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  1. We still have a few structures that have incandescent lights, but we are seeing strange blinking that we haven't noticed before. In between the times they should be turning on and off, it looks like they are flashing on and off at a really low light level (maybe around 5% light). The flashing looks like it is going to the beat of the music, but it is not what I programmed them to do. While they are flashing at the low light level, they will turn on brighter when it is time for them to turn on, based on the programming. I've spent a lot of time looking at the .xml files, to see if there is extra code that is causing this....I can't find any. I can count the number of times a structure has been programmed to turn on and off, and this number matches the xml code for each feature that is doing this. I have also search to see if there is another feature that has the same Unit and Circuit number, but there are no duplicates. I've zoomed in as far as possible in the Sequence Editor and there is no indication that these structures should be turning on - the areas that are flashing on and off are completely blank in SE. We are using the Easy Light Linkers...is it possible that there is interference that these structures are somehow tapping into?? I would assume that we are not seeing this same behavior with the LEDs because they don't typically turn on if if light levels are too low. I hope someone has an idea, I've done all I can do to try and solve this. Thank you.
  2. I have been learning how to use SS in order to create complicated sequences. Thanks to Brian, I feel like I am finally getting some good results. I have split up my entire display into groups or sections and created a Visualization file for each group of features. Then I upload the different groups of features into the SuperStar Sequencer and create an entire sequence for each group of features. Once completed, I export the Sequence for each group and then merge them all together into one big sequence in the Sequence Editor. In doing this, I have noticed a pattern...SuperStar tends to ignore the very first feature in every group. So, for instance, I uploaded a Visualization file that contained 16 chaser trees. The very first beat that the chaser trees were 'turned on', the left-hand chaser tree was turned on. After that, for the entire length of the sequence, only 15 chaser trees are ever referenced in SS. I tested this theory by uploading a visualization file that only contained 4 features. Again, after creating a sequence in SuperStar, the farthest-left feature was only referenced on the very first beat of the song. After that, it was never referenced again. In order to solve this issue, I added a 'fake' feature on the far-left of the existing 4 features in the visualization file. I uploaded and ran the SuperStar Sequencer again, creating a new sequence with the 5 features. This time, the 4 main features were put into the automatic sequence and the new 'fake' feature was ignored. I tested this again and again and the feature on the far-left of the visualization file is always ignored. So in order to fix this, I have to create a 'dummy-feature', so the real featrures are used when creating the sequence. I hope this makes sense, it is pretty late at night. I have uploaded a visualization file that only contain 4 features of a yard outline. If you download this file and upload it into SS, try to generate a sequence using any Audio file. You should see that the extra feature on the left will not get placed into the sequence.
  3. I am struggling with this as well. I have moved my props around into rows and imported the Visualization file into SS. I also put all of the features that I wanted in the same row into the same prop. When I import the visualization file, the rows seem really random. Fixtures that are in the same prop are not in the same row and there are a few props that are not even showing up in any of the rows. (After highlighting all of the boxes in the grid, there are still fixtures in the image that have not been selected. Can someone help me with this, please?
  4. It's funny to read this thread. Lots of people asking for Star Wars, but obviously no one has finished it yet. I have over 200 channels, no CCRs, but 15 RGB lights. If someone has started this, I'd be glad to help finish it. I'm an okay designer. If you want to see my work before sharing, search for CentervilleChristmas on YouTube or video. (2014 videos not uploaded yet) send me a message through the forum using the Personal Messaging system.
