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  1. Paul, Did you sell your stuff already. I am thinking getting into this sport and want to start with a complete display before I start adding on. Did you come up with a price? I'm in Northern CA which may be a problem but at the right price I'm sure we could get creative. Thanks/MG
  2. OneHotRT59 wrote: Just make sure that you don't have any extra blue and red strobe lights when you get home...LOL:dude:
  3. trafficman wrote: Awesome show Traffic. Love the Barry White sections. For some reason I thought I could see my black lab tangled up in the lights on those grassy areas but I'm not sure...LOL:shock:
  4. trafficman wrote: Thanks Traffic. I AM starting to second guess myself...both from the $$ and the time needed to do this right. I have so many ideas in my head that probably need to stay there! Anyone here every PAY people to help set up their displays? I'm already thinking of a temp agency that can send a crew over...LOL Mike
  5. asetti wrote: If I can't do a deal for an entire display at a reasonable price then I might have to go new. If I go new I'll probably "go medium" as you suggested. I too feel that less than 4 controllers is a bit small, at least it is for my yard. The LOR starter kit with 4 controllers might be a way to go when it goes on sale and then start building props. I've historically had power issues with just running the house and to my outdoor plugs. So I KNOW that I'll have to get someone out that knows what they are doing to evaluate and add breakers, etc. Thanks for your input, Mike
  6. I promise that you dont have to jump in unless you are in the mood to get wet. Part of learning via the sink or swim method is the realization that ultimately you are on your own.
  7. rmturner54 wrote: A Texan telling me not to go big? Im impressed and you are very wise. I just tend to lean more and have more fun if I dive in instead of walk slowly into the shallow end.
  8. Richard Hamilton wrote: I may have to go back and ask for a bigger bonus!
  9. Ive seen your display and I think my $500 bonus check should cover it. (sorry, couldnt resist the invitation to mess with you). PM meand well talk.
  10. Don Gillespie wrote: You're probably right on the electronic stuff. I'm a numbers guy and not super handy wtih tools or electronics. Besides, I have to see how it works first before I can try to fix it, being a Newbie and all. So I'm sure that I'll buy new controllers, software, etc. However, props and lights, supplies, that I can plug in to see if they work should be OK (I think)
  11. Does it matter if I use Cat5 or Cat5e? I have a friend that wants to give me 930 feet of Cat5. Thanks.
  12. Ps.... I have over 97,000 songs on my hard drive that takes up 1/2 a terabyte!
  13. I'm a former pro musician so sound is super important to me. My wife will LOVE it if I suddenly show an interest in. Garage sales this spring.
  14. I signed up but someone noted that they didn't expect much in the way of sales this year since LOR basically sold out and they are waiting for more inventory. Is that true? I also need stuff that's non-LOL/MG
  15. If you are reading this, hopefully you have some items to SELL. I've been looking at LOR since October and have been planning in my head on what I want to do but I have not purchased much other than a few LEDs from Walmart after Christmas (they were pretty picked over by then). This year I'd like to do a Halloween show and a Christmas show and I need basically everything.....Controllers, Software, Cat5 cable, extension cords, props, lights (LEDs please), transmitter, sound system (?), etc. I probably even need stuff that I don't even know about at this point. Please let me know what you have and how much you want for it and LET'S TALK! Package deals welcome. I live in the Sacramento, California area but I am also in the Bay Area working during the week so we can figure on freight/postage or pick up. Thanks, Mike
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