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  1. That's really nice!   I never got a comment that nice, but on rare occasions, something like a bottle of wine or other little gift will end up on my doorstep with a nice note.

    HOWEVER, there always seems to be at least one Grinch in every neighborhood.  In the 20 years, I've been doing this, I only ever got one negative comment and it was recently.   A neighbor on another street up the hill (known to be a Grinch for every occasion), sent an email with... "You know all those lights are distracting as I drive by your house to get home from work.".     To which I reply... "You know there are 3 other roads that lead to your house from Lacerta Drive, and one of them is shorter.   And by the way, the speed limit is 25, not 40 !   My cameras observe you."


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  2. 4 hours ago, Livestrong5150 said:

    Thank you Richard for the help-is there a You Tube Video you would recommend?

    Deeply apperciate the help.


    I took a quick look and didn't see any videos specific to that purpose, but there might be some out there.

  3. In my previous home with 200 amp service, I would have this occur.  In my case it was simply an issue of sudden power draw because I had so many incandescent lights that it was pulling a lot of juice at times in the display when everything went bright.  As I transitioned to LED and less power draw, the problem went  away.  Not saying this is your problem.  Just another possibility.  If you have a garbage disposal or vacuum cleaner or other heavy juice sucking appliance, I guess the same thing might happen for a second when you turn it on

  4. My solution in addition to having a few cameras with night vision is a few years ago I put motion sensors at various locations around the yard and they point inward so I don't false triggers from cars going by at night.  The motion sensors are on batteries and transmit wirelessly to 2 receiver alarms.  One alarm I leave outside so people coming into the yard can hear it.  I gave it a siren sound.  The other receiver alarm I put in the house with a more mellow chime.

    I have an LOR "night Sequence" that runs after the normal show until daylight.  The only thing it does is to turn on the channel where the receiver alarm is attached.   Thus, in the daytime when motion is detected, the receiver never sees it and doesn't bother us, but at night it gets powered up.

    Recently I saw a newer version of the system I bought that is $50.  I paid $35 a few years ago.  I am not proposing this particular product.  The link is just to give you an idea of what I do.



  5. On 12/6/2018 at 8:44 PM, mpageler said:

    Interesting news reports tthe past week,that some are complaining about this song.  That it's sexist and masogenistic.  With some in the Me-Too movement, claining that no mean no.
    I guess some people wake up in the morning, picking out what will make them  angry, upset or anioux the rest of the day. 

    Yes, some people just don't have enough things to complain about so they can feel better.  Thinking maybe I'm just biased by being a male, I asked the wife and she just laughed and said she didn't understand why this is cropping up now after decades of practically no complaints.....   oh well.

    I guess that before long we will all have to stop playing Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer because we might offend reindeer with not so perfect noses.   🤣

  6. Jim and Greg, thanks for re-enforcing this in my brain.  As I mentioned, I never had trouble in the 15+ years of doing this stuff, YET next year, I'll be running lines to the house next door that we got for Wife's mom.  It's going to be an added 500 feet run and a 3 more controllers.  As Murphy's Law will have it, I anticipate this problem, so I'm making notes for a termination to add. I presume these might be readily available to buy somewhere.  I hated making snubbers and this is just one more thing. 😣

  7. On 12/7/2018 at 2:36 PM, a31ford said:

    Actually, the 2 issues are somewhat related from the standpoint of Hi-Z (impedence) on cables, studio microphones use the 600 ohm "XLR" type connector, where as the old crystal microphones used hi-Z phone jacks. Distance was the issue with them, more than 15 feet, and the capacitive effect of a hi impedence cable would start attenuating the hi frequencies so the person speaking would sound muffled....

    Snubbers  stop the hi-z on LED strands from triggring the Triacs, terminators stop the capacitive effect (hi-Z) on fast network speeds causing a slur in the waveform.......

    I haven't thought about it much, but I guess that's the case.  At any rate, as you already know, a simple incandescent bulb or small resistor load solves the problem.  I'm glad that was added to gen 3 as I was tried of putting snubbers everywhere.

  8. 1 minute ago, codechick said:

    My brain looks a lot like oatmeal right now, but I think I set com3 to enhanced last year actually.  We added a single pixie16 along with our regular lor16 controllers in 2017 and that's when we swapped out the old adaptor (RJ45) for the faster black usb and I believe that's when the com3 setting was changed.  

