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  1. Does the demo from Sandevices work to control them. I tried the LSP demo software, and didn't like or get it; but I am excited that LOR will soon support the protocal.
  2. I was out of town and , I guess, out of luck on the sale. I have never been disappointed in any product bought under any circumstance from LOR. And realize they are in it to make a profit and at the same time deliver a terrific product with the worlds greatest support system. Kinda like going to Disney, at first price seems steep, then afterwords, you wonder how they can to it so cheap. At least, that's how I feel….
  3. Mike Could you share a picture of your project and/or sketch? Thanks!
  4. Just got a new 24" iMac, but I am having a hard time justifying putting XP, Vista, or 7 on it when I have so many pc's lying around; other than the challenge of it. Still Mac challenged, but learning...
  5. Thanks, Jerry, that's what I thought. I still think an old, used pc makes the most economic sense. Parent or business may have something if you get the word out. XP is not so diiferent from the Mac OS. Why the pc fear (from the band guy)? The more critical issue would be electrical cords and students....also the amount of current or what kind of lights he wants to control....
  6. I don't know for certain, but I think if you had bootcamp or a similar program running XP, Vista and a USB port based controller; it should work. I believe it would be easier to load your PC up and take to school and/or find an older PC to buy/give the school to use. You still need the LOR program to "play" the sequences, although, the demo version will do everything but run a controller.
  7. Second entry:"Eureka!" Thanks for the cosideration.
  8. Harbs wrote: Harbs - Not that I "jumped on" your Infinity idea, but I came up with "Infinity Rainbow" while working outside today - thinking of how to combine the infinite color possibilities with this product. And, yes, I also realize "rainbow" has been used, too. That does seem to be amost a consensus. I just hope that this will be easy to sequence with/for also. And would like to see a demo video soon.
  9. If you just want random twinkling and multiple colors; I have been experimenting with my fades that I use in mini-trees and leaping arches, and then offsetting them by a few tenths of a second as I cut and paste them into the FF channels. So far I've been getting all different shades of colors and randomness; still kinda in sync with my other stuff. One could make one color (16 ch) in sync and then go ahead and behind of that group .2 to .3 seconds which I think would be "closer to your other lights" and still give you a variety of colors. Which is a "nice effect" and quickly done; especially considering individual programming 48 channels/controller... if you want/need more control, it will take considerably more energy times ones songs. I'm hoping someone comes out with something soon to speed up the process.
  10. I believe these are the "stars" Ron showed at the 2007 PLUS. I believe he just has a red and green bulbs inside each coroplast star. He did a class on them and if I'm remembering it right, I think he used both colors to get his white, I don't think there were 3 bulbs.... Oops... just like everone else has said and I, too, jumped in before scrolling to the last post. Sorry
  11. When we get done, we'll have either a owner's or a DIYer's manual. I am amazed at the number of posts and views this topic has generated. And the resourcfulness of the people.
  12. Baron, you may be on to something. I have got to get this tracks thing wrapped around my brain. Have thought alot about this also. Maybe we should wait long enough for Dan & LOR to come out with something as Paul has said. Hopefully, it will make this all obsolete... my 2 sense;hopefully, not nonsense.
  13. tboerjan wrote: That is what I was talking about here. Although mixing colors would be easier by using lonewolvie's method; I think doing fades, sweeps, etc. would be harder, sooo that is the dilema until LOR incorporates something into S2 or one switches to Aurora. I looked at that and I don't care for it. my 2 cents
  14. That was hilarious, but must've scared the crap out of ordinary people and especially kids!!! Are you planning on carrying 110/batteries, and a CAT 5 cable with with you? Gary: saw your plans and "STAR" on the d-light board and left comment: looks great! From what I've seen of people in this thread's work, you would all be good candidates for contributions. Paul and I have corresponded and collaborated alittle already to try and set some kind of standard's up in the layout. And each of us independantly went with Unit One: red channels 1-16, blue 1-16, and green 1-16 as opposed to red,blue,green ch 1; red,blue,green ch 2; etc. I believe that this is a start, so that if we do exchange ideas, seqs. etc. we're all on the same page and make it easier for ourselves and others to follow. I do believe this hardware has potential, once the bugs and "water" is worked out. If anyone else has any ideas, please chime in.
  15. Aren't you then going to have to carry a laptop to run your sequences? Also, has anyone thought or volunteered yet to do a "how to" for D-Light FF's using LOR software. Darryl is asking for volunteers on their board.
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