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  1. Never mind I found it. Under the settings section.
  2. Hello, While I put these together with music. Is there a way to have it play and then when you hit stop and then hit play again it begins where it left off. Or can you back up the song a bit and then start playing. Would make it much easier to edit and quicker.
  3. Brian Mitchell wrote: I reinstalled the light show software and now its working. Must had be using the same OCX file is the only thing I can think of Working now.. thx
  4. Brian Mitchell wrote: Nope... Now it don't work at all. I see the light bulb but it does not boot the program. :?
  5. Any time I run anything with LOR Software its like it is trying to run some other program. If I hit cancel 5 times it then boots the program. I have some screen shots.... if I click Sequence Editor this happens.... So I then hit CANCEL Then this pops up Now after I do this 5 times the program runs and works.... Any ideas? thx
  6. RayNMesa wrote: Thanks I ordered one to see how it will look. I picked the real estate sign then designed it which took me a whole 15 minutes. I only ordered 1 sided for paint. 2 Sided was like 25.00 more..... Then I bought the wire frame too. My Order
  7. lleibeck wrote: I would be interested in the price they give you. What dimmensions did you request? Could you provide a little more information on what you requested. I have a feeling it will be quite pricey. The wife was just saying you know you could sell these.... Maybe next year dear...... My wmen would have me working everyday.... to funny.
  8. William Ahern wrote: Yes - very helpful. I see I need to make my own. I printed some letters off the printer. I am thinking about going with a different idea. 18X24 3/8 Inch plywood 2 pieces Then I place the letters on the wood and draw them out. Cut them out with a jig saw. Place a thin plastic of any color over holes of the words on the inside. Then place a couple lights inside. This is the direction I am going to try. Thank you
  9. Hello, I am new and have been deocration for a couple weeks now. I need a sign to advertise my FM station. Anyone know where I can buy one? Suggestions on how to make one? I may get some energy to make one. Any help would be great. Thx
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