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  1. Perhaps those in those sequences are or Dumb Pixels - where the entire string is treated as i it were one Pixel --- the Pixie2/4/8/16s are for the Cosmic Color Bulbs, Bullets, Flat Pixels where each one is independently addressable. I suspect there would be a way to either treat the dumb pixel programming as one bulb on a string and then duplicate it so the whole string responded to that sequencing - or to set up the string of pixels as all one dumb string - but i am not 100% sure o that.
  2. Depends on how ar away the viewers will be to some degree. I have a 50X64 matrix that is about 40-feet from the road - I have the pixels (flat pixels) in a mesh about 1 7/8" apart. Everything is very clearly visible from the road and even a bit in closer. I would say if people will view it from 60-feet away you might get away with 3" spacing - but unless they are right on top o it I wouldn't spend the money for 1" spacing. Just my thoughts.
  3. I discovered - quite by accident - that using the "-1", "-2" etc on images the Sequencer plays them all one after the other - like a super fast animated gif! LOL So i have been using other suffixes if I have multiple similar images! But thanks for that tip!!!
  4. Has no one done this - or know how to do this?????? I guess I should mention that I am interested in doing this in S5. Along the same lines, is it possible to define specific pixels on the matrix to be used in much the same way as the sections of pixels that make up a coro singing tree or lightbulb? Again, I guess it's like a sub-section of the matrix that could be addressed easily in sequencing???????
  5. OK - I'm really getting irritated by that little spinning orange circle on the left end of the tool bar every time I make a change. I am trying to simulate a singing face on my matrix which requires that I paste in multiple picture effects each with a different image in them. Each time I paste in a picture it takes FOREVER (at least 45-seconds) to come back to where I can paste the next one!!!!!! Good grief....just getting one phrase created is going to take me all afternoon!!!!!! I am sure that spinning thingy is because something somewhere is being written to a file, or something like that...but good grief is there anything I can to do speed it up or get around it so that I can actually create my sequence????? Further to this - is there any plans to implement Papgayo support into S5 so that a singing matrix image face can be implemented more easily???
  6. Perhaps use a larger diameter pole - you can put a reduction fitting at the top if it need to reduce to a certain size to it your tree topper hardware.
  7. If you try to open the playback file of a sequence instead of the actual sequence file you get a message saying that you must use the sequence not the playback - which is logical! BUT, can the open dialog somehow give you a "Switch to the right file" button and automagically switch to the sequence file instead of the playback file?
  8. How about a big snowflake - they have them at Menard's/Lowe's/Home Depot - and aren't all that expensive. Maybe even a couple of smaller ones to make a grouping of three staggered in that area that you could control in time with the music. You already have a row o snowflakes - so a group o more of them would fit right in!
  9. I've not ever found one or the iPhone (I've looked several times)....only found something that would play specific broadcasts that repeat over the internet...not able to pick a specific station number. Hopefully someone else will have a suggestion that works. Partly, I believe it is because the phone has no FM antenna.
  10. I can't see the RG&B in S5 - I know how in S4.....am I missing something???
  11. If I copy a row o effects from an A/C prop and paste it onto a pixel row, can I then somehow change the colors of those effects easily? I can't seem to ind anyplace that would let me do that. Also, seems odd to me, but it pasted in on the pixels as BLUE - I thought it'd be "on" and therefore WHITE.
  12. I have a matrix which is 50 high by 64 wide...64 vertical columns of 50 pixels each. I wonder if it is possible, in S5 Preview, to dine the outer 2 rows of pixels all the way around the matrix as if it were a different prop. I do not want this border prop to be used in every instance, only if I choose to assign effects to it. For example, in many songs I may place an image, or video on the entire matrix. In another song I may place an image in the center of the matrix, but want the effects I have sweeping across the entire display to include the border of the matrix as they sweep past it. Is this possible with Groups or something?
  13. Well - I had them all in a group, selected "Use Preview," and that was when I posted my question. I can't really do it at the "string of lights" level because some of the strings "fold" around a corner....which means parts of the strings have to go front to rear and some side to side. I'm not really certain what you mean by "pixel level lines" and chasing them manually.
  14. On my house the sides of the house are visible rom the street because o the angle at which the house is built on the lot. So, I have strings o pixels running down the side as well as across the front o the house. I want to make a line of color alternating between green/red/white move along that line o pixels from the back left towards the front---across the front---then back from front to rear along the other side. No matter what effect I use, it seems to assign the pixels as it my whole house was a giant matrix...so the left side all lights up red, then green, then white...but the front moves across as I want it, then the right repeats the entire thing as red/green/white just like the left. I have tried bars, spirals, straight lines...and many other thing....all seem to do the same thing. Cant' I make a line of light follow the actual length of the string of pixels???
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