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  1. The very last line is you mentioned is what I was running into. This is a result of two issues: 1. Windows is stupid and locks the file. The intensity file is opened when the show is loaded and the only way to release the file lock seems to be to unload all of the control panel stuff. 2. The pixel editor doesn't understand that the file is locked for writing and doesn't properly read the response code back when you go to save the intensity file. Hence, it says saved and in fact it has not. And that's the confusion. Save it 20 times while it's locked and you'll go mad trying to find why the intensity file didn't update. Thanks for helping my brain work on this.
  2. you captured it correctly. The only nuance there is that 90 and 91 are on different alphapix controllers. I honestly don't think it has anything to do with having the LOR controllers in the sequence. I think the action of editing the sequence after the work in the pixel editor is what made the difference. I've got a help desk ticket open for a software bug that I need to submit the files for but there is something fishy there. It's not clear when the show software reloads intensity files and sequences. It's not on each run of the sequence. That is easily reproducible. In most cases the entire LOR software must be killed in memory in order for the new files to take effect.
  3. So you are on to something here. Definitely a software bug. The controllers have ID numbers 1-3 on universe 90 and 4-5 on universe 91. The pixel editor has all of the appropriate DMX channels for each prop based upon the start unit numbers. In the sequence editor I had two blank controllers, so unit ID 1 - 16 ch and unit ID 2 -16 ch. Both were listed as running on network Regular. I removed all channels in the sequence editor except unit ID1 ch1 and now the channels play correctly while running as a show. It shouldn't have mattered that those were there since there was no overlap given that the LOR units connected to the DMX output should have no signal crossover to the LOR regular network (which is unused at this point). In other words, from a software perspective it didn't matter that there were LOR units on the end of that DMX chain. They could have been any DMX device and there is no feedback to the software that that is a problem. I should be able to run unit IDs 1-2 on the LOR network and it shouldn't matter. So I've proven a software bug here it would seem. I suspect it has nothing to do with the units though and more to do with opening and saving the sequence in the sequence editor AFTER saving in the pixel editor. I seem to recall running into that in the past at some point as well. Any thoughts on the above? Hopefully it remains working
  4. I'm lost with what appears to be a serious software bug.LOR Pro 4.3.24E1.31 output of universe 90 to IP address on an AlphaPix Controlleruniverse 90 is assigned to the RS485 outputRS485 Output is connected to CTB16 (I have a mix of commercial metal boxes and residential boxes but all have same issue, all are on most recent firmware)Using the hardware utility I can operate the dimmers of U90 as expectedUsing the pixel editor I can play a sequence that operates the dimmers as expectedWhen I save the sequence in the pixel editor and the intensity file and then run the sequence as part of a show, this particular universe is ignored.So it works with everything except when running using the scheduled show.In this sequence dozens of other universes run when running as a part of the show.The comm port listener shows the universe 90 opened to the controllerI feel like I'm missing a check box somewhere but I can't find anything wrong anywhereI'm also using U91 in the same manner to a different set of AC controllers with the exact same issue.Thank you in advance!!! Merry Christmas!!!
  5. Keep in mind that price on the sandevice is for the kit. So if you are not handy with a soldering iron that could pose a challenge. PC Board soldering is not my favorite personally. I can tell you I used the alphapix this year and with the 16 output one you would have no issues running 64 nodes on each output to get your 16x64 matrix. No power injection would be required if you are running 12v. In fact you would be fine running them on 8 of the outputs and using the zig zag setting in the controller. If you are using 5v you are fine too but I would use all 16 outputs then. I've had no issues with refresh or flicker and mine is the V1 controller. V2 has a number of improvements to avoid issues there as well. But if you like the sandevice I know a lot of people that love them Just sharing my experience.
  6. Totally unsupported and definitely not documented but if you need a longer run and you are losing signal you should look into the concept of a null pixel. You would lose one pixel off the end of your string but it would solve the distance issue.
  7. Welsford

