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  1. jamills706

    Old CCPs controllers

    Thanks - I have some CCRs but don't think I"m going to be able to use them at my new house - its' too far from the street and my CCRs are a big matrix that will not free stand out in the yard where folks could see it.
  2. jamills706

    Old CCPs controllers

    OK - thanks! That was exactly the info I was looking for!!!! that the 5V was not WS2811
  3. jamills706

    Old CCPs controllers

    I see that the Cosmic Color controllers for the NEW 100 bulb/pixel strands are being called a Pixie2. What is the older 50 bulb/pixel controller called? I want to look for specs on it and since it seems to have disappeared from the store I don't know how to find it now.
  4. jamills706

    Keeping People Out Of Your Yard??

    Perhaps sitting out there with a large shotgun would be a detterant????? But Seriously, I had that issue at my last house, and I string ropes on stakes down the sides of the yard (being in the middle of the block, they only tried to short cut across instead of going out to the sidewalk/street - so i only needed to persuade them on the side).
  5. jamills706

    Spiral RGB Mini-tree prop (for S5)

    Thanks, Matt! I'll certainly enjoy using that since I have a number of spiral trees in my LOR Landscape!
  6. I've gotten everything from LOR and have been very pleased with how easily they set up and how durable they have been. I would highly recommend getting the complete sets of lights with controllers from the store here. You can find things elsewhere that you have to piece together yourself - bu I can't speak highly enough about the quality of the LR products, and their service should you have questions or concerns later.
  7. jamills706

    Preview Prop number of "bulbs"???

    Thanks for that suggestion! Well - the single block does a pixel by pixel motion across my arches...but it still does it row by row on the mini trees. I think you kind of lost me on the brute force method - I right click on one of my minitreess (in the left column) and see the expand choice...but that doesn't seem to do anything as the expand and collapse choices seem to work on the group of mini trees (like clicking on the plus/minus symbols). I do see several choices about motion effects rows etc...but am lost on those at this point --- I don't see them detailed in any of the help docs I've come across thus far - so maybe I am looking in the wrong places for help or tutorials on this stuff. Again, thanks for your suggestion...any additional help is greatly appreciated (even just pointing me to where to find more detailed help/tutorials)! Thanks, Jeff
  8. jamills706

    Preview Prop number of "bulbs"???

    Replying to myself...LOL Well I actually did this with all 50 bullet pixels numbered and have played around with it in the Preview and Sequencing windows of S5. For some effects it works just fine (non-linear things like the color wash or the butterfly) ... but ... I can't for the life of me figure out which effect to use to get the pixels to light from bottom to top in number order (ie:1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ...49, 50). The bars and lines effect do it row by row not bulb by bulb. Effects that work on my arches (lighting them sequentially in order 1-50) do it row by row on the mini-trees! I thought one of the effects would simply light them in order (maybe the curtain or the marquee or spirals or straight lines - but all of them seem to want to do it row by row. Anyone have any thoughts about how to do this in number order????? Not in row by row order. My prop has a bottom row of pixels 1 through 9, the next row is 10-18, then19-25 ... until the top two rows (of a total of 10 rows) each haas one pixel numbered 49 and 50.
  9. I am still thinking about my need for a spiral wrapped pixel tree prop and wondering...if I create a prop where I number the pixels in the order I want them to appear, am I required to have as many "bulbs" in my diagram as is actually on the real-life tree? I was thinking I could picture the tree with a few "bulbs" in a way that would show what I intend in playback - but if it doesn't have every "bulb" included with the entire string still light up? My tree uses a 50-bullet string of pixels and I was thinking I could simulate it like this: 13 11 12 7 8 9 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 or something like that - so if I chased a light from start to finish of the string it would look kind of like that on my preview. But, If I need to use all 50 numbers for the string to sequence properly, this might not really work (especially since half of the bullets are on the back side of the tree. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  10. jamills706

    Sleigh Ride by The Ronettes

    Is the big snowman in the center an air blown? Did you rewire its lights separate from the fan so you could control them (if it is)? I'm pretty impressed with how steady your drone is when you aren't moving it! I have a drone, but have not yet tried to use it to shoot video of my lights (moved to a new house this past summer, so display was lack-luster this year --- preparing for a big NEW show for 2018).....will try my drone out this summer, then be ready for the 2018 show! By the way, I enjoyed the brief dip in the snow, too!
  11. Tried to resize the window of the Preview design, dragging down and to the right. Go the error: "The instruction at 0x000000006105DD23 referenced memory at 0x0000000000000004. The memory could not be read." Just downloaded and installed S5.0.16 about an hour earlier and installed it. This is really my first attempt at doing anything in S5. I had already added a 16X25 RGB pixel tree, and then added a 50 pixel arch (which didn't show on the display - so I was trying to expand the window to see if it had appeared off screen. I am running this on an HP laptop with Windows10....not 10S.
  12. jamills706

    Spiral RGB Mini-tree prop (for S5)

    Sort of seems like the kind of prop that should be in the built in props. I know the developers have many, many things to think about, but if they read this, perhaps it's something to consider adding. Adjustable parameters for number of strings of lights and number of lights per string and if RGB then any color, if not, select colors for each of the strands.
  13. Has anyone created a Spiral Mini-tree with a 50-pixel RGB string wrapped on it from bottom to top for S5 Preview? The trees in the Prop Designer all seem to be for vertical strands, not a spiral wrapping.
  14. jamills706

    Help making initial Kit purchase for projector

    What kind of projector can be placed outside to withstand the weather (especially the winter cold)? I am assuming this discussion involves showing a "video" onto the entire house (or Castle) to enhance it...like one where Santa jumps from the top of a window frame to the top of the next window frame (I saw that once on a video someplace).
  15. jamills706

    Sequences for the 16x25 LOR Tree are available!

    So - are all of your windows 16-feet on a side? That is always my big question about lining windows, door, etc. (especially with ribbons) ... what do you do at the corners with the ribbons and what do you do with the extra length? I have thought of lining my windows and doors, etc with CCP or CCB because then I can turn the corner, but still...what do I do with the extra bulbs/pixels at the end?