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  1. I'll have ɟɐsʇǝppʎ look into that for you bizket666.
  2. I don't have any pics yet. But I went with j1sys p12r & the p2. Only other things you will need to make them work if running more than 1 controller is a network switch & pixels. I'll get with Harrison5050 and see if he can chime in to help clarify some here.
  3. Would anyone happen to have sequenced ANY of his songs? Please PM me. I would be forever grateful!
  4. Just had a crazy vision of Jeff sitting in his underwear playing with pixels! Thinking need to visit a psychatrist now... LOL
  5. 10/100 is all you need. Don't waste your $$ on the gig switches. Just make sure you count how many e1.31 controllers your gonna be using in total and buy the switch that has enough ports to support your needs.
  6. Yes you DO want control lights checked as Mac stated
  7. Max Paul just hook your LOR dongle into the port and leave it hanging. Then your pc will notice the comm and should start the sequence to your hub via E1.31 I know it sounds strange but give it a try. You'll be surprised
  8. How many power supplies you using? Nice work on matrix, but love the tree more! Thanks for sharing
  9. Last year I had a tree service remove 2 25 year old pear trees. The ones that do not produce fruit. I hated them! Super soft wood that snapped branches everytime the wind would blow. Basically I got tired of trimming branches & pruning twice a year. Much less all the darn leaves I had to clean up every winter. The trees were over 30 foot tall and blocked the house frontage quite a bit! Glad they came up missing!! I also had the guys trim every oak tree on the property to visibly see the house from the street better. Best $$ I've spent in years!!
  10. I used a 1-3/8" fence post for my mast this year. They come in 10' sections, bought 2 and cut 1 in half to make a 15' tree. Just used a small piece of 2x4 at base to keep it from sinking in ground.. Staked two 4' pieces of rebar on each side staked about 30" or so then used 1-3/8" hinge clamps to go on either rebar and around mast at base. Then used 4 guy wires ran from top to 4 18" stakes at ground. Had winds up to 43 mph and tree held up with flying colors....
  11. This year my tree was 15 foot tall with a base of 7.5
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