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  1. Singing Trees by LOR

    I wonder if anyone knows when the LOR Singing Trees will be available? I don't find them listed in the store currently and was kind of hoping they might be included in the current sale.
  2. Sale?

    I haven't gotten any email - didn't the last time either. I verified my email address is in the list, too. Oh well! I guess I'm not supposed to know officially!!!! Glad you guys mentioned it!!!!!!!
  3. Sale?

    You know they won't tell us ahead of time - but I've been watching faithfully, too!!!!! Hope it's soon as I just bought a new house and have a number of things I need to get to update my display for the new house!
  4. Layering of effects

    I do it in my show using SS and an image which I moved across my arches. Worked just fine and was super easy! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Christmas Song Suggestions?

    I just found this song this year...and really enjoy it: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. 2016 Video

    Very nice!!!! Love that song, too! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. 706 Lights - Week 1 Show

    That Jingle Bells is part of a larger medley by the Boston Pops Orchestra which I cropped and shortened. Here is a YouTube link to the entire piece by them:
  8. 706 Lights - Week 1 Show

    Playlist is up there now:
  9. 706 Lights - Week 1 Show

    What house????? LOL
  10. 706 Lights - Week 1 Show

    By the way - That Ave Maria piece is considerably longer than what I edited it down to for my show and very exciting to listen to - you can easily find several versions on YouTube.
  11. 706 Lights - Week 1 Show

    Duh - I misread your 12:20 as 1:20!!!!! The 12:20-ish song is a version of Ave Maria sung by Rebecca Luker - from a Korean Drama called "Stairway To Heaven." Sorry for misreading that! Rebecca Luker is my all time favorite Broadway soprano....and this is the closest thing to a Christmas song I've found by her. I actually got to meet her when she performed with the Columbus Symphony (Columbus, Ohio) a few years back - and she is a genuinely nice person!!! Maybe some day she'll put out a Christmas album (I keep hoping!).
  12. 706 Lights - Week 1 Show

    It's "We Need A Little Christmas from the Broadway show "Mame".
  13. A few more videos of this year's display...

    Very nice! Who is singing that first medley...I'm not familiar with it? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. 706 Lights - Week 1 Show

    Oh - and by the way - I made the frame from 4 pieces of clip art - it isn't built in to Final Cut Pro.
  15. 706 Lights - Week 1 Show

    I did it in Final Cut Pro on my iMac.