color/Pixie Config" panel to change RGB order.  The controller accepted the change, but it also RESET the device ID of that controller to ID 01.   That was totally unexpected as I did not tell it to reassign the device ID.  The 2nd problem is that the hardware panel did NOT update the contents of the dropdown list box to indicate it changed the ID.   I spent an hour trying to figure out why the lights were not working before I REFRESHED the hardware display and realized it changed the ID.

    Incidentally, if I change the number of pixels per port and the resolution to another value. on the config panel, it will also change the device ID.   Seems like a bug to me.

  19. Yes, this topic is not of any informational value.  Just entertainment.  I can't help but notice the wide variety of music that people use in their Christmas light shows these days.  It sure have evolved over the years.  I guess folks are tired of the old Bing Crosby type of traditional Christmas songs.  Hey, I am not complaining.   I do a wide variety of songs too.

    Now having said that, I'm curious what is the strangest music you've seen on a Christmas display?   Last year, I was traveling in another state and saw an LOR Christmas display where "Black Sabbath" music was being played.  Somehow, hearing Ozzie sing about running from the devil didn't seem to fit on Christmas eve.  I wondered was he a big Black Sabbath groupie or did he just forget that Halloween was over!  ?


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