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  1. Jim and JR, thanks for all of the help you have offered. I followed Jim's steps, created a new preview as Jim said, then created a new animation sequence (10 seconds long, repeat) and set all channels to turn on. Still only lit up the first 100 pixels on the channel that has 3 strings. Maybe this really is a firmware issue that can't be solved by trying to fool the software into thinking it is using a different controller.
  2. Hi JR, Thanks for the reply. I turns out that with the S5 software (the latest, 5.2.2, and I upgraded to firmware 1.04), there is no option that I can find to specify the device type, so nowhere that I can find to set it to a Pixcon16 other than HU. Guess I will just have to use another channel for the extra string.
  3. The hardware manual that came with my Pixie16D says that I can have up to 170 pixels per string. However, when I try to create a sequence (or even use the hardware utility) to light up all the pixels on a port with 3 12V strings of 50 pixels, only the first 100 pixels will light up. Is this a limitation of the Pixie16D? If there something in the configuration I missed? In the Hardware Utility, I went to Config and told it 150 pixels per port, and when I test with HU, again only the first 100 pixels light up. I do see in the manual that due to current draw, the 12V string are generally good for 100 pixels. Is this the case?
  4. Ok, I imagine this question has been asked before, so please forgive me. I have a Pixie16 controller, and all the LED lights to go with that. I also have the Basic Plus (4.3.24) software, and created a sequence using the Pixel Editor. How do I play the sequences on the controller? Apparently, the show editor does not understand the Pixel Editor files. I can play sequences created in the Sequence Editor, but with 16 strings of 50 lights at 3 colors each = 2400 possible channels in the sequence editor that is not manageable. I feel like I am missing something here. Do I need to upgrade to the Pro license level?
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