  5. I am new to SS. I just want to use it to get a few sections of my songs done for arches and chaser trees. I have having so many problems that I wonder if it is a design flaw, bugs in the program or just my newby lack of understanding. I have watched the tutorial videos many times. 1) I tried to Import a Visualization pair, but there is no SAVE button, just a CANCEL button. 2) After changing the TCM's a few time, in attempts to get an affect that I like, I start to notice that absolutely nothing is changing between the different changes made to the TCM's or the Timing Grid. It plays the exact same created sequence over and over again. I can select NONE for all 'Row Assignments to TCM', 'Clear All Without Saving', 'Sequence All', then 'Play/Stop All', and the stuck sequence still continues to be played. I have to completely close SS and reopen, in order to get a brand new Sequence created. I have attached an image that hopefully shows my issues. My chaser trees are at the very top of the rows, Row 8, and there are 3 trees in Row 1. I wanted to create a Sequence for the Chaser Trees, but selected Row 1 instead of Row 8. When I corrected it, and selected Row 8, then went through the process of 'Clear All Without Saving', 'Sequence All', then 'Play/Stop All', only the Row 1 is playing. If I close the program completely and restart, then I will be able to Sequence Row 8. (Please see attached image) 3) I have created 8 rows, trying to break out my channels more. Only 6 channels are available to edit in the Timing Grid. Is this because I only purchased a 2 CCR license? That doesn't make sense, if that is the case. 4) I would like to sequence my chaser trees based on pitch, not frequency...like a piano. The Timing Grid 'implies' that this is possible because of the image of the piano keys on the right side of the Timing Grid Box. Is this possible? I imported the Visualization file and selected VERTICAL, thinking I could break up the trees into different vertical rows, but all it did was draw the green lines horizontally again and all chaser trees are still in the same horizontal row. I anyone can help me, I would appreciate it. All I want to do is get a few good sequences for my chaser trees and Arches. Thank you, Amie
  6. Error Report for Beta 4.2.8 Pro Report Number: AH01 Module: SequenceEditor OS Version: Windows 7 Sequence Editor hangs when loading an mp3 file. I have had to convert all mp3's from last year to .wav in order to avoid this issue. When it locks up, it is necessary to Cntl-Alt-Del in order to kill SE. Sometimes it is necessary to reboot killing the process does not work. Maybe this isn't a bug, but I have not had this issue for several years.
  7. Okay, I take back what I posted yesterday. After rebooting my computer, the S3 no allows media input. I'm back to square one. I looked at my system and noticed that a new DirectX was installed, I wonder if that is causing the conflict.
  8. Thank you for your reply, klb. That was one of the first things I tried, with no luck. But with the help of the LOR support desk, I have finally solved my problem. There was a conflict on my computer with a codec file. After uninstalling Adobe Premiere Elements, the Sequence Editor was able to load mp3 files successfully. I didn't have to do a reboot, reinstall or change any of the mp3 files. As soon as the uninstall was complete, S3 was able to load mp3 files.
  9. I really wish someone could help me with this, I am completely dead-in-the-water. I have not been able to successfully open a single mp3 file with version 3.10.14 yet, which means I can not access old sequences or start new ones. I have submitted a ticket to LOR, and I am now uninstalling LOR and going back to last year's version. Never a dull moment with LOR software.
  10. I am having issues with the LOR Sequence Editor V10.3.4, when loading certain mp3 files, but not all of them cause problems. LOR gets 'stuck' while loading the file, indicating it is 'analyzing media file', but it never completes the upload of the file. I always have to 'Control - Alt - Delete', then kill the LOR Sequence Editor in order to get the Sequence Editor to work again. I can't figure out why some mp3 files work and some do not, these are mp3 files that I have used in past years. Is there something that I need to do to the mp3 files in audacity? I was really hoping to use them this year. I can't upload the mp3 files here, they are too large. I have placed a few of the ones that crash in the directory, http://www.centervillechristmas.com/music/.
  11. Amie

    Supported DMX Adapters

    Has the original information in this post changed with new LOR software?
  12. I am not thinking of doing this for this year...you guys must think I am crazy. Our lights are up and ready to go. I am working on next year's setup. But if I want to get good feedback on this site, now is the best time to ask questions...while everyone is in the Christmas mood. If I can get a good understand of this stuff and know whether I am capable of figuring out the electrical work, I would go ahead and place my order for the lights now and get started on building a few things for next year. I have built LED lights for my aquariums before, using DC adapters and heat sinks. I know how to solder..although I'm not perfect at it. The issue for me is figuring out exactly what I need to make everything work with the LOR stuff. I still need to watch a few videos on the HolidayCoro.com site, maybe that will help. Thank you, everyone, for all of your comments.
  13. The link to holidaycoro is awesome. Thank you for your help. I will look through their videos after I get my halloween programs finished. YIKES! Do you have a web site, pikadroo?
  14. Thank you, pikadroo, that really helped a lot. I guess it is time to purchase a DMX controller. So the next question is, if I own a DMX controller, can I purchase digital strip lights (or here ) and make my own color ribbons or does it end up costing about the same as LOR's color ribbon? I assume that there is a link on the forum where someone has done this, right?
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