    CCR's for Sale

    UPDATED PRICING!!!! Based on some feedback from some interested parties on age I tried to come up with a way to value the devices. While LOR doesn't make a statement of expected age, most ribbons on the market with the same components come with a rating of 50,000 hours expected life. At 6 hours a night for two months out of the year you would be at 360 hours so that is many years of life. I estimate that cosmic color devices have a value life of about 8 years. Based upon that, that would depreciate the ribbons at ~$23 per year. So with that said, here is some updated pricing: Lot#1 - Spoken For Lot#2 - $205 Lot#3 - $540 Lot#4 - $587 Lot#5 - $143 and also I had listed out in another thread so I'll consolidate here, I have two CCPs that are brand new. One has bubble wrap on it still and the other was used for one night for Halloween. That would be Lot#6 and those are $300 for the pair (summer sale pricing is $360 for the pair so I've knocked off 20% off the top even though they are brand new) See if that changes anyone's thoughts. If you want more than one lot or all of one and part of another, I'm willing to make a deal.
  8. Welsford

    CCR's for Sale

    The are mounted with an angle bracket screwed to the plastic backer with a stainless sheet metal screw and then a stainless nut and bolt to hold the controller on the bracket. It is plenty strong with just the one side mounted. The back area has room for four power bricks but it is quite crowded. The single power supply was a much better way to go.
  9. Welsford

    CCR's for Sale

    I have 15 CCR's that I am selling. My display will be changing dramatically and these won't have a home anymore. All of the ribbons and controllers have been stored in climate control during the off seasons and the ribbons were either coiled in their original box or were stored flat. There are no dead pixels and the controllers are all running the latest 1.19 firmware. While this is used gear you will find posts in this forum from Light-O-Rama attesting to the fact that they stand by their gear even when not the original purchaser. I have had great experience with having them fix things on my other controllers that weren't in warranty anymore and they really do hold up for the long haul. I'm hoping to sell these in lots to avoid having to take apart controller boxes and to also save you some effort I will take requests in the order they are received with preference going to those that want to buy a complete lot first. If I don't get any takers on the lot I'll pull it apart and go about it that way so do send a note and I'll contact you in order received if there is no interest in the lot. If you want the lot but not the box that's fine too. I can pull it out of there for you but they are priced to move. The controllers are all daisy chained with custom fit cables for the boxes so they are ready to go out of the box The lot preference is for the ribbons and the box\power supply is the buyer's discretion. Buyer pays shipping via method of choice. If you want it all, make me an offer. Some Reference Numbers: CCR Full Retail: $250 Summer Sale: $190 Early Bird Sale: $180 Here: $150 + boxes as noted Lot #1 Four CCR Ribbons and Controllers with Original Power Supplies These controllers are mounted on an aluminum rail in a Cantex box. The power supplies are mounted behind the controllers (hard to see I know) This allows a lot of extra space. A single SPT2 cable can power the entire box and be well within ratings. There is a small power strip that each of the power supplies is plugged into. All entries into the box are sealed with neoprene washers. There is also an eye for locking the box up at the bottom. I've never had any water issues. The lid is gasketed. These ribbons are four years old I believe. Price: $600 for Ribbons and $20 for the box (box alone is $30 at Home Depot and look at the mounting job I did for you!!! lol) Here is a picture of the controller mounts: Lot #2 Two CCR Ribbons and Controllers with Original Power Supplies These are the same as lot #1 but there are only two controllers in the box. The rails are full rails however so plenty of room to mount more. These ribbons are four years old I believe. Price: $300 for Ribbons and $20 for the box Lot #3 Four CCR Ribbons and Controllers with 200 Watt Power Supply These controllers are mounted in an Orbit Sprinkler Controller box ( http://www.homedepot.com/p/Orbit-Outdoor-Timer-Box-57095/100158884 ) This box has two levels and the power supply is mounted behind the front level. The box also has a lock and keys are included. There is a terminal strip that takes the power output (DC) and terminates it into the power plugs for the controllers. Each CCR is 36 Watts so the supply is more than enough to power the four and remain well below the maximum rating. The power supply is the one sold by LOR with an IP67 rating http://store.lightorama.com/1260waposu.html I do have the original power supplies but the ends were cut off. I'm happy to solder and seal them back together for you if that's what you'd prefer for an additional $10. If you just want them to do yourself that's fine too but I found the single brick to be much easier to deal with. These ribbons are three years old I believe. Price: $600 for Ribbons $50 for Power Supply $15 for the box Here is a picture of the controller mounts: Lot #4 Four CCR Ribbons and Controllers with 200 Watt Power Supply This is identical to Lot#3 These ribbons are three years old I believe but two of them are only two years old. Price: $600 for Ribbons $50 for Power Supply $15 for the box Lot #5 Once CCR Ribbon and Controller with Original Power Supply This ribbon is two years old I believe. Note that preference on this item will go to those purchasing a larger lot first. If no takers then it becomes free game. Price: $150 Larger images of the boxes can be found here: http://www.beaching.org/lor/lor.html
  10. I have two sets I believe I am interested in selling. They are pretty much brand new. Just had them out for one Halloween. Still looking?
  11. Welsford

