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  1. I hope this information is correct. It is just my observation and experience playing with LOR. It appears that when you edit a sequence, the show editor picks up the changes the next time you start the show. Also, I have not had any trouble in the last two years editing a sequence while the show is running, but in order for the updated sequences to take effect, I stop the show and restart it.
  2. I'm curious if you have the same problem with standard incandescent bulbs? Have you tried plugging in a string of standard bulbs and looked at them in the dark to see if they do that same thing?
  3. melwelch wrote: Mel, thanks for the introduction as a PF associate. I looked at your site and info. Very interesting stuff. I have not heard of you from the Pink Floyd folks, but that is probably because we are from different times. Great job on getting the pyro stuff out to LA. That was a miracle. Please stay in touch. If you get an opportunity, go to my site and register, or send me a private email. I see we have a lot in common. Richard
  4. Bjorn74 wrote: I leave mine on all the time. It's no big energy loss. In fact, during the day, I am running a sequence which plays repeatedly (no lights of course). It gives information about show times, dates and other related info. This way, there is always something going on at that radio frequency so that when people drive by during the day, they can tune in to hear what is going on. Tim has a good suggestion with the X10 control if you don't want to run the transmitter all the time. If using X10, you need to have a good one because some X10 devices aren't very good at switching on very low loads such as a tranmitter. Or you might consider just a cheap $10 time from the hardware store. By the way, I think you mean to say you have a 25 milliWatt unit, not .25 Watt? If you running more than 25 milliWatts in the USA, then you are running it illegally. Richard.
  5. Ah Dan, you are a genius. That solved the problem, yet I have no idea on earth why that worked. I never would have figured this out by myself. When I first received the unit, once of the first things I did was to change the ID number of the unit to the value I needed. I never plugged it in first, and I assume it needed that for some reason. Thanks for the solution. All works well. Richard
  6. Tim Fischer wrote: Thanks Tim. Good suggestion, but that is not the problem.
  7. Thank you, Well, I guess I would still call you an "Old Timer" ;-) btw, beautiful family photo. I am sure the kids will grow up to enjoy your Christmas displays. cheers, RGH
  8. As an experienced user of LOR, I seem to have trouble with this issue. One of my 6 controllers (an 8-channel unit purchased this year) is working normally during a show with one exception.... between songs during the show, lights on many channels will not turn off fully as expected. They stay in a very dimmed state. When I stop the show at the end of the night, the lights turn off fully. Strangely, this problem occurs only when the show scheduler is running, and it only occurs on one of the 6 controllers. The show is working fine and all channels work as expected during a song. Any suggestions are welcome as I don't see any clues to this issue on the support board or on the Wiki. Here are some other facts. The unit is an LOR-800W with most recent 4.01 firmware. Signals are being sent to all controllers wirelessly. The channels typically drive one string of incandescent bulbs (about 100 Watts) A couple of channels have mixed sets of lights (led and incandescent), but still only drawing about 50-150 watts. Several channels exhibit the "very low light" on state during the show so the reason is NOT due to low power draw of LEDs. I am not running any "Background" sequences or animations. To state again, the controller works fine during a song, but not between songs when there is simply an announcement being played with no lights signals being sent. Thanks for your genius suggestions. RGH
  9. Christmas_time_karl_UK wrote: We use one of those plastic laminator devices that you can get in any big office supply store. We print the sign on our printer and then laminate it and glue it to wood.
  10. Thanks to LOR, synchronized displays have gotten easier for us in the last couple of years. In 1992 we started our display with midi controllers that we used to use with Pink Floyd tours and it was a bit cumbersome to program the sequences and unfortunately midi is just not fast enough to run a lot of channels at fast speeds. Our sole purpose was to collect money for charities from teh generous people that drive by. Thankfully, it has been very successful. A couple of years we started adding LOR equipment to our display and it has helped us in a lot of ways. Our two neighbors have joined in on the action, so I transit wireless data to their garages so their lights will be in sync with ours. Our site that gives all of the details is at http://MagicLightShow.com (ok, so I was desperate to find a domain name that was not taken). We also have a bulletin board there as well, so we hope to see you. Cheers, and wishing you a safe, happy holiday season. Richard
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