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  1. Lights stay on - 2 channels

    I'm not as blown away by the prices at CDI now that I read the small print and see that the price is per case, not per string! Thanks guys.
  2. Lights stay on - 2 channels

    a31ford.......yes, I have determined that it is the two strings that are the problem. I reversed the polarity, and there was an improvement, but not a total fix. I don't know about you all, but we don't have Radio Shack any more, so I've not found any local stores that sell resistors, and I haven't pursued purchasing any yet. Thanks MegaArch for providing the link for the resistors. It looks like they do not have any in stock. And at 14ยข each, I'm not sure my budget can handle it!! I am curious to pursue the resistor option. So far, all the advice and help I have received here has been good. Santa's Helper....... I appreciate the information about Creative Displays Inc. but that is outside my budget. They might call it a sale, but way too expensive for me. Why do you guys think these lights stop functioning properly at some point? They aren't that old. One day they were okay, the next these problems started. I still wonder if moisture is my main problem here in the Pacific Northwest. I've had individual bulbs stop functioning, not because the bulb went out, but because the metal contacts rust and fall off. I'm still thinking about terminating the light strands at the female end (next year most likely). They are up at the top of the display and collect a lot of water. Time will tell, thanks for all the advice.
  3. Lights stay on - 2 channels

    Alright, this entire conversation has me convinced that I am clueless! Anyway, reversing the polarity seems to have helped. Not 100% I don't think, but it did have a affect (effect?). Back to the resistor conversation, if I understand correctly, you are saying to take a resistor (similar to the one shown), and insert the wires into the holes on the end plug, like the photo shown. And then silicone, etc. etc. Correct? Now I have a hypothetical question. Let's say that next year, I decide to get all new lights (16 strings for the MegaTree). I've considered going all green instead of multi-color. It seems that the female plug at the far end is the source of the problem. Why wouldn't you cut it off and end the string with caps, epoxy, silicone, or whatever, obviously not letting the two wires touch? Also, now that Radio Shack is gone, can someone possibly find a link to the right resistor please?
  4. Lights stay on - 2 channels

    Okay, I'm going to try reversing the polarity as Mega Arch has suggested when I get home. I will say, I don't think that's gonna help, but I will try. As for what a31ford has suggested, I'm still a bit confused. I'm lost with "vampire" plugs. Not sure where to get the resistors mentioned (are you other guys on board with the resistor suggestion?), and still confused as to what to do with the resistors. The "far ends" of the lights are at the top of the flag pole. So, it is rain and weather on the "far end" female "end to end" plugs that are the problem? Can I cut off the far end female plug and cap them? Is this where the resistor goes? Cut the wires, solder in the resistor and epoxy cap them? Sorry that I don't always understand....I've noticed that as I get older, it's harder to learn and remember new things. All of your help is very much appreciated.
  5. Lights stay on - 2 channels

    I hope you guys in California aren't too close to all of the fires. What a horrible year it's been. a31ford....... thanks for offering a solution. Unfortunately, you lost me in the first sentence. If this is an easier solution than replacing the lights, I wish I understood!!!
  6. Lights stay on - 2 channels

    They are all 100 count LED. Are you in California? When you live in the Pacific Northwest you don't hear people ask for rain often!
  7. Lights stay on - 2 channels

    Ugh....... it's the two individual light strands! I remembered that I have two new in the box of the same brand. I plugged them into the two circuits in question, and they did NOT light. And that's the good news. The bad news is......... I have 16 strands of lights on my 26 foot flag pole. This is not going to be easy!
  8. Lights stay on - 2 channels

    Okay, interesting! It might be the strands. As suggested by Mega Arch, I switched strings to different circuits; at the box for one test, and at the light strand for another test. The same two strands (2-11 & 2-12 on the MegaTree) light-up when I plug them into other circuits at the control box or when I try differently circuited cords at the light strand. All 16 strands are the same brand (whatever Home Depot sells), 100 light LED mini lights. I would expect they would all be the same, but it kind of sounds like identical lights may function differently as per what Mega Arch says. I wonder if replacing those two strands will solve the problem? It's been raining and i don't much feel like lowering all the lights on the MegaTree (which is gonna be a pain in the .....). So, I ran to Home Depot and got the Kill-a-Watt. It was a good excuse to avoid working on the lights; again. Do you think that I have narrowed it down to the individual strands, or is there something I can do (using the Kill-a-Watt or whatever?) in the mean time to confirm the problem?
  9. Lights stay on - 2 channels

    The symptoms are definitely similar to fried Triacs. The 2 circuits that stay on all the time only stay on at partial intensity. And they only "kind of" react to the sequences. This really sounds like Triac issue from the research that I have done. So, if it is a Triac issue, then what ever fried them on the first controller must have immediately fried them on the new circuit board. My electrical knowledge is limited. Can you please walk me through measuring "the power draw on them when PLUGGED DIRECT INTO the wall (or extension cord)" Again.......Thanks!
  10. Lights stay on - 2 channels

    It almost seems like it could be something as basic as this. I agree though...... long shot. "Hot-Neutral"?
  11. Lights stay on - 2 channels

    Okay, tried that.........unfortunately, it did not help.
  12. Lights stay on - 2 channels

    Yes to factory case question. It's #s 11 & 12.
  13. Lights stay on - 2 channels

    This was factory built. This problem started with my original generation 1 controller. That is why I installed a new, g3 board, but it has the same exact problem. I'm not understanding what you guys mean by "turning the channels off a few cells before song ends", or "Turning the channels completely off at the end of the sequence can often solve the stuck on problem" Please explain.......again, thanks.
  14. Lights stay on - 2 channels

    Dennis, I appreciate your response, however, it makes me think that you are leaning towards this being a software problem. I don't think so. I have completely unplugged everything. I installed the new g3 circuit board. I've reassigned the unit IDs, I've done resets, etc. etc. If I completely disconnect the network cables, all I have to do is supply the power and the same two channel light immediately. I just ordered new network cables thinking that might be the problem, but again, just supplying power, without the network cables even attached, I have the same issue. Any more ideas, Dennis, anyone? Thanks in advance for any assistance that you are able to offer.
  15. I am running a simple, 32 channel, 2 controller Christmas show. The basic "Wowlights" sequences, including the MegaTree. Anyway, 2 channels are staying on all of the time. Replacing Triacs was suggested, which I did. That did not solve the issue. Installing a new board was recommended. $155 dollars later, and a couple hours time, I have installed the new g3 board. The same two channels still remain on. Any suggestions......... Please?