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  1. Well - the Pixie16 can run up to 16 100-pixel strings of bullets or bulbs - I haven't looked into what it can do with ribbons. I have two of those that I am using to drive my matrix this year.
  2. By the way - I like your last year's layout - and a ew pixels here and there can sure liven that up even more!!!!! Again, let me say, it depends entirely on where you want to place things as to if you should use bullet, bulbs or ribbons. I have used all three --- the bulbs are GREAT around the eaves of the house, the bullets have worked beautifully in mini-trees and 6-foot pixel trees. The ribbons mad a great matrix (even though this year my new matrix will be square pixels at a higher density - I was very happy with the old matrix of ribbons). If you go to YouTube, I have video there as "706 Lights" so you can see what my ribbon matrix looked like and my bullet mini-trees, too.
  3. I have several smaller 360-degree trees in my display and I like that look because I see the display rom inside the house, too! LOL But truly a 180-degree tree may be all you need - again - depending on your options! Where is the tree viewed from - i only from a distance and not visible from behind - than 180-degrees is more than adequate - but i people can see the sides as they drive up maybe you want to consider 270-degrees or even the ill 360. Just my thoughts! Your mileage may (and no doubt will) vary!!! LOL
  4. Well - I'm not sure that I completely agree on the graphics vs designs answer --- I have use both bullets and ribbons in my display and actually found them equally useful depending (and this is where I think the key point is) ... depending on the density of the pixels. Ribbons have a set pattern - they are what they are - you cannot make them any more dense (or the length of the ribbon) - of course you can pace the ribbons closer together...but...those pixels are really 3-LEDs long so it's a pretty big pixel. The bullets can be placed close together or far apart. and that is where YOUR NEEDS come into play - sure if you expect to show TV quality video and graphics you better have a very dense grouping of bullets - but for a general display I think a couple (2-4) inch separation o those bullets will get you pretty darned good graphics unless your viewing public is right smack dab on top of it. In my case, from about 50-feet away 4" apart gave decent renditions of graphics...this year, however, because I want finer detail in my matrix, I am remaking that matrix with 2" separation. So, again, you have to decide what it is you will be displaying on the props to decide what is the better choice for you.
  5. jamills706

    Wrapped Tree Trunk Prop/Model

    That's exactly what I need! Thanks!!!!!!! Any thoughts on a release date yet?
  6. jamills706

    Motion Effect and Grouped Items

    Great - thanks for that!!!!!!!!
  7. jamills706

    Motion Effect and Grouped Items

    Oh - and they are Pixels - I have almost nothing A/C any more.
  8. jamills706

    Motion Effect and Grouped Items

    Thanks, Matt! So how does the Right Click Motion Effects Row differ from the one I might create from within the preview itself by clicking the Motion Effect (0) button at the lower right of the screen? I had noticed that and added one of those - which seemed to do nothing. But the one I added in the right click actually appears when I hit the [+] on the group. And, it does, in act, allow my effects to appear on the entire group!
  9. jamills706

    Motion Effect and Grouped Items

    I have all of my groups set as Use Preview. None are set up with None clicked.
  10. jamills706

    Motion Effect and Grouped Items

    Perhaps I'm bot sure what you mean by "arrangement" - I have a group I created that contains ALL Mini Trees - that is 8 individual 3-foot tall spiral trees with 50 pixels on each one. I click on the name "ALL Mini Trees" then having selected the Motion Effects icon, drag the pencil across a block of squares in the timeline...it opens the Motion Effects Window - I put something like a spiral action in there and then click save. It only applies to the art of the 8 trees though the white blocks appear beside the ALL Mini Trees name.
  11. Probably a stupid question - and probably there is documentation someplace - I have not yet found detailed instructions, so please point me to them if they exist so that I can answer my own questions.......but...if I make a group of several props (ie: 8 spiral mini trees) can I not just apply a motion effect to the group and have it go onto all of the trees in that group? It always seems to only apply to the top/first prop in the group. Or, are the groupings only visual - to make finding props easier but not for sequencing them?
  12. I'm setting up my preview in S5 - wondering how best to set up a 100-pixel string of CCBs wrapped around a tree trunk from bottom to top - like a spiral tree but having the same diameter at the bottom and the top not a cone like a spiral tree? Someone on Facebook suggested making it a vertical matrix - but I can't see how that would adequately represent a spiral string of bulbs.
  13. jamills706

    Pricing Opinion Needed...

  14. jamills706

    Pricing Opinion Needed...

    And those were used?
  15. jamills706

    Pricing Opinion Needed...

    Just out of curiosity, If you were to sell a used, old-style, CCR with power supply and controller (used two seasons), what do you think it should sell for?