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  1. Richard Hamilton

    2018 Spring Sale

    Yea, might sound that way, but did not go to junk folder. It just didn't come. I am on here from time to time. Oh well. No big loss for me ;-)
  2. Richard Hamilton

    Going prices for Controllers

    I think you mean the seller pays eBay fees. Fortunately out of over 250 buys and sells on ebay, I never had trouble. For me the fast sales and protection is worth the fee.
  3. Richard Hamilton

    2018 Spring Sale

    Interesting that it is over. I didn't even get an email notification this year. I got a notice last year about the spring sale. Is this something that has to be signed up for every year? As a side note, we have 3 brand new ELLS (not used) from last Christmas that we want to sell. Bought too many for a project we worked on.
  4. Richard Hamilton

    Beta 5.018 still in demo with 4.7 license

    Good info Mike. Yea, DLL Hell I remember that from third party DLL suppliers that didn't do a good job of managing their DLLs. And that included Microsoft from time to time. I guess I have been lucky to not have much of that as I have kept use of 3rd party DLLs to a minimum. And whenever I created my own DLLs or OCXs, I would create a different name for different versions of my program so things wouldn't get confused in Sys32. While on the subject, I hope people realize that tho they may be having trouble with trying to run 2 versions of the same program at one time (something I also don't do with LOR and also would not recommend), the software is VERY stable in my opinion for something as complicated as it is. Folks should cut some slack about this. It's great stuff.
  5. Richard Hamilton

    Time Scale not Moving

    Uh, there are 4 green arrows on the tool bar. I assume you are clicking the one on the far left and NOT the one on the far right? If you click the one on the right, then it will play only the viewable grid and not scroll.
  6. Richard Hamilton

    S5 question with importing channel config

    Good question. Wondering the same thing. Actually, I have been searching to see what are the new features or differences in S5, but I can't seem to find anything. Nothing comes up in the search window that I see.
  7. Richard Hamilton

    Morphing from On to Off

    Brian, you area a programming God. I've hire a lot of programmers in my day, but few match your skills. I used a few of your SS sequences for Xmas and they were really the hit of the whole display.
  8. Richard Hamilton

    Using Insteon with the LOR program

    Uh, good idea, but if he does that, then he needs to be sure and get an OLDER Insteon device that supports X10. When insteon came on the market, they supported X10 as an upgrade path. That was over 12 years ago and many new Insteon devices no longer support X10. Need to check. In my experience, X10 is not reliable at all.
  9. Richard Hamilton

    Zara Radio temperature announcement

    Hi k6. I am not playing the show through Teamviewer. I agree that would delay the audio. I am simply usingTeamviewer to connect to the show computer in the garage and download any changes or updates from my development laptop to the show computer. And sometimes I connect to the show computer to start or stop the show if I need to. I don't need speakers on the show computer because all of my testing is on my development laptop. I simply connect the FM transmitter to the audio out of the show computer. And if I want to hear the music playing on the show computer, I hear it on my laptop via Teamviewer. Yea it is slightly delayed, but I don't care since I just want to know if it is working without getting up and turning on the radio. Hope that clears up the confusion.
  10. Richard Hamilton

    Half of CCB string is out during show only

    There are likely several possible causes, but the only time I have run into an issue like this in past years was when I had a "channel conflict" in my setup. Did you run the verifier software to rule that out?
  11. Richard Hamilton


    JR, all good points. I don't disagree. Just saying that several people are quoted very low shipping and then charged a lot more. It isn't just a typo in the email as they claim. I know a lot of companies that have been in business a long time, but they still get in trouble with bad business practices.
  12. Richard Hamilton

    2018 Network Set-up Advice

    Unless I am misunderstanding, I would not use any ELLs with CCB or Pixie controllers. In my experience, the speed of 115K just isn't fast enough to keep up with complex patterns and sequences.
  13. Richard Hamilton


    I'll cut them a little slack in saying they are a shady business. They emailed me to say they would compensate some shipping cost. Thus, I had the exact same experience as you. They quoted $9 and then charged 10 times that amount. I'm thinking that this might be the way they do business. It is just too much of a coincidence that at least 3 people here in just this one forum have mentioned they were quoted low shipping cost and then charged a lot more. I'm not buying the constant excuse of "It was a typo in the quote"
  14. Richard Hamilton


    In my opinion, this McMaster place is a shady business. They also quoted me $9, and then charged me $90. They said it was a typo. I say that is unacceptable. Their shopping cart is one of the dumbest on the planet. It won't tell you the shipping cost until you PLACE the order and even then it does not tell you the cost. They send you a receipt only a DAY AFTER they already ship the product. I say to buy your tubing somewhere else and stay away from these scam artists.