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  1. jamills706

    Fade down multiple effects...

    Oh - DUH!!!!!! Now I feel stupid! I didn't even see that!!!! Thanks, again, Matt!
  2. I have a row which represents a group of props - and they are, over a period of time, switching between color wash=red to color wash=green - back and forth, back and forth --- now as a reach a point in the sequence I want that "blinking" to continue but gradually fade out. If I apply the effect fade down from the right click menu it turns them all into one long fade and no longer contains the blink. Is it possible to select a series of effects like these multiple color washes over a period of time in the sequence and apply a gradual fade out to them? I've been trying for the past 30-45 minutes and nothing seems to do it - so I hope it's not something glaringly obvious that I just missed and will now eel stupid for asking about!!! LOL And, I am running the latest version of S5.
  3. jamills706

    Dimming Curves question...

  4. jamills706

    Dimming Curves question...

    But can I create anything less than the 50% that is in there - like make my own custom 30% one?
  5. I see where, in the S5 Preview, to apply a dimming curve. I need to lessen the brightness of my matrix which is made up of square flat pixels. I just got the hardware assembled and turned it on last night --- it is blindingly bright!!! I see various Dimming Curves available but can't seem to locate any description of what each does. I assume I want to use one of the Pixel curves for these...but do the various percentages mean that is the maximum brightness on the model or the percent by which it limits the brightness. In other words...is Pixel 60% running at 60% of full brightness or dimmed by 60% thus running at 40% brightness? I do not have permanent wiring to my display as yet so I can't test it today because it is raining...but would like to get my head around the setting before I play with it when the rain stops. Also, I have other friends using other manufacturers hardware/software who say they run their entire display at 30% brightness --- these dimming curves seem to only go down to 50% (if they really mean those are the actual brightness output) - so if I find I need to dim below 50% can I create another dimming curve that is custom at a lesser percent? Thanks in advance i anyone can clear this up for me.
  6. jamills706

    RS485 Drivers

    Thanks, Jim. Kinda what I figures - just making sure I wasn't missing something!
  7. jamills706

    RS485 Drivers

    Well I didn't update anything from what is just standard on the Windows 10 stuff that comes down when it forces itself on me. I just wondered because I do get a slight lag on rare occasions and wondered if there might be something in those drivers that handled something differently.
  8. jamills706

    RS485 Drivers

    Just curious - my Red RS485 dongles work just fine (I think) for connecting my show to my computer's USB output. BUT, the dongle does come with a dic containing driver software. Is there anything about that driver software that would be different from what is making them work on my Windows 10 machine already? I guess I'm asking i there is anything to be gained by looking at the disc and possibly installing something from it?
  9. jamills706

    Motion Effects Rows Blending.....

    Thanks, Matt!
  10. jamills706

    50X64 Matrix Prop Setup

    I only tried looking at xLights because I could not do some of the things I had in mind in S5. I'd prefer to stay entirely with LOR - but the current things I have in mind cannot be done easily in S5. And now I find S4 won't work with the lighting equipment I have.
  11. jamills706

    50X64 Matrix Prop Setup

    I guess I can use SuperStar in S5 - but when I tried to use it it said I needed a higher license - I have a 60 (I think) CCR license - so not sure about that. The point though was that many folks have said they could export complex graphics from xLights on their matrix to LOR S4 as a clipboard which I thought might be a possible solution for some of the things I was hoping to accomplish. It simply does not work in S5 and LOR says it's xLights fault and xLights says its LORs fault - so who really knows!?!?!? The end result is that I cannot get my clipboard or exported avis from xLights to import into LORS5 - so I thought I'd try S4 again to do that - but I cannot creat my matrix there to do the import! Even using Super Star in S5 I am not looking forward to trying to accomplish some of the complex animations I have in mind....like built in Papagayo support or animating a singing face (not a coro face with strings of pixels but rather actual animated graphical faces on the matrix). I did a couple of them in the past in LOR S4 using different images for the individual phonemes - but having to put in all of those individual images by hand is VERY tedious on a good day and xLights does all that work for me.
  12. jamills706

    50X64 Matrix Prop Setup

    Well - on a Pixie8 which drives the 16X25 pixel trees LOR sells the string is folded at 25 pixels in the Visualizer. I don't see where folding a 100 pixel string is any different on a Pixie16 than folding a 50 pixels string on a Pixie8...but clearly the fact that it is beyond 50 pixels is the problem here.
  13. jamills706

    50X64 Matrix Prop Setup

    No - I have 32 strings of 100 pixels which fold in the middle giving 64 columns of pixels. I understand that CCR/CCP/CCB all sequence the same but one cannot set a CCR to have more than 50 pixels and therefor I end up with 64 UnitIDs instead of only the accurate number of UnitIDs which would be 32. I want Unit Ids 50-5F on a Pixie16 as the left half of my matrix with Unit Ids 60-6F on a second Pixie 16 as the right half o my Matrix. Yes, I have that set up in S5 and it works - but there is no layer priority in S5 so all my layers just muddy together and it looks like crap!!!! So I thought, no problem, I'll sequence the matrix itself in xLights and then export the matrix as an S5 clipboard and paste it in - well that crashes and burns in a miserable failure! Not sure i it is xLights aunt in their export or LORs fault in the pasting - but either way - it just plain doesn't work. So then I though, OK, I'll go back to S4 because in SuperStar at least I can get layer priority - well - in S4 I cannot set up my props! So what is the solution???????? It is looking more and more like I simply will be unable to have anything but a few blinky flashy lights - nothing with any sophistication - I am beyond frustrated at this point!!!!!
  14. jamills706

    50X64 Matrix Prop Setup

    And if I do select CCR - because that is similar - it ceases 64 UnitIDs and I only have 32.
  15. jamills706

    50X64 Matrix Prop Setup

    I have it in S5 - not in S4 - S4 doesn't let me choose bulbs/flat pixels/bullets - only CCR or DMX and limits it to 50 when these are 100.