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  1. Texan78 wrote: What I really would like to hear is a "before" and "after" set of sound files of a male and female with various effects. Then I could decide if it really works. I'll bet no company is going to do that though.... because you would hear how really crappy those things are.
  2. It sounds like to sole purpose is for something like Halloween. Voice Changers are expensive as you might know, and they don't work very well for any use other than entertainment. Have you tried one of those toy Voice Changers? I used one of those a few years ago for Darth Vader and it was interesting.
  3. LightORamaDan wrote: Oh my gosh. I don't know how I missed seeing this before now. Dan, you are a sick man... I mean that in a nice humorous way! I hope to become that ill some day.
  4. Putting my electronic engineering hat on for a moment, I'll just say that I have been very impressed with the quality of the boards and equipment. Well designed, and solid construction, especially those circuit boards. And those cases are built like a tank. They could probably be made from thinner metal. I think Dan and his company simply know how to make solid products! It's a lot better stuff than the custom controllers we used to have made for our music stage use (the ones I used for 10 years before using LOR).
  5. I ran across another similar site while I was surfing for stuff like this. http://www.thegaragecollage.com/
  6. zman wrote: Very nice display you have! I can't imagine where you store all that stuff or what it cost.
  7. taybrynn wrote: I like that idea. So can't you just create a sequence with no lights (or dim lights) and maybe X10-on some coach lights ... and have it last (x) minutes ... and attached to the sequence that is normally the 'end of show' sequence ? I created an end-of-show voiceover, so its clear that the show is over. The only problem is that for all the folks that arrived half-way through it ... they will probably wait and watch till they see the same thing again, right? Maybe I'm missing something, but I'd like to be able to watch (along) in the animation window as a show plays ... but you can't do that, right? Right, that is precisely what I do... I have a "low lights" sequence between shows and have a couple announcements in their to mention the next show start time and some other items. Depending on how far apart your shows are, visitors may or may not wait. My shows restart after about 5 minutes.
  8. zman wrote: Tim went through some tough times last year. Typically he does not surface till the October timeframe anyway. I agree that he should respond to early season requests, a bit better. I have not had a problem getting in touch with him, but other have complained. Wait till then to see if he will have product for 2008. Hmmm, no repsonse for me either. It also seems that those are a bit expensive, however, I can't really see from the photos about the quality or material.
  9. Have you spent any time looking at the scheduler? You could put the show name into each 1/2 hour block of the scheduler. This would take a little time to do it, but not nearly as much time as the approach you are attempting. Also, create a sequence for the end of your show and call it something like "Standby Lighting". Make is several minutes long. I don't use the approach I jsut described above, but it will work. I just have the show repeat after a short break to clear out the crowd. I don't try to time it to the hour or half hour. I'd suggest having a low light period where the lights are dim. I think I mentioned this elsewhere. The crowd never seems to leave if the lights stay on, it uses more energy, and it gives away the effects of the show and where everything is located. I subscribe to the fact that it should be a surprise during the show. Then again, I am set in my ways. We have been doing this for 16 years.
  10. Dennis Cherry wrote: Yup, I know that to be correct. That is what I did... except it was not version 1.6. I was able to get things going by running the earlier version on my CDROM. Don't recall the exact version, but it was 1.5.X
  11. LightORamaDan wrote: Gee, little did I know that when I saw this post a few days ago that I would need it so soon... Just about the time I had things working on Windows Vista (only took me about 20 minutes to get things going, the wife decided she liked the fancy new Vista computer and wanted it for herself! (Lesson, keep mouth shut about new toys ;-) So I took her old XP computer and put LOR on it to use this year. After fiddling for about an hour, I could not get the hardware to work, and obviously not the sequences. Thus, I ran the reg cleaner, installed my orginal 1.5something, ran it once, upgraded to 2.0.16, and everything sudden worked like a charm !!!
  12. barbosaa wrote: You won't have to surf the web, just surf on here. There is a lot of information about making snubbers easily and cheaply. I posted one of them last year on this site and on my own site. Oh and by the way, that like shows that method that I would consider dangerous and time consuming. There are much easier ways.
  13. That's pretty neat. I might look into that for myself.
  14. Tim Fischer wrote: I just HAD to go searching for it since I remembered it too. Yep, it was Logan. Here's a link: http://www.christmasdisplays.net/videos/streetlightsniper.wmv And here's the thread discussing it: http://forums.planetchristmas.com/archive/index.php?t-3694.html -Tim Well that was hilarious, but gee, I am glad this guy is not my neighbor :-)
  15. Great Post Steven, (as usual). That's a really funny posting. I can just visualize you guys out there now. The level laser was what I first thought of and I experimented last night. It worked well on the light. One of my neighbors (a former VP of PG&E) thought it was a cute solution. By the way, he also participates in our display. I've been looking for a solution that is under 5 mW just to be on the safe side of things. Actually, a 3 mW handheld pointer seems to do the trick. The only reason I was not leaning toward hadheld pointer is because of the batteries and not being able to turn it on/off easily. I would probably have to wire it up to a 6-volt dc supply that I plug into an LOR channel to control it. Glad to know you are still able to do this. Some people get too carried away with fear that the world might end if one street light goes out. I figure that if it is ok with my city inspector, then I'm ok with it.
  16. Denny wrote: Yup, I've seen all that. It doesn't apply to the type of things I'm talking about here.
  17. Jeffrey wrote: Yes, yes, I know what you mean. I think in most circumstances there could be a problem. Our case is unique. We are at the end of a cul-de-sac (closed area) with only 3 houses. We all 3 do the syncronized lights and hate the street light being on during the presentation. We are talking about turning it off during the presentation. We have already talked to the city about it. They don't raise any concern in this case. If I lived in another area in different circumstances, I'd be very concerned, but not here.
  18. bossgroove wrote: Breathe deep. We aren't talking power poles, 47 foot poles, or lasers that bounce beams off the moon. No, it is not illegal to point pen lasers at the sky. I think you are referring to some old news story from about 10 years ago. I'm talking about a simple 25 foot street light with underground wiring.
  19. LightORamaDan wrote: Oh, now that is nice to know for the future. I did not know sure a thing existed. I obviously overlooked this handy little tool.
  20. Steven wrote: Steven, can you enlighten me what kind of laser you used and where you got it? I am looking around for something small.
  21. Autoconfigure may not find it. I've had that happen before. What ports are listed in the "Manual Select" drown-down list? Did you try selecting them one at a time and clicking "Refresh" ?
  22. There isn't going to be any "crosstalk" or interference.
  23. chowell wrote: You can get all LEDs to work on LOR, but you might have to add a "snubber" to get them to fade smoothly. There is a ton of postings on this forum about this topic already. Look at the "popular" or "recent" topics and you will find all the answers you need.
  24. Right Tim. And the reason I am not concerned is because out area is somewhat remove... nothing but big hills behind.
  25. Denny wrote: Maybe if it were a strong laser, yes, but what I am talking about is one of those low power presentation pointers.
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