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  1. i can only wish i was thet smart. i lost 3 songe with sequences !!! now im having trouble loading lor to my new computer. i followed the directions and got stuck trying to get it up and running.i saw the dives load, but for the life of me i cant figguer out the next step...,i installes the show time software. pluggd in thenrs485 to my usb saw the drivers losd but i cnt find it anyhere toprosceed to the next step !! i really do nee some guideance !!! thanksjimmy
  2. i have no idea, im still trying to get it up and running with wndows 7. i saw the drvers go in but now i cant find lor anywhere !!!
  3. oh crap !!! i think i lost the liscens key with my old lap top. is there a way to get the key back???
  4. hey everyone, i got a lil problem. my old laptop went 6 feet under..... with my lor!! so i bought a new computer with windows 7 on it. can anyone tell me where to find directions on how to install lor on it ??i cant find anything on windows 7 anywhere. thanks alot jimmy
  5. sory is there a better more in depth manual out there that will help me more ????
  6. hey everyone, so i have printed and read through the light o rama lor160xw user manual a few times... either im blind or im not gettin it, but how do i save the sequence so i can get it into the simple show builder??? ive actually lost the sequence compleetly trying to get it there.... oh and i should say that im not the greatest computer guy. i will try and am willing to learn.... thanks for your help
  7. im slowly gettin it. im workin on a sequence to black sabbath the mob rules. i down loaded the user manual, it helps.but where can i down load a guide for the icon buttons in the top bar of the sequence editor ???? ineed to know things like how to put in repetitive notes on the grid... i will read about it but i just cant find a manual on it..thank you !!
  8. hey every one, as i said im clueless. i had no idea there was a help file or anything. im not clueless any more and im readin it. ill probably havt to read it quite a few times to get it. thanks to you all tho !!
  9. theres a little icon on my lower tool bar that looks like the light-o-rama icon and its red. i click it and it says that light-o-rama is disabled...and i cant access anything from light-o-rama in my start menue.... thank you for any help !!
  10. ok i finally got it downloaded. i can run the test so i know my lights work... but what next..... id like to know how to start making my own shows to my music?? i need the kindergarden version please.. and if it will make the prosses easier i can give you my phone number , ok???
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