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  1. I know I feel bad every year when people ask me about them. But looking at the weather ahead I might be glad not this year. I had grown it so big that it took me weeks to get done and the weather is the killer. But I can always think next year. Here are some pictures of what I have. One tub is 4 color hooked together.
  2. I have well over 100 strings, maybe many more, of red, green and white used mini lights that I will give to anyone that can use them. They have been used 1, 2, or some 3 years but were all working. I do not want to ship them but if you can pick them up in zip 49441 they are yours. Health reasons has kept me from doing a display for several years so time to go and I hate to just toss them. Email me at overeazy@comcast.net
  3. I have had to take the last two years off for health reasons but hope to be back next year and would love to add this song if you could share. overeazy@comcast.net I understand I am late to the asking but would appreciate it, thanks Duane
  4. Still have these and the green icicle lights for sale.
  5. One thing you very seldom see is icicle lights in solid green. I have 8 sets of green Icicle lights for sale. They are in incandescent mini lights. Each set contains 100 lights, total length is 10 feet and lighted length is 9.5 feets. The strings appear to be longer then most sets with some over 2 feet long. I am asking $6.00 a set plus shipping. All 8 sets will fit into a flat rate medium box and I think that is about $13.60 flat rate to anywhere. I have about 40 sets of red led mini lights, 60 count. 25 sets are still in the box and 15 sets aren't. Easier to ship without the boxes so you decide. I believe these sets come from Walmart as I purchased them on here some years ago and never got them worked into my show. Asking $3.50 a set plus shipping. Let me know how many you want and can get you an estimate on the shipping cost. Still have those blue 5mm led lights for sale If interested shoot me an email at overeazy@comcast.net
  6. Several years ago I purchased these from Holiday Lighting so they are excellent quality. I never got to that project and my days of large displays is coming to an end so need to sell these. When I received them I unwound them and cut off the tags so they would be ready to go, just never got there. They are new and have never been used. Full Wave 5mm Blue LED Christmas Light Strings- 70ct These 5MM Conical LED Christmas lights have 70 premium grade LEDs per set, 4” bulb spacing with a 6” lead and tail wire, equaling a total length of 24 feet. Regular Male/Female Plugs attached, and low energy use (4.8 watts per set), allows for easy installation (can connect up to 45 sets end-to-end) and connection to a standard 120v Outlet. The Weather-proof 1-piece construction of these LED Christmas lights make them great for both indoor and outdoor use, and because they are full-wave rectified, you will get brighter truer colors with no flicker. Fully Dimmable, and compatible with popular light animation programs like LightORama and Animated Lighting I have 24 sets of them and they are currently being sold for $12-$17 depending on how many you buy. I will sell them individually for $8 a set plus shipping or sell all of them for $160 plus shipping. If interested shoot me an email overeazy@comcast.net
  7. Can you make CCr strips not from LOR work using the LOR CCR controler?
  8. I have had the music for about 10 years now but seems that is the shortened version. Seems every year we went to the parks we had to pick up a new CD. The Halloween one is one of my favorites.
  9. Is he selling that one. Might be something to consider.
  10. Why would you ever buy sequences from this guy. No sample of what you are getting and you go on blind faith because they are the cheapest you can find. Anyone want to bet he goes to all the free sites, downloads others works and then sells them to suckers.
  11. Would love to get a copy also. Want to try adding a few more kid friendly songs for the early evening part of my show. thanks overeazy@comcast.net
  12. If it is not too late I would love to get a copy of it. This will be my last year doing shows so would like to try and get this one done before I go. thanks overeazy@comcast.net
  13. Would love to get a copy. thanks overeazy@comcast.net
  14. I would love to get a copy also. Would be a great start to the show. overeazy@comcast.net
  15. I am running windows 8. It could be that I plugged the usb's into different ports and that is why it changed them. And when the shows are running I leaving that pc alone and its only used for the shows so once it is set I don't anticipate any problems. Think when I have a little free time I might try switching what ports they are plugged into and see if that changes them.
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