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  1. May I have a copy also James? tonyjr127@optonline.net Thank you.
  2. I have set all my parameters and they save through monkey basics, but my unit id # and comm port are never saved. I just go to servodog utility everytime I work on it.
  3. Very Impressive Don. This looks very authentic. I thought at first you got your hands on some parts of the ride through tomorrow land.
  4. http://m.youtube.com/user/intocoasters Better link I did a lot more research and am on my way but, your programming is flawless.
  5. Dave your tree with choir singing, violin breezing through. Incredible. Jeff just pulled Jesus out. That was amazing. The detail in the flag, Amazing! I have a ton of questions, if you guys don't mind. Were all the pixels running off one laptop? Its so expensive to buy all these pixels from LOR and then the software licenses, do you have a solution to cut the costs? Im assuming SS is the king of programming pixels for Christmas, is there a better program? or is it combining SS with another software that is making these so spectacular? I am on my 2nd year with upgrade this year to 48 channels and a servodog, I want to add pixels but really need answers before I add this in. Thank you for reading this. Tony.
  6. Again George looks great. I cant wait to see next year.
  7. That's a great story. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Great work Eric! I have read a lot on the three axis skull and yours is amazing. My question is what is your setup like when your recording? Is it Servo connects to servo dog which is connected to power supply, then when recording you are using brookshire vsa and monkey basics? you don't have to use an sd card if your syncing to music? Any info you have would be appreciated. Thanks.
  9. I wish I could battle my brother with lights. Nice work.
  10. Nice show . I know with my handycam I had to zoom into the lights really close and then zoom out before recording and it helped.
  11. Plywood Mickey Mouse with chicken fence to give it a 2d look.
  12. Here's the burst video. I can't get a great pick because its 20 feet off the ground but I took this video with my phone when I was building it.
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