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  1. LOR50WRGB Flood Problems

    I'll try that, Dennis. Thanks!
  2. LOR50WRGB Flood Problems

    I have an LOR 50W RGB Flood...actually I have 6 of them but only one is giving me fits! I have it sequenced to do a series of fades from one color to another as it simply casts light across my landscape and several airblowns. Attached to the same network is a 16X25 LOR Pixel Tree and 8 mini-trees made from hardware cloth with CCP-50pixels strings on them in a spiral fashion. The 16X25 Tree and all 8 mini trees behave just as I'd expect (in other words, they do what I told them to do!). The Flood light was doing what I told it to do but I had a long delay between the end of my animation sequence and the restart of it. I finally realized that I had blank space on the end of my sequence (done in the Sequence Editor). So I pulled it back up and trimmed off the end of the sequence using the Change Total Time commend. The 16X25 Tree and the 8 mini trees continue to behave as I expect - but - the RGB Flood has a mind of its own!!! Sometimes it is off all together other times it stay either yellow or green for long periods of time, once I noted that it was shining red for a long time....but mostly it stays yellow. The sequence has it changing pretty frequently so this is just completely weird. Anyone have any ideas what I could have screwed up simply by shortening the sequence?
  3. Duplicate sequencing squares

    Thanks - it's on the way through the ether as I type!
  4. OK - so I may have just had some sort of "senior moment," BUT... I created a new visualization for my scaled down show at the new house this season. Only going to run a simple animation sequence to see how many cars I get on my new narrow country road this season. I have the visualization all set up and ready to sequence with Super Star - and I import the vizualization into SS and BANG - I get the whole grid twice - I mean all of the fixtures/pixels show up just as I'd expect them to in their appropriate vertical rows - and then they all completely repeat exactly the same - a complete duplicate set of sequencing squares on the grid! What in the world am I forgetting, or doing wrong? And, YES, it doesn't matter if I click to turn on a square in the left half or the right half - both "copies" of the pixel light up in the sequencing grid. As, always, any help will be greatly appreciated!
  5. Integrating first Pixel Tree

    A little late to this thread - but wondering if this pixel tree kit has a visualizer prop pre-made someplace to download for my S4 Visualizer file (which will also be used in SS)? Thanks in advance for any info!
  6. Flood Light - Bulbs

    I, too, had used incandescent flood lights on my house - and last year switched to the RGB flood lights from LOR. I got the 50W ones - and WOW they can really create a dazzling effect on the house. I have 6 of them about 15-18 feet out away from the house (a two-story white colonial style) and they are truly magnificent! http://store.lightorama.com/hipo50wrgbfl.html I have no experience with the 10Watt ones DisneyMatt10 linked to... but... As he said, "Trust me, you won't regret it"! They are amazing and really light up the house. Yeah - I know - you'd have to resequenced to accommodate them - but, man oh man - it is worth the effort. I'd suggest adding these to your setup and keep the old red and green ones in place for now...slowly top through the sequences and swap out the RGBs for the R/G bulbs --- when all are swapped out you can use those channels for even more props!
  7. No - Intelligent Fade was not selected. I thought I had looked at that earlier, but checked again to be sure. I guess I'll just have to of the "move over and back trick" to do it! Thanks!
  8. OK - so this sin't new to me, I mean sequencing.....but one thing that is driving me crazy is that in the Sequence Editor on occasion I want to "turn on" (fill with color) a specific timing block that is only one single timing block (not sure that is the right term...but I mean one little square in the timing grid).....wehn I click in that single block with a "Color Fade" that is the same at start and finish the Sequence Editor "helps" me by filling in everything to the left and right of that block! This is not what I want! I just want that one single block to become colored. Perhaps I'm being dense on this topic...but I can't find any way to tell it that I really do intend to only light up that one square. Is this correct behavior? Do I have something set somewhere that causes this behavior? Can I make it do what I want? Thanks in advance for anyone's help on this!
  9. Singing Trees by LOR

    I wonder if anyone knows when the LOR Singing Trees will be available? I don't find them listed in the store currently and was kind of hoping they might be included in the current sale.
  10. Sale?

    I haven't gotten any email - didn't the last time either. I verified my email address is in the list, too. Oh well! I guess I'm not supposed to know officially!!!! Glad you guys mentioned it!!!!!!!
  11. Sale?

    You know they won't tell us ahead of time - but I've been watching faithfully, too!!!!! Hope it's soon as I just bought a new house and have a number of things I need to get to update my display for the new house!
  12. Layering of effects

    I do it in my show using SS and an image which I moved across my arches. Worked just fine and was super easy! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Christmas Song Suggestions?

    I just found this song this year...and really enjoy it: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. 2016 Video

    Very nice!!!! Love that song, too! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. 706 Lights - Week 1 Show

    That Jingle Bells is part of a larger medley by the Boston Pops Orchestra which I cropped and shortened. Here is a YouTube link to the entire piece by them: