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  1. I also have been using CyberLink Power Director for about 5 years now. A nice program with lots of features. I used to use Adobe (which I call Adoppy) and it was difficult for me to use, but just my opinion. It may have gotten better in the last few years.
  2. Ah, ok. Similar to what I do. And during the day, I have it play other Christmas music until the show starts.
  3. A question just I understand what you are doing. You are running ZaraRadio to perform this announcement task when your show is NOT running? Right?
  4. I just copy my whole LOR folder to my show computer and all works fine.
  5. That's nice, and yes, I see this is a really old post. By the way, it is Gangnam, not Gangnum 😉
  6. Glad you got it working. Dielectric grease? That's a new one on me. For 20 years, I've used little sandwich bags.
  7. Well, there are a lot of things to check, and I'm sure other people will chime in. I would first look to split the problem into either software or hardware. Does the red led inside the controller light solid when you try to run your sequence? Thus indicating that communication is ok? And are you using a computer for this purpose?
  8. Ok, then maybe the ELLS is not the problem if you are able to get lights to activate the the hardware utility. Have you gone through the checklist of other reasons why lights may not be working in your show?
  9. That's cool. Looks like a lot of time you spent. I also have "Dueling Jingle Bells" (same one) by the US Navy Band and bought the mega-tree sequence from Brian that is really cool. It is also a big hit at our house.
  10. That's really nice! I never got a comment that nice, but on rare occasions, something like a bottle of wine or other little gift will end up on my doorstep with a nice note. HOWEVER, there always seems to be at least one Grinch in every neighborhood. In the 20 years, I've been doing this, I only ever got one negative comment and it was recently. A neighbor on another street up the hill (known to be a Grinch for every occasion), sent an email with... "You know all those lights are distracting as I drive by your house to get home from work.". To which I reply... "You know there are 3 other roads that lead to your house from Lacerta Drive, and one of them is shorter. And by the way, the speed limit is 25, not 40 ! My cameras observe you."
  11. yup, good point JR. That's where I keep them. Makes things a lot simpler and easier to find.
  12. I took a quick look and didn't see any videos specific to that purpose, but there might be some out there.
  13. Pretty simple actually. Go into the "SEQUENCE" menu and assign a "MEDIA" file in the sequence editor. It will be worth your time to experiment with each of the menu items.
  14. Ditto Orville quote. Sounds like I do the same thing as Orville and run 3 shows each night scheduled at different times and they loop perfectly until the scheduled time. I also use the Week option and have it set the same way as Orville.
  15. In my previous home with 200 amp service, I would have this occur. In my case it was simply an issue of sudden power draw because I had so many incandescent lights that it was pulling a lot of juice at times in the display when everything went bright. As I transitioned to LED and less power draw, the problem went away. Not saying this is your problem. Just another possibility. If you have a garbage disposal or vacuum cleaner or other heavy juice sucking appliance, I guess the same thing might happen for a second when you turn it on
  16. My solution in addition to having a few cameras with night vision is a few years ago I put motion sensors at various locations around the yard and they point inward so I don't false triggers from cars going by at night. The motion sensors are on batteries and transmit wirelessly to 2 receiver alarms. One alarm I leave outside so people coming into the yard can hear it. I gave it a siren sound. The other receiver alarm I put in the house with a more mellow chime. I have an LOR "night Sequence" that runs after the normal show until daylight. The only thing it does is to turn on the channel where the receiver alarm is attached. Thus, in the daytime when motion is detected, the receiver never sees it and doesn't bother us, but at night it gets powered up. Recently I saw a newer version of the system I bought that is $50. I paid $35 a few years ago. I am not proposing this particular product. The link is just to give you an idea of what I do. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B074K46VBP/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  17. Jim and Greg, thanks for re-enforcing this in my brain. As I mentioned, I never had trouble in the 15+ years of doing this stuff, YET next year, I'll be running lines to the house next door that we got for Wife's mom. It's going to be an added 500 feet run and a 3 more controllers. As Murphy's Law will have it, I anticipate this problem, so I'm making notes for a termination to add. I presume these might be readily available to buy somewhere. I hated making snubbers and this is just one more thing. 😣
  18. I haven't thought about it much, but I guess that's the case. At any rate, as you already know, a simple incandescent bulb or small resistor load solves the problem. I'm glad that was added to gen 3 as I was tried of putting snubbers everywhere.
  19. No, I would leave it. Focus on Jim's response. He is really smart and mentioned the facts that are new to me about old CCRs and firmware.
  20. Oh, another thought. In the HU when you say you don't see the controllers when all connected again..... I assume you have the "MAX UNIT ID" set high enough to be able to see all of the IDs on that particular comm port when you click REFRESH? And of course all of your controller IDs are different?
  21. Wait a second. You set com3 to enhanced? Why? Did I understand correctly that com 3 has the older black (slower speed) USB connector? Not that this will solve your problem, but curious. It probably works setting that port to enhanced anyway. Still thinking ! Somehow this all sounds very familiar. Oh and yes, HU mainly for testing, however, if you are not seeing the controllers in HU, it makes me think the system might not see them in the control panel either.
  22. And gee, this reminds me of years past when I had to make "snubbers" to put on led lines with the older controllers. Different issue of course, not noise related, yet does remind me of that.
  23. I'm going to keep this in mind in my notes for future reference if I have trouble when adding to the display. After seeing your post, I got curious and went out to put an O'scope on various positions of the network and ran the display. A tiny bit jagged on the signals, but not a big deal. Ok, now wondering if this is the OP's issue that will help.
  24. Thanks, that makes sense. Gee, that is a LONG network. My total length (on each network) is not more than 200 feet, and high quality cables that I was careful to route in the attic to be away from any electrical lines.
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