    Crash in 3.11.2 Sequence Editor

    I was running W2K3 because it is lean and mean. Under that OS, I had used a total of 3 GB of disk space and at boot time the system consumed a measly 200MB of RAM (275MB with show running). I just rebuilt under windoze 7. With just the OS and LOR software I'm already at 20 GB and at boot I'm consuming almost 1 GB of memory. The box was 2GB\40GB drive before so I was pretty constrained. I put in a 60 GB SSD and another GB of RAM to make this functional. I never had any problems until the latest version. Been running it on this box for 5 ish years now. Seems stable anyway now. Just stinks to have to use more resources. I like W2K8 but based on your comments about the media stuff I went with the desktop OS as suggested. All things being fair the windoze kernel is the same regardless of the version. It's the extra presentation layer stuff I didn't want to waste on.
  12. Welsford

    Crash in 3.11.2 Sequence Editor

    Noted Mike. Sounds like a good time to switch over to Win 7. I just preferred 2K3 because it used so little resources. With the show running I was only consuming 300MB of memory (including the OS). I fear Win 7 is just going to be a hog. The reason I posted is that if I switch back to a non SSD the error is gone. Same OS. I've been running it on that box for four years now without any issues. Even with the newest version. I can't imagine why a SSD would make a difference but it seems to. Do you think completely reinstalling LOR is worth it or would a repair have accomplished the same thing? Thanks for such a quick reply!!!!
  13. I recently cloned my system onto a SSD Drive to try and make this computer last a few more years. I then started getting a strange crash in the sequence editor. It would just completely close itself, while playing a sequence or editing or anything and if you launched it again and then tried to play anything you would get a pop up that reads: AdjMmsEng ### Internal error, cannot load engine Number 1 due to error 193 A little research led me to the adjmmseng.dll (Audio DJ Studio for .Net from MultiMedia Soft). The version included in the LOR install is file version I removed this file, rebooted, then did a repair install which replaced it. Rebooted again. Problem still present. So I downloaded the latest and greatest version ( from MultiMedia Soft and put it in the LOR directory. Rebooted, problem seems resolved. I then went back and forth several times between the two versions being careful to boot in between to release the library file. The issue was 100% reproducible with the old version. So my questions are as follows: 1. Should I update any other dependent files? 2. Am I asking for trouble? 3. On one occasion I did experience some stutter in the playback. It went away with a sequencer restart and hasn't returned. 4. I have noticed a slight instability in the sequencer still. I will get an occasional random crash but on restart of it it does work again without a reboot required. A reboot was required before. 5. Any chance of an official LOR update to patch this? OS: Win2K3 R2 32 bit all current patches No Virus scan