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  1. I received the following error this evening for the first time opening the SuperStar Sequencer. Any clues what this file is for and where it could have gone? It is definitely not in the path specified. The editor will still open after closing this message. SuperStar Sequencer (window title) "Error: Failed to open file C:\Light-O-Rama\Visualizations\Editor\QuickVis.lee."
  2. Mike, someone responded to the ticket today asking that I drop off the sequence files. The ticket number is #233561. I have been using the same subset of sequence files this past week to test the system Everything was working fine until the upgrade of the firmware. This was also the first run using sequences opened and saved in 3.12. I read the release notes. They did look like some beneficial changes if they improve the throughput. I run dual networks on the MP3G3. Network 1 has 22 controllers (all G2 except for the new MP3G3. The Aux network is set at 500K and runs the 12 CCR controllers. Every sequence is a combination of the 22 and the CCR tree. Only issue until the upgrade problem was decreasing complexity of the fan effect in the CCR sequences as they would bog down and halt the show for a bit if they were too complex (too many blades, colors, revolutions, etc). I replaced most all fans with a different effect and this seemed to clear that issue. Just need much higher network speed and more memory or processor in the MP3G3 to handle complex effects. Thanks for the quick response I can assist in testing this week as I am off, but Friday the show is scheduled to light off for the season. Hopefully the firmware downgrade will fix things in the interim.
  3. Did you reload Version 5.26 or something older for the director?
  4. I have submitted a ticket but figured I would post to see if anyone else has run into this. I upgrade to 3.12 yesterday and upgrade my 1602MP3g3 Show Director to 5.28 this morning. I created a test show of several sequences. My sequences use both networks one for my LOR controllers and the high speed for the 12 ribbon tree. I had performed several successful test shows this week before the upgrades. Once I plugged the SD card in the normal init message appeared but when the show started it jumped around and finally settled in on a sequence that was out or order from the way the show was created. Needless to say this was very disconcerting. I have asked whether I should return to the older firmware and S3 software. Friday everything ran fine with the previous version of S3 and the default version of the show director software. After the upgrades... big issues.
  5. Well, we found the file using the Hardware utility. Why a standard search didn't find it who knows. A folder called Program Data/LightoRama.
  6. S3 is upgraded to 3.12 but I did a search of the entire C: drive for MP3g3-V5_28.lhx and it is not found. I assume the controller needs this firmware for the throughput enhancements for running the high speed CCR network. Can you send it? or provide a link to it? Thanks
  7. The notes in the new 3.12 S3 Software release state you should update the Show Director to version 5,28. I only see version 5.26 in the firmware download section. Is it going to be posted? Or is this the version Dan stated was delayed? Thanks
  8. Has anyone else noticed that graphic effects seem faster in real show playback than on the computer in the SuperStar editor. I noticed tonight that some graphic transitions look fin when I created the sequence on the PC but running on the SD card for real the graphics fly by at high speed. Any thoughts or suggestions? I am running the shows on a new 1602MP3G3 controller. CCR network is set at 500K for a 12 CCR tree.
  9. Does anyone know if you can connect a PC to the normal network port on the 1602WG3MP3 and drive a in integrated show with CCRs connected to the High Speed port configured to 500k? If not I can used an SD card.
  10. Very good...the new 1602Wg3MP3 is enroute so I haven't had my hands on it yet. Sequences are all done so ready to test once the CCR tree is built. Was hoping for a summer sale but no indication of one yet. A CCR tree is an investment :-) . Will have to order by August to make sure they are received in time.
  11. Here is the scenario: My display has 22 1602Ws and will have a 12CCR tree added into the display this year. Am upgrading to the 1602g3MP3 Show Director with dual networks for the new brain. I intend to run the traditional show as Network 1 at normal speed for G2s and the CCR tree as Aux A at 500 baud. My show is completely automatic on SD card. Static lights are on timers and the LOR controllers stay on 24x7 for the season except for wet weather. So it is hands off except for manual intervention for bad weather. Here is what I see from doco: 1. Superstar sequence is created with networks/controller numbers configured in preferences. 2. Sequence is exported to LOR format. 3. Superstar sequence is pasted into matching LOR sequence. 4. Show is created and written to SD card of speed 4 or better. Here are the questions: 1. Since I am not using the computer to drive the show it does not appear that you need to set ports in the Network preferences (ports are only used for the USB serial adapters). Do you still need to set the Aux A speed with Port = None? 2. If not, does the Superstar export pasted in tell the g3MP3 that the high speed network is 500 baud? I did not see any network speed setting in SuperStar. 3. If not, do you configure the g3MP3 network speeds with it connected to the PC using the Hardware Utility? Trying to figure out how the 1602Wg3MP3 detects dual network (I assume from the CCR devices in the sequence) and how you set Aux A to 500. Thanks, machtoo
  12. Thanks for the info...1602WMP3 being shipped back tomorrow...received the RMS this evening :-) Looking forward to the new brain!
  13. Can the new G3-MP3 Show Director module replace and mount directly in my 1602WMP3 controller? Or do I have to spend $600 for a new controller to have it mounted in the 1602W case? Can't tell from the doco. Thanks
  14. I think I figured it out...you line up the bottom and the angle of the outer pipes cause the inverted V to form naturally which matches the sequencer graphic. The bottom row of pixels have to line up.
  15. I have looked at several tree designs through the forum. I intend to use 1/2" EMT to construct my 12 ribbon tree. My question is about the correlation between the sequencer and the tree itself. The sequencer graphic shows the interior pixels at the top of the tree filling the inverted V in the bottom of the star yet the bottom row of pixels on the tree is flat. I have seen a CCR tree constructed with the pipes/mounts going all the way to the bottom of the star in the inverted V shape so the pipes in the center are longer than the outside. The CCR ribbons are all the same length. So do folks start at the top under the star which matches the shape in the sequencer but will result in an uneven bottom or do you start at the bottom to make sure the pixels line up there but will result in some unevenness at the top. After creating 29 sequences for a 12 ribbon tree I want to mount them on the tree so they appear correct like the sequencer. Thanks for any input.
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