    Should I uncheck it on com3?

    No, I would leave it.  Focus on Jim's response.  He is really smart and mentioned the facts that are new to me about old CCRs and firmware.

  9. Wait a second.  You set com3 to enhanced?  Why?  Did I understand correctly that com 3 has the older black (slower speed) USB connector?   Not that this will solve your problem, but curious.  It probably works setting that port to enhanced anyway.

    Still thinking !   Somehow this all sounds very familiar.    Oh and yes, HU mainly for testing, however, if you are not seeing the controllers in HU, it makes me think the system might not see them in the control panel either.

  10. Just now, a31ford said:

    there's even MORE TO IT NOW.. All underground, except about 25 feet in the house, and 5 at the base of the antenna tower on the hill behind the house.. TRUST ME, rock-solid when terminators are used.

    I'm going to keep this in mind in my notes for future reference if I have trouble when adding to the display.  After seeing your post, I got curious and went out to put an O'scope on various positions of the network and ran the display.  A tiny bit jagged on the signals, but not a big deal.  Ok, now wondering if this is the OP's issue that will help.

  11. A31, that's a good point, yet I wonder why my show has worked perfectly for years without any terminators?  I think I saw somewhere that it depends on the length of the communications lines and maybe a couple other reasons ?

    My setup is not greatly different from theirs.  I have two networks with a pixie 16 on each one and 10 ccr ribbons (5 ccr controllers) on each network.  Maybe at some point in the future I will need such a thing.

  12. Bummer.  I am not at home so don't exactly have my checklist handy, yet a couple things that come to mind...

    When you open the "NP" (network configuration utility), did you actually click on each line for the port that contains the 500K speed and red adapter and click on the checkbox "ENHANCED"?   Thus showing the word enhanced on the far right? As in my photo?  Yes, I see you did say "ELOR", but thought I would clarify you actually have the settings.   Nice explanation of what you have.

    In the HU utility,  are you saying that you can't get the lights to work there either?  Or they just won't work when you run a sequence.

    Also, when you mention you updated your sequences info for the changed networks, I assume that means you changed the prop definition for each item to reflect the proper unit, ID, and circuit number ?

    Side note, after you kill the husband, he will make a good prop if you just hang him from the gutters 😎


  13. That's fabulous Jim.  Very creative !

    Too bad I can't add a "thank you" cup today.   Guess I added too many for one day.

    Yea I completely understand everything you said (done some Windows programming in the past), so I am going to do that !!!   And yes, I am running my show on a dedicated show computer in the garage.


  14. 2 minutes ago, topherwurts said:

    Brian at Superstarlights.com is a great help and he has some 16x25 sequences available as well as a detailed way to convert others as a starting point. I've managed to go from a standing start to something pretty good having done the same thing you did....

    Yea, and you remind me.... aside from Brian's great help,   the thing about his designs is the great attention to detail and clever sequences.  His designs are the number 1 hits at my house.

    NO, he is not my brother !    He just deserves kudos. 😁

  15. 11 minutes ago, k6ccc said:

    I do get an E-Mail when it starts.  So if I don't get the E-Mail, I can check.

    Hmmm, that sounds nice, but I would like to get an email if the show does NOT start.   Is that possible?  I'm just too forgetful to remember to look if I got an email.

    And yes, TeamViewer and cameras have been a livesaver for me on rare occasions.

  16. 19 minutes ago, Orville said:

    I finally realize after several hours of running around I FORGOT to load the LOR Control Panel!  

    I've made that mistake so much that now I just have it automatically load whenever I log in to Windows.  Then I don't forget.

  17. On 11/28/2018 at 3:51 PM, dibblejr said:

    You neednto get a program Audacity or similar and change then speed and bit rate of your music.

    Yo Jim (or anyone else), the comment above brought a thought back to mind and hence a questions...

    Some years ago, I recall seeing threads where it was suggested to not use MP3 files while editing as it had something to do with not being precisely in sync with the animations.  Is that still the case?  I use wav files, but it might be nice to use mp3 files for smaller file size.  I hope this question doesn't hijack this thread away from the original OP question.

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