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  1. Yes, this topic is not of any informational value. Just entertainment. I can't help but notice the wide variety of music that people use in their Christmas light shows these days. It sure have evolved over the years. I guess folks are tired of the old Bing Crosby type of traditional Christmas songs. Hey, I am not complaining. I do a wide variety of songs too. Now having said that, I'm curious what is the strangest music you've seen on a Christmas display? Last year, I was traveling in another state and saw an LOR Christmas display where "Black Sabbath" music was being played. Somehow, hearing Ozzie sing about running from the devil didn't seem to fit on Christmas eve. I wondered was he a big Black Sabbath groupie or did he just forget that Halloween was over! 🤣
  2. Richard Hamilton

    Last minute projects, why?

    Wife and I have an agreement. She doesn't tell me what to do outside and I don't tell her how to decorate inside 😀
  3. Richard Hamilton

    The variety of music in light shows is interesting

    I like that list.
  4. Richard Hamilton

    Summer Sale - TryForFree 2018

    Actually there was a discussion in a couple other posts. I got my order shipped in less than 2 weeks of order. However, I ordered on the first day of the sale.
  5. Richard Hamilton

    FS: ELL (three of them)

    Glad you were able to find a buyer. Actually I just now listed 2 brand new linkers on eBay for interested parties. All info is there. Search for "ELL Easy Light Linkers" on eBay and they will probably be the only linkers listed. Thanks all.
  6. Richard Hamilton

    NOOOOOOOO, not street lights!!!!!

    I recall a discussion about this a few years ago. A few people jumped in to criticize about possible deflection that potentially affect pilots. I don't know about that hypothesis. Without experimenting, I just concluded that it probably won't work because the street light photosensors don't respond the the wavelength of lasers which are typically 810 nm and higher wave length, and you would probably have to be pointing down on the sensor from up above it anyway. Who knows..... might work.
  7. Richard Hamilton

    Second Network

    OK JR, I accept that. Perhaps I was not clear why I call it a bug, or my definition of a "bug" is different. I used that term by thinking if the software does something that I don't ask it to do, like changing the device ID, and then doesn't update the display to inform me that it changed the ID, I am confused trying to find what went wrong. I'm hopeful that could be changed in the future.
  8. Richard Hamilton

    The variety of music in light shows is interesting

    Yup, me too. And sometimes songs with nothing to do about Christmas at all. On rare occasions, I get a visitor with a comment like "Why you play Pink Floyd songs mixed in with traditional Christmas music? " Obviously they are not my neighbors or they would know why. So I usually reply with a stupid sarcastic comment like...... "Learning to Fly.... is appropriate. Reindeer do fly don't they?" 😁
  9. Richard Hamilton

    The variety of music in light shows is interesting

    It seems we do similar things 🙂 Yea, I understand not everyone is religious, but I would have guessed they would not celebrate Christmas at all. I just thought it was funny that Ozzie was singing to the lights about the devil with Jesus and the manger on the lawn, and then right after that was a song of highly religious content. I sort of concluded he likes hard rock.
  10. Richard Hamilton

    Second Network

    Dibble, that's a great point and you reminded me of a quirk with similar results that I ran into recently. This probably is not related to the OPs issue, but something to keep in mind. Recently I went into the Hardware configuration panel and accessed the "Cosmic Color/Pixie Config" panel to change RGB order. The controller accepted the change, but it also RESET the device ID of that controller to ID 01. That was totally unexpected as I did not tell it to reassign the device ID. The 2nd problem is that the hardware panel did NOT update the contents of the dropdown list box to indicate it changed the ID. I spent an hour trying to figure out why the lights were not working before I REFRESHED the hardware display and realized it changed the ID. Incidentally, if I change the number of pixels per port and the resolution to another value. on the config panel, it will also change the device ID. Seems like a bug to me.
  11. Richard Hamilton

    NOOOOOOOO, not street lights!!!!!

    Well Mr. P, I guess that after they install the light, I'll have to ship my pellet gun to you 😎 😁 Over the years on here, I've heard of some strange ways of getting the street light to go off during the show, but none I was willing to try in my previous neighborhood. At my present house, there is a street light right at the end of our driveway, but it doesn't seem to affect the appearance of our lights in any way.
  12. Richard Hamilton

    Second Network

    Agree with all replies above. A 2nd unnecessary network will just complicate things down the road when you don't really need it. Channel config of IDs was likely the issue. I hope you ran the Ve (Verifier) program which will point out those discrepancies.
  13. Richard Hamilton

    LOR SuperStar Ribbon Tree Kit CCR Length

    And just to add that you don't necessarily have to use SuperStar to program your tree. There are a lot of good effects that you can add very easily and faster to the tree with just the sequence editor.
  14. Richard Hamilton

    Where Is Group Mode in Design Preview

    Well, honestly speaking... I remembered this because I had the same trouble finding it a couple of months ago when I was trying to create some new groups.
  15. Richard Hamilton

    superstar issue

    Hmmmm, I also made that mistake. I really like SS5 and the integration, but I am just not anywhere near knowledgeable enough to use it yet, so I am looking forward to hopefully seeing some thorough documentation or videos at some point. Right now, I do most of my effects in S5.
  16. Richard Hamilton

    Where Is Group Mode in Design Preview

    If I am understanding your question correctly, then go into "Preview Design". Then select "Add Item" button at top left. The 2nd item in the list allows to to create a new group from existing props.
  17. Good ideas. I'll experiment. thanks
  18. Richard Hamilton

    LED Keeper Pods

    Ohhhhh, Ok. I see. Cute idea.
  19. Richard Hamilton

    Extension Cord Routing ideas

    I don't bother..... The wife has learned that if she goes and lays out all the extension cords for me, then her Christmas present is bigger, better, and more expensive ! 😀
  20. Richard Hamilton

    CCR Megatree

    Agree they are rigid and I did something similar to dibblejr. I use 1/2" EMT and although it is heavier than PVC, the tree is really solid. For each string, I use a standard 10' EMT and use a couple for another cut 6' section so the total length is 16' and matches the length of a CCR. I drilled a small hole into the EMT so that the set screws from the coupler actually go into the hole instead of just pressing against the pipe. Then I put Locktight on the screw to keep it from coming out. The marine adhesive is also a great idea.
  21. Richard Hamilton

    LED Keeper Pods

    I'm not sure I know what you are talking about? Can you explain more?
  22. Richard Hamilton

    CCP and leaping arch construction

    Nice job on the arches. Looks like you put a lot of work into them. I was a bit more lazy on mine 😉
  23. I wish I could find a decent clip for mounting my bulbs on my block retaining walls so I do have to force a nail in the cracks to hang the strings.
  24. Richard Hamilton

    crappy LOR green cables

    I haven't used the green cables in a few years. Maybe they have changed. At the time, they were really good quality and never failed except that up where I live with very high UV in the clear skies and 5,000 feet, the UV was making the cable sheathing very brittle and cracked, then they failed. I also started getting white cables (less heat absorption) with UV protection and have no problems since.
  25. Richard Hamilton

    The same ol, same ol GFCI tripping issue

    I wouldn't recommend that. It's asking for trouble. GFCIs are there for a reason. As Jim said, find the source of the problem. I'v been using GFCIs outside for my lights for over 20 years now and never a single trip that I can remember. When things are set up properly, there shouldn't be a problem and still be safer. Yea, I realize this is an old thread from last year, but if you had trouble last year, it will probably resurface again this year. 🙂 Who hangs out in the middle of a light show? Nosey kids that love the display. Let's hope it isn't raining when they are there after you replace the GFCIs.